Rugby Championship: New Zealand and South Africa make it two from two

Rugby Championship: New Zealand and South Africa make it two from two

New Zealand and South Africa backed up their first week wins with victories against Australia and Argentina as duly expected. Yet neither side won like the 1-7 shots they were with the British bookmakers.

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Carlos Cruz says...

I am neither South African, nor a kiwi but I love rugby! Today I got up early(for a Sat) to watch NZ V SA, and ended up seeing a match that had much less to do with the teams on the field but all to do with the ref. shocking decision to yellow card du plessi in first half. Contest over from there and all value lost. Feel short changed and will think twice about waking up early to watch a referee the next time. Waste of 80 minutes of my time! Carlos

Posted 13:40 14th September 2013

Steve Norman says...

Good article Stuart, and very true about the AB's. Your point about Steve Walsh being very good is true.... but I feel he has an "Unconscious bias" which often rears its head. Specifically, he shows patience at the break down when reffing S.H. sides but less tolerance for N.H. sides. Both can make the same mistakes. Also, while I agree he has been alot better in recent years, he still loses his pateince a lot quicker with England than with any other side.... well thats how it looks with my one blinkered eye anyway!

Posted 13:15 29th August 2013

Dylan Corrigan says...

In football when a player commits a foul preventing a clear goal scoring opportunity it's a red card, if referees and rule makers are so reluctant to brandish a red card in rugby union why not increase the time punishment to 20 minutes? If a player thinks 3 points and twenty minutes out of the game is better than just 7 points and the full compliment of 15 payers his team mates will educate him when they concede 10-15 points in his absence.

Posted 21:00 27th August 2013

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