Pakistan pummel poor Windies

Pakistan pummel poor Windies

Pakistan demolished West Indies, who were bowled out for 112, by 10 wickets to reach the last four of the World Cup.

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Umar Tahseen says...

Yep it would be Great Fun if Pakistan meat India in semis and we beat them First time in WC in india infront of indian that would be the GREATEST FUN

Posted 16:03 23rd March 2011

Keith Mercury says...

I am a Windies Fan, what a humiliation for this once great cricketing nation, some of the players who are representing us wouldn't even get into an English county second eleven. We keep churning out and reclying the same old rubbish players, to make matters worse there is no end in sight as there is no youngsters of any promise coming through. I bet Otis Gibson the coach is now having even more sleepless nights and is regretting taking that job with those useless bunch.

Posted 15:53 23rd March 2011

Faisel jamshaid Mahboob says...

Excellent work boys, it's been a team effort- the first since 1992. Inshallah if we get throught the semi, then the world cup is ours.

Posted 15:52 23rd March 2011

Asif Hussain says...

good batting and bowling by pakistan, semi final will be a good match, what day is pakistan playing is semi final, is it tuesday or wednesday? please let me know, thank you

Posted 15:48 23rd March 2011

Aamir Hussain says...

Just waiting for somebody in the media to say this is a Fix !! Great result for them to get to the semi finals is better then they expected

Posted 15:39 23rd March 2011

Gopal Krishna says...

Cannot hate windies team come what may, right! But Pak are looking too good. Hope they are consistent and play well which has been their problem. Anyway our team India wouldnt win with the bowling we have :(

Posted 15:34 23rd March 2011

Patrick Barrett says...

All i need to say,ireland smashed pakistan at cricket, boom

Posted 15:28 23rd March 2011

Robert Thomason says...

i can't beliveve that the west windies were so poor

Posted 15:06 23rd March 2011

Ab K says...

Pakistan for once were clinical in batting and bowling, the former of utmost importance and a confidence booster for the Pakistani team. Everyone is now coming to the fore, bringing Asad Shafiq into the team, even thought he didn¿t bat today, has paid dividend. As for the West Indies they have some individual talent, but as a team have been ineffective, key players to mention are Russell, Bravo and Chaunderpaul, but this is far and few between. The next match for Pakistan will be a much more competitive match and will test both their ability and mentality. Pakistan are building good momentum, I would not discount them, but I would still consider them under dogs to win the tournament.

Posted 14:49 23rd March 2011

Sarmad Riaz says...

common pakistan now win against india in mohali and silence the indian crowd... it would be fun

Posted 14:43 23rd March 2011

George Statham says...

Oh What An Absolute Demolishan Derby By Pakistan Crushing The West Indies By 10 wickets...Boy This team is looking good.

Posted 14:40 23rd March 2011

Harun Yahya says...

Pakistan Zindabaad! Fantastic performance, Pakistan are now slowly peaking! Keep up the good work

Posted 14:36 23rd March 2011

Azhar Shaikh says...

west Indies had the wind taken out of them.

Posted 14:35 23rd March 2011

Trevor Ayton says...

Can not field Can not bat Can not bowl How do they expect to win?

Posted 14:28 23rd March 2011

Mohammad Khan says...

Pakistan are so good, we have done the Aussies now the West Indies and whos next. Bring on anyone and even the Indians we will do you too.

Posted 14:20 23rd March 2011

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