The Robshaw Test

The Robshaw Test

Stuart Barnes looks at the arguments for and against England's new captain ahead of the Six Nations.

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Stuart Ewens says...

As I'm sat out here on a boat in the middle of nowhere i have been catching up on the news from the last week and find the world has gone mad. I was first of all surprised and slightly bewildered at the optimism surrounding Scotland and that even yourself had them as favourites at the beginning of the week. Though I have noticed that your opinion has diluted over the last few days. I found myself carried along with the torrent until i saw that Parks and Cusiter were picked for the opening game and then i realised it was the same old same old from Scotland. Do you not think England and Scotland should be in similar positions. That whilst we have an established pack and perhaps not quite as clean a slate as England, both sets of supporters need to see something that shows we have moved forward? Something that says there is a plan? Whilst Scotland doesn't have the luxury of omitting every player that clearly will have nothing to do with the 2015 world cup, i do feel that We should be making some effort and with flyhalf being our main problem area then that's where it should begin. I Know everyone keeps saying that the result matters more to Scotland, maybe more so to put things semi right after the world cup, but i find myself betraying that thought. I am at the point where i would prefer to lose 34-35 and see some rugby rather than win 12-11 with uninspiring rugby. It didn't work at the last world cup so its time to move on.

Posted 00:23 3rd February 2012

J M says...

Phil de Glanville, Steve Borthwick... two players picked for their captaincy, who didn't always justify their place. Both ended up being big problems for the coach. We all hope Robshaw will be a great England player, but we don't know yet. Not only that, he's fighting for his place with Tom Wood, England's player of the season last year, not to mention specialist opensides like Andy Saull. At 6, there's British Lion Tom Croft to get past, and Robshaw's pretty unproven at 8. Why not give Hartley the captaincy and let Robshaw duke it out with the rest for a place in the team. It's a bit much to ask a guy to play his first (real) international away at Murrayfield, and captain a bunch of new caps at the same time...

Posted 16:06 2nd February 2012

Nathan Brooks says...

Peter Cook - Dont forget David Seymour at Sale in that bracket, he is a class apart at 7 and even in a struggling Sale side is a stand out player

Posted 15:14 2nd February 2012

Jim Dalling says...

Hi Stuart, I have to say my selection of the England team two weeks ago was more or less as selected with the exception of Tom Wood through injury. Still think Tom Palmer would make an ideal captain.

Posted 11:27 2nd February 2012

Peter Cook says...

England have had an out and out 7 available to them over the past several year, but they and John Wells in particular, chose to ignore him after a couple of games. A master of the down and dirty stuff, he has never been afraid the put his body on the line for club or country. He has been crucial to Gloucester's form since joining the club and the quick ball that he provides is the ammunition for the young speedsters in the backs to score the tries. Englands loss has been Gloucesters gain. Stand up Andy Hazell.

Posted 10:26 1st February 2012

David James says...

If nothing else, Robshaw invariably wins the contest for the dirtiest jersey at the end of a game.

Posted 03:54 1st February 2012

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