England alive and kicking

England alive and kicking

England kept their World Cup challenge alive thanks to a nerve-wracking 18-run victory over the West Indies in Chennai.

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Abhijeet Karnik says...

Stephen Ward why do you want India out mate? Let the better teams go through to the last 8. If at all its England who are probably less deserving of a place in the quarters than India. Atleast we didn't lose to minnows twice. Anyways this erratic run from England wont last long now. You will probably get Srilanka at Colombo in the quarters. One more game thats it.

Posted 06:44 19th March 2011

Sid B says...

Refering to Stephen Ward's interesting discovery, for West Indies to thump India on the Net Run Rate factor, they have to bring back Courtney Walsh , Andy Roberts, Michael Holding etc... India's batting line up is way too strong to lose even by 30-50 runs for your understanding.

Posted 18:04 18th March 2011

Nigel Foster says...

david dry..hey man its thanks to Wright we won,Bopara may be arrogant,who cares,I have said for the last year,both these players,should be permanently in Place-ODIs. Again England win and there is always someone criticising,with no logic.Wright pedestrian !! ??strange. Question Prior,isnt Davies Better Wkt keeper or even Kieswetter.Though yesterday Prior Bell,Morgan where out toa "top ball". Swapping changing,because you are forced to is poor from Flower and Strauss. Each one of the players in the squad,especially Tredwell,Wright and Bopara,Tremlett,Tredwell should have been chosen more .often.Top supporters would also have said,"ok lets take Collingwood,"but he should have been dropped earlier. Dont tell me that Bopara wright, Davies,couldnt have done better,England held on too long,but here I would still say thank you Colly for your services over the years.

Posted 11:22 18th March 2011

John Gardner says...

Firstly what a thrilling game and i wouldn't call England lucky to beat WI anymore than i'd call them unlucky when they lost to Bangladesh and Ireland. I wasn't too happy with the selection and thought that they should have gone for 5 front line bowlers , wicket keeper , batting all rounder and 4 front line batsmen. I was fearful that the batting all rounders would give away too many runs with the ball and with our bowling costing us vs Bangladesh and Ireland i felt we needed more control with the ball. Wright had been given plenty of chances without success. Was impressed with Trott's innings (unimpressed with how he got out) and same with Wright. Was very impressed with Tredwell , Swann and Bopara with the ball. I'm not going to come down too hard on our pacemen as any bowler will go for runs if he doesn't get Gayle,Sammy out when they're swinging like that. Not against starting with just one pace bowler if the pitch is more of a spinning job. I'd still like to see the balance of the side changed. PS Re Bell - agree with comments about poor strikerate. If he is this great player all the pundits make him out to be , he should at least be able to manouvre the ball around/rotate the strike better without playing big shots

Posted 10:34 18th March 2011

Stephen Ward says...

Sky is one of the few to recognise that if Windies beat India heavily and Banga beat SA England will go through on Net Run Rate and India will go home (or in their case stay there and watch!). Given that for over a week most newspapers and all of India say they have qualified for the QFs this would be a huge embarassment. In an increasingly mad group it may happen! Part of me wants it to just for the shock factor!. Does anyone know how big a win Windies would need to push India's run rate below Englands. Currently India are on +0.76 and England +0.07 so gap isnt huge.

Posted 08:42 18th March 2011

Johnathan Eastlight says...

bell looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights every time he goes out to bat. ye he did well in the ashes but has never been able to do it in the one day game. giv e me luke wright anyday at least hes not afraid to have a go. anderson has to be brought back as well, with broad gone we need jimmy against the big boys. tremlett is game but not suited by theese tracks. ireland may be gone,but we are now fully behind england and eoin morgan.

Posted 08:17 18th March 2011

Ganesh Anand says...

yeah youre a great team england......please come to life .....n try to beat australia ........then u do the talking..........LONG LIVE INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 06:34 18th March 2011

Howard Tennant says...

Look out World! England's comin' to getcha!

Posted 04:31 18th March 2011

Viru S says...

I for one never wanted england out because they have been the team of the world cup so far.. However me thinks england are the most prepared team to go into the knockout stages because in all the matches they have played they have faced every kind of situation with both bat and ball. Yes they may need to improve here and there but mentally they will be extremely strong because of the challenges they faced in the group stages and more importantly they came out on top with teams who were tougher opposition.. Good luck england i hope you meet us in the final (INDIA) if we get there, that should be a another cracking match..

Posted 02:56 18th March 2011

Chris Bumford says...

Brilliant, Brilliant - England! We simply do not know when we are beat! A good selection which should surely see that Collingwood and Anderson are kept in the Pavillion next match should we progress. Bell needs to up his game, playing test cricket but on the ODI stage, Trott was brillaint - who said this man cannot hit boundaries? Nervy stuff, best team for the neutral but hair thinning for loyal fans like myself.

Posted 21:45 17th March 2011

Marky Mark says...

Mark Johnson: Oh the real teams like South Africa who we beat and India who we should of beat! Weve been struggling against the poorer teams in this world cup but you obviously missed that.

Posted 21:33 17th March 2011

David Dry says...

We are still below par at this version of the game. Strauss, great batsman, not bold enough as captain; Bopara too interested in his own performance rather than the team; Wright pedestrian; prior good pick but loses his head opening. Thank God for Trott (but stop marking out that crease!!), Swann, Morgan (who has suffered from not playing enough), and Bresnan. Also, agree not enough variation of pace and yorkers from the pacemen. Notice: we have very few stars compared with other teams, so the unit has to work well.

Posted 21:28 17th March 2011

Scott Howard says...

Hey Mark, real teams? You mean like South Africa or India? We have no problem with the real teams. It's the lower ranked teams we have trouble with!

Posted 21:15 17th March 2011

Ash Sohal says...

U Made It Through The Group Stages. Everyones Acting Like U Have Won It. What A Great Achievement. WELL DONE.

Posted 20:55 17th March 2011

Barry Cashin says...

Well the hapless, hopeless chumps have swung back and forth on that veritable merrygoround of an emotional rollercoaster again, doing nothing for the nails and backsides of cricket fans everywhere! Just how near to the wire do our chumps want to take each match? At this rate, Canada and Namibia could give this lot a tight game - I ask you! I reckon with the luck this lot are enjoying, England could well end up winning the world cup. If they do, it will be the freakiest, luckiest route to a trophy any bunch of chumps has ever taken!

Posted 20:48 17th March 2011

Geoff Frost says...

Winning despite Strauss' captaincy. He has no idea in 1 dayers. Picks the wrong teams, stupid bowling decisions. Bowling Anderson instead of Collingwood against Bangladesh at the end. Not bowling Bopara against Banladesh. Not picking Rashid, who can bad by the way. The extra over by Tremlett when he had spare overs with Wright.

Posted 20:09 17th March 2011

Mark Riley says...

Mark Johnson, Good luck against the real teams? hahaha!! are you for real? South Africa and India now not considered REAL teams? Suppose youre an Aussie.....beat them too...remember? No chance Australia will win this, top wont live with S.A and Pakistan, the bowlers wont last the tournament.

Posted 20:07 17th March 2011

Johnny B says...

I live in Australia, so I went to bed at the break (1030pm), but I went to bed a confident man. Watching the Windies walking off, all the high 5ing, back slapping, showboating to the crowd.........they thought they had won already, and now THEY are sweating on the RSA / Bangladesh match too, coz they won't beat India! Well done England. I don't care what happens now. No other team has had the run up you have, no other team has been away from their homes and loved ones for over 5 months straight, no other team has been through the mental and physical battles you have, no other teams have had to deal with the emotions of breaking a 23 year long drought in The Ashes. Whatever happens, 2010-11 will be rememberd as a great period of English cricket...... but if you can see your way to winning the World Cup too please.......

Posted 19:36 17th March 2011

Mark Johnson says...

Yeah well done England, you have managed to beat a woeful West Indies team, masterstroke?? HA HA HA Goodluck against the real teams.

Posted 19:32 17th March 2011

Matt Hall says...

Finally the selectors make the right selections. I was praying when I looked at team sheet that both Tredwell and Wright were selected. And, it was justified! Without these two, we would have lost the match today and would be on the tuk tuk to the airport. They left the decisions to pick these players one or two games too late; and it could have backfired; putting them into a high pressure situation of a must win. It just goes to show, that fresh minds can make the difference. I would say if we do qualify (barring a shock result from Bangladesh) who have played South Africa 13 times and only won once a long long time ago; then I think we have to pick Adil Rashid for the injured Shahzad. It is our best chance to win this tournament having 3 spinners who can bowl 30 overs. Then we can use Bresnan and Anderson in a five man attack, or even use the 3 spinners and one seamer in a four man attack. With Ravi and Wright offering skiddy bowling when needed. Thats the way to go. Tremlett will get smashed around the park on these flat decks. Was always going to happen!! England just love the tension. If it works out the way I think it will barring upsets; then we would be playing Sri Lanka in the quarters and although they have great individual players; I would much rather them than the aussies. Even a guy called Jade Dernbach currently with the lions (yes, wait for it - part South African) is having a great tour and would be a viable fresh option. I'm not saying he is the answer; but an option nonetheless. Very useful bowler; but it would be a talk ask to slot him right in. Rashid for me; and crucially he can bat. Gives us more depth. Prior should have never of been chosen; so maybe they may go down the route of picking a batsmen to open the innings and give us that extra impitus; but that would leave our bowlers short.If they did go this way; then Kieswetter has to be considered. He's in a great rich vain of form.WELL DONE

Posted 18:55 17th March 2011

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