The thick of it

The thick of it

After a series of controversial decisions, Stuart Barnes calls for a re-write of the rule book.

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John Butt says...

Stuart For me the biggest problem in Rugby Union is too many rules. My suggestion for the scrum is that any infringement at the scrum only warrents a free kick. No kicking to touch and no kicking at goal. The game will just restart where it is with a free kick. I see the problem with refs is they have too many chances to give penalty's. Its getting to the point where we might as well not have a game, just a penalty shoot out and save us the time. lets cut down the penalty's then the ref has less chance to influence the game and we will not have "bully boy" rugby at the scrum looking for 3 points every time. What do you think. Less rules not more.

Posted 13:48 21st March 2013

Tracey Agnew says...

Shaun, totally agree about this frequent method of tackling which is never penalised despite that it is not a legal tackle. Another worrying thing creeping in without any comment is players sliding into 'tackles' feet first, especially when a player is just about to score a try. The deliberate throwing or kicking a ball away to prevent the other team taking a quick free-kick or penalty is rarely punished either.

Posted 14:43 13th March 2013

John Butt says...

Stuart its because of all the rule changes these last 10 years the game is in a mess. Add to that the failure of southern Hemisphere refs to control and apply these laws to the game, and we have a farce. Its been the worse 6Nations for refereeing that I have ever seen. A disgrace. crickey they cannot even be consistant at the calling at the scrum. Not from match to match or ref to ref but scrum to scrum. Its time the refs went back to basics. SH refs only ref static rugby at the set piece. Trips stampings all missed with the ref looking at the offence. We cannot think about changing the rules. The refs cant cope with the ones they have. Cruel to confuse them further by changing the rules again.

Posted 18:29 11th March 2013

Josh Bennett says...

Lee, you have clearly miss understood my point of view I think current laws have removed decisions from referees and have gone way over the top! But I'm sure lee that you, as did I would have loved watching Jonny wilkinson tackle Justin bishop back in 2002/2003 when playing against Ireland back then the tackle was deemed fantastic but now it would see wilkinson banned for months I am I Gloucester fan yes but I was trying to see it from both side and that ref in the bath game spoilt much of the play for both teams !

Posted 12:42 8th March 2013

Shaun Briddon says...

Stuart, having been at the Bath Gloucester game on Friday, it seems that current method to stop a player is to dive at their feet! Too often i watched as the Cherry and Whites 'slipped' over at the Rec to stop the attacking player, rather than face up to having to tackle properly. Is this something that you are also seeing on your travels. With regards to the penalty decisions, i cant see how Gloucester can complain about the tip tackle. it was blatant and potentially dangerous. What is your view on the current succession of appeals against bans? Healey and now Parisse. Should be a game show panel rather than an appeals panel! Bans should be in matches and not weeks. Finally, agree with your comments on the rule book - just make sure it is rewritten by rugby players for players and not for the television eg no lineouts and scrums - go watch League!

Posted 22:33 6th March 2013

Dan Dan says...

Lee Wynd thinks that tackle is bad what about toby flood? glos hooker tackled square on it would of been a good tackle if the other player did not lift the leg. i think some people want rugby to be like football

Posted 22:31 6th March 2013

Matt Stenning says...

Question for Nick Tribe, aggrieved shed-head. If you think the penalty try decision, when Sharples tackled Biggs on the try line with out the ball, just as Biggs was about to dive on it, was debatable; what is your opinion on the penalty try awarded to Gloucester against Worcester, with May being tripped yards away from the line and defensive cover moving across the week before, that handed the win to Gloucester. Did you feel that warrented a comment about poor refereeing decisions then? I call it good Karma Happy Bath fan.

Posted 11:38 6th March 2013

Nick Tribe says...

Totally agree with Mr Bennett, shocking decisions throughout, ruined one of the classic games of the season. Sad as it seems Gloucester always seem to bear the brunt of controversial decision making. Conspiracy throughout the rugby world I ask? Penalty try was questionable, Biggs had messed up the try scoring opportunity up before he was tackled by Sharples, the red card was never a red card in a million years, momentum took control of that, countless small decisions throughout which cumulatively weakened our chances of a fair contest AND nearing the end of the game when Gloucester had momentum Stringer commited an obvious act of foul play (kicking the ball out of our scrum half's hands at the ruck). A moment that changed the game completely. Sort it out officials. Aggrieved Shedhead.

Posted 12:45 5th March 2013

Lee Wynd says...

Josh, Gloucester have been one of the most cynical and dirty teams all season, it's about time karma rewarded them! And that 'tackle' on Attwood wasn't an accident, it was malicious and designed to injure - I hope there's a significant ban in the offing. Straws. Clutching at. You are.

Posted 12:42 5th March 2013

Gordon Murphy says...

Stuart, who do you think will replace Kidney as Ireland Head Coach (if his contract isn't renewed)? Joe Schmidt and Conor O'Shea are the only clear alternatives but I'm confident both would continue their success at their respective clubs should they not receive the nod this time around.

Posted 11:20 5th March 2013

Josh Bennett says...

My email is regarding the Bath v Gloucester game at the rec. Yes I am an out and out Gloucester fan but that aside, a game that had such potential of being a fantastic game was spoilt by a shocking refereeing performance. The obvious poor decisions like the red card for the tip tackle seems a little over the top, leaving no discretion in the hands of the referee! There was the standard poor decision making at the scrum which is always the case. So neither of the above really lead me to say this show of refereeing was so poor however the main reasons were the lack of advantages played with not a single one to be seen during this game. Also the simple unwillingness to make a decision without consulting the TMO can really spoil the sport for the neutral ! I'm also the biggest fan of rugbys controlled mannerly culture where back chat on the pitch is unacceptable but the inability (through fear) of anyone of influence to criticize a referee has gone to far. This shouldn't necessarily be done publicly but something must be said by someone it's gone mad, it was a sub standard refereeing performance, poor decisions and a lack of advantages spoilt one of the most anticipated fixtures of the season. It should not go unnoticed and I feel serious thoughts should be taken before he is allowed to oversea such a prominent fixture in the feature.

Posted 21:10 4th March 2013

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