England choke in Chittagong

England choke in Chittagong

England's rollercoaster World Cup campaign continued as they lost by two wickets to co-hosts Bangladesh in Chittagong.

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Nashir Uddin says...

Bangladesh was brilliant, Sorry England, looks like you are coming home early.

Posted 17:29 11th March 2011

Terry Eldridge says...

for england bowlers to send down 23 wides was appalling they sould be fined 100 pounds for each one

Posted 17:27 11th March 2011

Gary Noble says...

Unbelievable or not. I think our team are arrogant to think they are going to walk over Netherlands, Ireland and Bangladesh yet concentrate against South Africa and India. Lucky against both the latter not to lose. Our bowlers are terrible Anderson and Shazwide. But hey probably Collingwood's fault again???

Posted 17:27 11th March 2011

Habib Bangladesh says...

Well done Bangladesh!!! Always knew we could beat the mighty English!!! Bangladesh future world champions!!!!!

Posted 17:25 11th March 2011

Mohammed Uddin says...

well done Bangladesh and england jus need to improve

Posted 17:17 11th March 2011

Lee Blackburn says...

a disgrace to our counrty + a laughing stock,thank you england!!!

Posted 17:15 11th March 2011

Roshan Rai says...

Drop Anderson next game and bring in Tremlett...and u see how England plays....

Posted 17:13 11th March 2011

Phil Ashen says...

ABYSMAL!! How can a team that performed so well in the Ashes perform like a bunch of no hopers in the World Cup. Prior's performance typified a dismal team. Out must go Prior, Anderson and Collingwood, give others a chance. Just beat Netherlands and lose to Ireland & Bangladesh. ABYSMAL

Posted 17:07 11th March 2011

Abhijeet Karnik says...

What a game again! Majority of the crowd left when Bangladesh were 165-odd for 7 but take a bow Shafiul for showing courage and determination. Just how poor were England? Firstly to get bowled out for such a poor total & then to concede 4 extra overs through wides is just not acceptable.

Posted 17:06 11th March 2011

Mal Blakeley says...

I just can't say how disappointing that performance was. First the batting at the top order was woeful, then when will somebody realise that when the ball isn't swinging, Jimmy Anderson is not a one day bowler! I've said this for ages, yet none of the pundits will come clean about it or the England management. Wow did they miss Broad today.

Posted 17:05 11th March 2011

Jim Kerr says...

Dear, dear,dear, just like Arsenal, a bunch of over hyped chokers, really good teams should not be beaten by Ireland or Bangladesh, back to the drawing board

Posted 17:05 11th March 2011

Barry Cashin says...

HAPLESS, HOPELESS CHUMPS! Do us all a favour and come home now please to save further embarrassment. You shabby lot couldn't even beat my team's third eleven!

Posted 17:00 11th March 2011

Jm Blanckaert says...


Posted 16:57 11th March 2011

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