England alive and kicking

England alive and kicking

England kept their World Cup challenge alive thanks to a nerve-wracking 18-run victory over the West Indies in Chennai.

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Jasen Jackson says...

Gavin Corby...Totally agree mate! England lost momentum when Bell came in,he gave the initiative back to the Windies with his slow scoring! He is one paced and that's sloooooooooooow! Also think England need to rethink Prior at the top. We got lucky today so take advantage. I fully expect South Africa to beat Bangladesh or India to beat the Windies.

Posted 18:42 17th March 2011

Hamid Tusaddaq says...


Posted 18:12 17th March 2011

Abhijeet Karnik says...

Whoa! what a tense finish! I wanted England to stay in the tournament for the sheer entertainment they have provided. Windies literally gifted the match to England thanks to some bizaare tactics with regards to changes in their batting order. Great game to watch though.

Posted 18:06 17th March 2011

Marky Mark says...

Never a dull moment watching England! We had one foot at the airport but credit to the lads they pulled it out! Alot of improvement still needed but i dout many sides would want to play us. Come on England!!

Posted 17:49 17th March 2011

Bruce Duffett says...

If England fail to go through unlucky. They have featured in the five best games and that is what makes Cricket entertaining. The sooner we get the likes of Bopara and Wright playing every Game the Better. Thanks Colly but please hang up your boots.Well done today England absolutley superb entertainng Cricket. Who knows, we will go on and win it. 20/20 champions and one day champions and Ashes holders 3 out of 3 will really shuv it up the Aussies noses. Who cares about some fickle one dayers after the ashes.

Posted 17:44 17th March 2011

Ryan Walker says...

Sorry but this is a bit of a negative comment and not for the team Can't believe yet again the pundits are out to get the team from the get go. I find it fustrating as a fan that pundits like Bob Willis always have a dig at the team before the game. such a great performance from the lads I hope that keeps the pundits quiet for a bit and not criticise the team selection before the game. once again great effort in the end lads

Posted 17:42 17th March 2011

James Lynch says...

Every game this world cup has seen me scream, shout and throw stuff across my room. Excellent world cup so far but England need to improve if we are going to win the world cup. Thought we were out with half hour to go, glad i stuck with it. Go England

Posted 17:28 17th March 2011

Narasimhan Rangarajan says...

wat a great match!! im from india im a huge england fan and again i watched this match live i have to say im lucky to watch this match!! wat a performance from england just brilliant ...im sure now england will go all the way to the final just like 2020 world cup!! come on england!!!

Posted 17:27 17th March 2011

Sean Tiltman says...

Where has our no fear approach gone to batting, we need to dominate bowlers more if we are going to progress any further. Our batting order needs more flexibility with Morgan given floating role.

Posted 17:20 17th March 2011

Gavin Corby says...

Can England now please look at how they approach the games? They have wasted every single power play (including the batting ones). Strauss is far too negative-we have to get after the bowlers in the 1st 10 overs. Bell-far too slow scoring. You would think he is still playing test cricket. He put the pressure back on England today with his slow scoring rate. Our fast bowlers-when will you learn to use the yorker more often? If you get twatted for 6, start getting the ball in the block hole-they won't score many from there. My team to go on, in batting order, Strauss,Prior,Trott,Morgan,Bopara,Bell,Wright, Yardy,Swann, Bresnan, Tredwell-that's right, no pace, but what's the point? Our pace bowlers go for 10 an over, so we might as well pack the batting a bit more and let Wright, Bresnan, Bopara, Swann,Tredwell and Swann do all the bowling.

Posted 17:09 17th March 2011

Steve Wright says...

9 hours of brilliant entertainment,and as a kent fan,even better with james getting man of the match.

Posted 17:07 17th March 2011

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