Pakistan pummel poor Windies

Pakistan pummel poor Windies

Pakistan demolished West Indies, who were bowled out for 112, by 10 wickets to reach the last four of the World Cup.

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Bilal Shah says...

Didnt we beat Sri Lanka and Australia on our way, its not like we have been winning against Irelands and Bangladeshs to make it here.

Posted 13:15 24th March 2011

Nadir Mahmood says...

anybody that says that pakistan cannot play cricket clearly haven't watched the game, i must admit they arent the best but they will prove what they need to in this tournament. And if anyone thinks england will get far then youve got another thing coming, they barely got through the group stages and sri-lanka will beat them no problem. as for india vs pakistan im sure it will be interesting to see who wins

Posted 10:37 24th March 2011

Matt W says...

Pakistan will not win this World Cup, I assure you.

Posted 01:00 24th March 2011

Shabazz K says...

Im very happy about Pakistan winning BUT......guys seriously I dont think Pakistan will win the whole thing. I mean they have done extremely well - better than expected but I think they will be out in the semis Im afraid.. I do hope Pakistan get to the final and win but you all know their inconsistencies so I wouldnt get too excited guys - be realistic

Posted 22:31 23rd March 2011

Ali Khan says...

Well done Pakistan. But lets not get carried away, nothing has been won yet. The lads do look in good shape. The only problem is if Pakistan have to chase a large total, then i'm afraid its the next PIA home...Hopefully someone doesn't take a back hander either!!

Posted 21:26 23rd March 2011

Ahmad Nawaz says...

Bring it ON!!!!! Pakistan Rockzzzzz

Posted 20:15 23rd March 2011

Adnaan Shafique says...

What a performance, even though it was only the windies. I would love india to win tomorow, as the atmosphere of the india/pak game would be amazing. To beat india in india would be amazing, but pakistan has a poor record against india in the world cup. Its been a fascinating world cup, just want to see india v pakistan now, and may the best team win. hopefully pakistan.

Posted 19:07 23rd March 2011

Mohamed yusuf Joosab says...

Tis World Cup's final is South Africa vs Pakistan :)

Posted 18:08 23rd March 2011

Abu Abusali says...

west indies not a great team. winning against them cant be a final favourites. still to play aus or ind. just go back to nzealand match if aus or ind first bat and scored well pak cant hold the pressure until the match end. so fingers cross dont celebrate too much wait n see. according to the statics afridi the only person played well(bowling) along with umar akmal so is not a balanced side like sa or sl or aus. pak only can win wc if luck play around on their day.

Posted 17:58 23rd March 2011

Naz Hussain says...

I hope waqar can keep the boys focused for next 2 games... Cause we all know the talent is there...

Posted 17:45 23rd March 2011

Adnan mahmood Mahmood says...

@Billy Y England aren't very good themselves they cant beat teams that don't even qualify and just about eat west indies.... bowled out for 243 LMAO, and btw what makes England so good when they got beat 6-1 in the austrailia series.... too much practice on Test cricket and ure overrated players..(e.g. prior Anderson Broad) hahahha bring it on and I know sri lanka will nik a win against england because of the quality of their bowling and batting in contrast to englands batting and bowling which is very very incosistent! and BTW i aient a pakistan fan

Posted 17:40 23rd March 2011

Amat Usman says...

Sorry Mr. Ian Chappell. We made it to the semifinals and are very very very close to the finals indeed. It must be hurting you really bad Chapper's inside. Any other predictions??? Dont care what Chappell says, love the way Afridi celebrates a wicket

Posted 17:30 23rd March 2011

Yasir Khan says...

Pakistan were awesome! Bowling was ruthless and the batting got the job done! They are peaking at the right time, we still have shohaib Akhtar waiting on the wings, it would be fitting to see him blow the wickets away and take Pakistan to glory!!

Posted 17:17 23rd March 2011

Andrew Wadhwani says...

@ Mr. Mohammed Khan. India has played Pakistan four times in the World Cup. Here are the results: 4th March 1992 (Group stage) - India won by 43 runs. 9th March 1996 (Quarter Final) - India won by 39 runs. 8th June 1999 (Super Six stage) - India won by 47 runs. 1st March 2003 (Group stage) - India won by 6 wickets. Any other comments?

Posted 17:12 23rd March 2011

Bilal Y says...

Lmao typical overconfident pakistan fans..windies are the 8th ranked side the world..says it all. dont worry you will get hell of a game in the semi final,doesnt matter who you play,Hoping india v pakistan semi final if sehwag goes all guns blazing then pakistan are finished Lmao just from the start Btw you have done aussies but you got battered by the new zealand so i wont be that excited just yet.

Posted 16:59 23rd March 2011

Irfan Baig says...

An excellent performance from the pakistan team today, we have beaten australia and now the windies in the quarters, i hope india beat australia tomorrow so we have a pak-ind semi final, what a game that would be infront of indian spectators, baring in mind there will be pakistani fans as well. India will go down on there home turf!

Posted 16:59 23rd March 2011

Shakeel Chaudhry says...

well done Pakistani team i hope we can go on and win this world cup which is much needed after so may controvercies and poor performance in past few years. lets do it for the sake of those people who still watch this team after being left embarrassed by ther actions in England last year .! we were not even in fvt list and no body expected us to be in semi final and i can see this team beating australia in semi's and winning this cup from south africa ..! Thanks bangaldeshi people for suporting our team like genuine supporters i never expected this much suport from crowd they were even carrying Pakistani flags with them ..!

Posted 16:43 23rd March 2011

Wajid Khan says...

Well done Pakistan, But i really believe West Indies were not even up for this game. we beat a team that had already given up before the game started. This Pakistan team has maybe 3 or 4 good players and that is a weakness but as a team we are the strongest in the tournament and can beat any of the other teams. I Think Afridi is a very good captain and bowler but needs to play like the experienced player he is not a hot head trying to hit the ball out of the ground and then we will win the World Cup.

Posted 16:38 23rd March 2011

Kj Corcy says...

It's good to have the associates out of the WC so that we can have some competitive cricket!

Posted 16:18 23rd March 2011

Lehrasib Ali says...

Well done Guys, great job, lets be proud of what has been achieved so far but be humble until we reach the goal. lets not forget the lesson from rabbit & tortise race story. Lets say the best wins, India or Pakistan. No need to use bad language for each other.

Posted 16:12 23rd March 2011

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