Stuart Barnes says England must go on the attack in the autumn internationals

Stuart Barnes says England must go on the attack in the autumn internationals

The traditionalists will never agree but November is the most important month for England.

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Peter Aird says...

England always suffer if they have an easy victory first up in the Autumn Internationals. Today against Australia shows how important motivation is. Australia were desperate for a win, England didnt even wear their own kit and thought they could roll the Aussies because they lost to France (bya score which flattered France by the way). Traditional rivalry between England and Australia will lift the side that is more motivated. England were pedestrian. And, I know Australia scored from an undetected forward pass, but in what bizarre universe was the Tuilagi fumble a try? If we are going to have TMOs, can we have some who have 20/20 vision and know and understand the rules of Rugby?

Posted 17:21 17th November 2012

Chris Greaney says...

HI Stuart,After Ireland losing the way they did against South Africa this weekend what do you think needs to happpen to get back to winning. Is there a need for change at the top with Declan Kidney stepping down or are there playes he should drop the excuses here is that Ireland lost too many players before hand but when you are nine points up at half time and do not score in the second half questions need to be asked my view is that Kidney has to go.It would be Three years to next World Cup and a new broom needs to come in If/When Kidney steps down i hope Conor O'Shea gets a chance to coach Ireland what do you think Regards Chris Greaney

Posted 22:25 11th November 2012

Tom Curran says...

Hi Stuart, Alex Goode had an undeniably great game on Saturday, but equally undeniable has been the exceptional form of Mike Brown over the last year or so. Goode seemed most effective when coming into the centres, and Fiji didn't have the opportunity to really exploit the fact that England's full-back was often therefore not at home, which the top 3 could do in the coming weeks. Is there a good case to be made for Goode starting 13 to answer the questions over creativity in the midfield that have dogged England since Will Greenwood's retirement, with Brown an international class option to play at full-back? And how realistic a prospect would that be, given Lancaster's tendency towards non-contentious selection?

Posted 12:44 11th November 2012

Nicholas Cole says...

1. Given the problems currently faced by Fiji in light of the allegations of bribing players not to play for their country how do you feel about a rethink for the pacific islands teams? They struggle financially due to the nations not getting the high profile games that the other nations get. As highlighted in the rugby club this is largely due to the fact that they do not compete for 80 minutes in games and therefore the games are not demanded for. The IRB are not willing to invest lots of money into the 3 nations and therefore the problem will remain the same. How about reforming the Pacific Isles and investing some money in them? The team would be significantly stronger and could compete in the 4 nations. They would be the West Indies of rugby. They obviously have the talent as highlighted by Samoa¿s win in Australia last year. It would also solve their problem of strength in depth while at the same time allowing 3 budgets to be rolled into one from the IRB. It would allow them to field a fully professional side, which is needed if they are to compete with teams in the top nations. A side could potentially look like the following 1, Soane Tonga'uiha, 2 Ti'i Paulo, 3 James Johnson, 4 Daniel Leo, 5 Joe Tekori, 6 Steve Mafi, 7 Maurie Fa'asavalu, 8 Akapusi Qera, 9 Taniela Moa, 10 Tusi Pisi, 11 Alexandra Tuilagi, 12 Sireli Naqelevuki, 13 George Pisi, 14 Vereniki Goneva, 15 Sailosi Tagicakibau, 16 Aleki Lutui, 17 Sona Taumalolo, 18 Cencus Johnson, 19 Sione Timani, 20 Chris Hala'ufia, 21 David Lemi, 22 Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolo, 23 Kahn Fotuali'i

Posted 17:17 9th November 2012

Ed W says...

As an Englishman living in Christchurch in NZ, not hard to see why England are still lagging behind the Southern sides - apart from those Woodward years when we were blessed with some of the best players on the globe (and were also helped by average SA, NZ and Aus sides). Watching the ITM Cup in NZ, all the teams play the All Black way - they throw the ball around, aren't afraid of defeat, and play some thrilling Rugby - encouraged to offload in the tackle, look for space and to score tries. As a result, this feeds the National Side, so players can easily step up into the jersey. England's problem is there's a huge game between the Premiership and International. Team England are not Team Rugby Union in England. As a result, any manager has a short period of time to mould a side - on this basis, not surprising we've always tended to rely on bulk, power, kicking and grinding down opponents. Major changes are needed to move forward....

Posted 10:58 7th November 2012

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