England choke in Chittagong

England choke in Chittagong

England's rollercoaster World Cup campaign continued as they lost by two wickets to co-hosts Bangladesh in Chittagong.

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Shaun Clarke says...

Never write ENGLAND off. dissapointed with the loss but we have the quality in this team to put it right against the west indies. we need to turn it up a notch and get the confidence back to be able to close a game better than we've been doing. COME ON ENGLAND !

Posted 18:47 11th March 2011

Viv Murphy says...

What is depressing about England's performance is that their batting performance is just a reflection of a lack of talent. The current players are actuall pretty good for test cricket but one day cricket requires a different mind set. To rely heavily on Trott shows the fragility. And their bowling wides is pretty unusual. What a contrast from the controlled bowling of Botham in 1992 world cup!

Posted 18:45 11th March 2011

Mohammed abdul Mannan says...

W0W!!!! I am tottaly gobsmacked,,,,, Not sure what just happened,,, I think every one thought at nearly the end that Bangladesh were going to do the usual and totally collaps, The stadium looked empty,, those two batsman did something that will never happen again,, I think. I think Bangladesh deserve a national holiday...... for a week,,,,, well done,, the two batsman at the end.

Posted 18:40 11th March 2011

Mesbah Rahman says...

Unbelievable. Its like Pakistan team, unpredictable.

Posted 18:37 11th March 2011

Phill Rowlands says...

What a bunch of over rated over payed useless minor league cricketers England are. For a start to scared to drop certain players who are not up to One day cricket Pietersen , Prior , Anderson , Trott, Shazhad , Broad , To scared to call in Kieswetter or Davis to play instead of Prior. Kieswetter opening batter top class wicket keeper far better than Prior. Strauss clueless Captain hope you lose to West Indies you dont deserve to be there loseing to Ireland and Bangladesh your a disgrace . Selectors you havent got the bottle to drop certain players your to gutless.

Posted 18:28 11th March 2011

Tapan Kumar says...

Its real shame for England to lose against Ireland and Bangladesh. They were a lot over confident wen they tied with India. Tie resulted in appreciation of England and criticism of India. But India learnt from there and dint lose concentration. Well I want England to be in quarter otherwise knock out games would be uninteresting.

Posted 18:25 11th March 2011

Umesh Moudgil says...

The Lions played out of their skins and England proved why they are poor at one day cricket. The selection of the team was strange, lack of discipline,lack of control was poor Andrew needs to get control of the team or otherwise they will the the world cup. Play like lions and not lambs

Posted 18:24 11th March 2011

Kevin Blacks says...

Bangladesh really played well .. ENGLAND team , get back home.

Posted 18:22 11th March 2011

Salem Choudhury says...

lol well done bangladesh did me proud :D i feel vhappy. If england lose to west indies and bangladesh win at least on of their remaining 2 games then they finish above the might english !!!!!!

Posted 18:16 11th March 2011

Jimmy Green says...

The lion underestimated the mighty bengal tigers,like they did to the irish, well done bangladesh proved the doubters wrong against all odds,but us english dammmnnnn we suck at evrything despite evrything we give the world of sport

Posted 18:13 11th March 2011

J C says...

englishe nose has been fried with bangla oil----ha ha ha

Posted 18:06 11th March 2011

Adam Diggle says...

I do not understand! We bring tremlett in as a like for like replacement for broad then don't play him, put prior back opening despite countless failed attempts just to watch him fail again and recall a woefully out of form collingwood for no reason, and yup, he gets out for four. This team has some great players but my god the management is clueless.

Posted 18:04 11th March 2011

Euan Donegan says...

Well done Bangladesh as England have it too easy again.Like in football.Ireland should have been in the quarters with Sri Lanka & RSA,India

Posted 17:54 11th March 2011

Dave Whalley says...

Here's some flight details for returning home. I suggest the England one day cricket team get on the plane suggested immediately to avoid embarrasing the country anymore...... QatarFlight 4347 7:00 PM, Mar 12 Chittagong Airport (CGP) Chittagong, BD 3:00 AM, Mar 13 Zia International (DAC) Dhaka, BD Aircraft type: Other Long LayoverZia International (DAC)5h 15m QatarFlight 345 8:15 AM, Mar 13 Zia International (DAC) Dhaka, BD 11:25 AM, Mar 13 Doha International (DOH) Doha, QA 6h 10m Aircraft type: Jet Ideal LayoverDoha International (DOH)1h 25m QatarFlight 1 12:50 PM, Mar 13 Doha International (DOH) Doha, QA 5:30 PM, Mar 13 Heathrow (LHR) London, GB 7h 40m

Posted 17:50 11th March 2011

Ian Kirby says...

Agree with Mal Blakeley. Anderson's world cup figures. Bowled just over 43 overs and conceeded 280+ runs, Should not be playing full stop.

Posted 17:48 11th March 2011

Azmol Hussain says...

Congradulations Bangladesh! wow what a game. england may be a rubbish team, but they certainly are the best for providing nail bitter games. if only bangladesh were consistent and tamim fired regularly then they would be pretty top team. good world cup all round so far.

Posted 17:47 11th March 2011

Praneeth V says...

feeling sorry for andrew strauss..

Posted 17:47 11th March 2011

Vijay Kumar says...

England had shown a good fight against India and then God knows what happened to them? Anderson is struggling in bowling, and in batting department also a lot improvement needed. Hope they beat West Indies.........

Posted 17:34 11th March 2011

Paul Muskett says...

Not good enough England, can't just turn it on against the top nations and then be found wanting against the weaker ones. Despite some pretty poor bowling at the death, the failure of the batsmen was where this game was really lost. Going on current form we'll probably beat the Windies now, but the inconsistency in the team really needs sorting out or we will always fall short when it really matters.

Posted 17:31 11th March 2011

John Lison says...

what a terrible display England outplayed by a 3rd rate team again, when will the England camp realize Prior is not a opening bat and Anderson is not a one day bowler, we now have big problems we have to beat the West Indies which looks impossible on this performance,

Posted 17:30 11th March 2011

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