Bath's George Ford could usurp Owen Farrell as England's No1, says Stuart Barnes

Bath's George Ford could usurp Owen Farrell as England's No1, says Stuart Barnes

I enjoyed a fascinating 40 minutes at the Recreation Ground, Bath on Saturday afternoon. Once again George Ford orchestrated his team around the field to great effect. This was his best effort yet.

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Daniel Ticehurst says...

The more I watch Owen Farell, the more he reminds me of Rob Andrew: and perhaps the best position for him, given the dogma of the selectors, is not to play flyhalf on the off chance that George Ford's kicking boots are off while giving more of a chance for some creative intellignce at 10. If Charlie Hodgson was welsh............

Posted 12:21 21st October 2013

Graham Vincent says...

So Stuart, do you think George Ford should leapfrog Freddie Burns in the pecking order? Arguably, they are very similar, but Burns may have the advantage as he is a year or two ahead of Ford in terms of development. Surely this makes Burns the favourite to progress and become England's number 1 fly-half come 2015?

Posted 13:24 4th October 2013

Iain Marshall says...

Good article. The Autumn Internationals are just the stage to get players, like Ford, involved. At the same time they should try and expand on their idea of how to play rugby. Maybe take the focus away from forwards and centres and play more and wider rugby. Wingers as good as Wade and Monye would appreciate it!

Posted 08:35 2nd October 2013

Phil Perkins says...

Hi Stuart, how do you feel the The Championship is progressing in terms of bridging the gap to the Premiership. Being a Brizz fan, I am excited yet and anxious for the season ahead, as although we have the coaching 'Dream Team' in AR & SH, I feel the gulf is still too great, given the money available and lucrative sponsorship deals the existing Premiership teams have. I know we're not certs by a long-shot, but would have the same trepidation towards the successful promoted team. Thanks Stu - C'MON BRIZZ

Posted 08:33 2nd October 2013

Tom Bradshaw says...

Stuart, you seem to find the new 'best English fly-half' every season. You were championing Freddie Burns last season- has Ford now all of a sudden leap frogged him? I'm not saying Ford isn't a talent, but surely in terms of 'credit in the bank' with Lancaster, Burns is way ahead. Farrell will start, Burns most likely benching, with Flood a squaddie. Be realistic. Just fantasising and spouting hyperbole every 12 months is no good. Not least for Ford who needs to keep his head down and work hard. We don't want another Cipriani shaped dissapointment.

Posted 18:45 1st October 2013

Tom Dabinett says...

Hi Stuart, As a Bath fan its great to read this, but do you really think he is ready, there is no doubt he is 1000000 times better than Stephen Donald in the BB&W. Who do you think is better Farrell or Ford? best wishes, Tom

Posted 18:44 1st October 2013

Peter Reddall says...

Stuart, where do you stand with Freddie Burns then at 10? Look how England played in Argentina, how Gloucester play week in week out, attacking exciting play, much like southern hemisphere teams? I would put Freddie above Ford and especially above Farrell, who seems to be a liability more than a threat. No pace, constant hospital passes and an extremely defensive/pack minded gameplay, yes he can kick but does that really warrant an England shirt, and a kicking percentage which is actually below burns? Could you imagine how lethal Saracens would be with either Burns or Ford at the helm, along with Barritt out of the way. Plus Burns and Billy 10 12, talk about continuity. Burns no1, Ford 2 and probably Hodgson 3.

Posted 14:42 1st October 2013

Tony Woolford says...

Hi Stuart. Last season you were advocating Freddie Burns & he had a good tour of Argentina. Now your all for George Ford & Freddie is no more! It's a good job the England selectors aren't so fickle. Surely Freddie Burns will be the first in line if the selectors want an alternative to Owen Farrell.

Posted 11:04 1st October 2013

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