Time to clear it up

Time to clear it up

Stuart Barnes has urged the RFU to make the leaked England reports public in their entirety.

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Tom Langford says...

Flood isn't the answer to a creative and world class back line, nor is Cipraini. I watched the barbarians at the weekend and was very disappointed with Cipraini's performance. He does tend to go missing at points throughout the game, I suppose he's just not a team player. I strongly believe, and have done for some time, that there is no better english fly half than Geraghty (on his day). But like Australis have done with Cooper, you have to stick by Geraghty and like with any player take the ups with the downs. Ashton was a much better player when Geraghty was in the saints side as Geraghty created the holes for Ashton to run on to. This is what England need, a player that create for the talented backline outside. Geraghty - your country need you. Get back playing soon

Posted 13:04 1st December 2011

Ted Watts says...

Stuart, We constantly hear that the RFU has enormous sums of money in the coffers (maybe they could bail out the PIIGS..) and the largest pool of players, so why don't we go for Robbie Deans? I appreciate he is still employed but he has done wonders with the Aussies, whilst having the foresight to get rid of the old and bring through youth. I know it is going down the football road of poaching opposition managers, but if we strive to be the best then we need to be ruthless in doing so. Cheers.

Posted 16:26 29th November 2011

Jeff Badland says...

I think Johnson is probably to blame for the current Euro crisis too. I would give all the money in the world to have one debate with you Stuart.

Posted 18:45 28th November 2011

George Staples says...

Spot on Stuart! The othger 'disgusting' point not mentioned was that Rob Andrew (teflon) is still around and appears to be orchestrating the future of the R.F.A. Am I being naive, or should Rob Andrew do the decent thing and RESIGN, who is there to get rid of him? I'm glad I'm a rugby league follower, despite the defeat v Australia there were no let downs, indiscipline or drunkness to write about. Those players are honest, hard working professionals. George

Posted 16:26 28th November 2011

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