Pressure to perform

Pressure to perform

Stuart Barnes says that the Six Nations decider between Wales and England must be won in the right way.

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Kevin Mitchell says...

Yet another Grand Slam failureW by England.W hen will the pundits and press start using the word CHOKERS as you are all quickly to use that word with the All Blacks.

Posted 12:02 18th March 2013

Steve Norman says...

Hi Stuart, hope you enjoyyed the Festival. I am a Stuart Lancaster supporter and I think he and his coaches will move onwards and upwards from this disappointing end to the 6 nations. However, do you think he was being a bit harsh on his players when he said "they didn't turn up". The first half was quite staggering in its intensity and physicality. England defended well and counter attacked pretty well. What did for them was a poor scrum, poor decision making and poor execution. Also, I don't think England couldn't match Welsh physicality for a lack of trying. They are just bigger. Plus, and here's the biggy, Wales were excellent. And Bouyed by a tremendous 16th man. Did England turn up?

Posted 11:33 17th March 2013

Benno Bennett says...

Perhaps the cardinals (the press and ex players) will accept that England still play a negative brand of rugby despite all the riches of their league and number of non English recruits. Stop the penalties and you stop England. How many tries in the last 3 games? Grand slam at Cardiff? Dream on. The Vatican best burn those victory banners for another year.

Posted 08:38 17th March 2013

John Butt says...

Our best 9 & 10 is Flood Youngs no doubt. Why Lancaster did not start with this against Italy baffles many. I still do not understand why Flood is now being left out for Wales. I do not rate Farrell. I think He is not only yellow card material but has no go forward. Lancaster selections let us down in the Autumn I hope he is not doing it again. Too much school teacher not enough rugby coach in my view. I cannot afford sky but with the BBC camera work wish I could. A live match on the BBC is like watching a highlight game so many close ups during play.

Posted 18:34 15th March 2013

Leigh Rogers says...

Stuart, now that the six nations is coming to a close and the lions squad announced in April who would who would you say was a potential 'bolter'? No one has mentioned Gareth Delve but he would make perfect sense with no number 8's really excelling and the fact he plays in Australia already could he be a 'bolter'?

Posted 13:43 13th March 2013

Kevin Mitchell says...

If England fail on saturday meaning more than a decade since a grand slam will the pundits start using the word chokers when discribing them.The All Blacks failed regularly every 4 years and had that label so surely an annual failure that tag should belong to England.

Posted 09:23 13th March 2013

Callum Abrahams says...

Do you think that England's drop in form is similar to 2011 when they played badly in round 4 and lost in round 5? If so do you think it will make a difference against Wales?

Posted 17:53 12th March 2013

Andrew Cavenagh says...

Stuart, England's lack of penetration glaring if Manu Tuilagi is shackled. Surely time to recall Foden at full back and give a young speedster such as Christian Wade or Jonny May a chance on the wing.

Posted 13:37 12th March 2013

Pete 2 says...

Hello Stuart,i wonder what you think about Ben Foden and Jonny May taking the wing spots and Mike Brown moving to full back against Wales.Havent heard any news on Ben Morgans injury as of late?,although England have a wealth of tallent in the back row,(if fit again i think he will have to wait for next season to challenge for a spot.Who would you fancy to start at 10 this week,could be a tough call,lucky to have 2 great tens to pick from.

Posted 13:49 11th March 2013

Nick Creaser says...

With Ashton's long run of poor performances (in attack and defense), would you play him against Wales? I was at the game against Italy and noticed that during quick team meetings on the pitch, Ashton rarely bothered to join in and instead just wondered around the pitch on his own or went for a drink. When watching on TV, you don't notice this as they always cut to replays or pitch side reporters, so does this happen often or was it just the Italy game? Also, England seem to crying out for a man with a spark who can, when given a tiny gap, use a bit of clever footwork and go through it like BOD, Fofana etc. Who could potentially be that player leading up to the 2015 WC?

Posted 13:02 11th March 2013

Melvin Longhurst says...

Stuart SL has stated that players are selected picked based upon their performance. Why does he continue to exclude Ashton from this policy because he has not performed and its putting him above the team. Wales will relish running down his channel unopposed.

Posted 12:27 11th March 2013

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