The state of play

The state of play

As the World Cup squads are announced, Stuart Barnes looks at where the major forces are at.

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Shaun Drinan says...

as an irish fan i worry deeply about our chances @ rwc 2011! ! in fairness we might pull off 1 big performance in the tournement, but 2 or 3 is a big ask ...we r limited to the xtreme & even the lesser teams will sniff out r demise!! i think france showed us the way but im not sure if kidney is truly up 2 the task of taking this team forward 2 any great heights other than wat he,s achieved already! iv been following the super rugby very closley this season & it speaks volumes of we're we need 2 be...80 minutues of pure intensity..with guile & a cutting edge!! could be a bleak fairwell 2 our talisman...prove me wrong guys!!

Posted 00:36 25th August 2011

John Carlisle says...

I think this time that France will stuff England comprehensively - especially if Ireland beat them on Saturday. However, if you and Dewi, in particular, are prepared to accept some criticism, may I say that i am disappointed in your analysis of England's flaws. You discuss many things, including lack of imagination etc., but none of these are as fundamental as the backs' inability to take the tackle, pass out of it and RUN ON TO THE GODDAM BALL - fast! I have waited about two years for you tell me why they don't do this. Can you please tell me now.

Posted 18:24 22nd August 2011

Phil Samson says...

What a shocker! Whereas the other home nations are happy to inform the general public of their respective RWC squad selections without overstated pomp & ceremony, the RFU decide to make us wait until the corporate members are comfortably seated and sufficiently fed and watered before allowing us the privilege to witness the announcement 'Live on'. Having enjoyed sharing the guesswork and anticipation of this announcement with like-minded supporters of the game I feel extremely let-down by the selfishness of the RFU who's reaction I anticipate to be "well we said the 22nd August but we didn't say what time". Same old - same old, the supporters will watch anyway! Makes you proud to be English!!

Posted 16:32 22nd August 2011

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