Stuart Barnes looks forward to a mouth-watering Heineken Cup quarter-final weekend

Stuart Barnes looks forward to a mouth-watering Heineken Cup quarter-final weekend

It might be the best ever set of Heineken Cup quarter-finals.

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William Sheldrake says...

I watched all three Heineken Cup matches yesterday; marvelled at Munster, prayed for Leicester (unusual that, as I have been a Bath supporter all my life!) and despaired for Ulster. As a complete neutral I felt they were robbed. Watching "that" event, and the slo-mo repeats, I could not see why the Ulster full back was given a red card: to me it was questionable that it would even earn a yellow. Both he and Alex Goode were going for the ball. The only issue was that, because Goode jumped higher, it was he who fell to earth. I can't help but feel that the red card was a knee-jerk reaction to Goode's injury, not for the offence itself. Perhaps you could comment?

Posted 11:03 6th April 2014

Jayme Mcgoldrick says...

Stuart I am a big fan of your column but I have to say the Ulster game (I am an Ulster fan) was a disgrace. Jared Payne was negligent in not looking at the player in the air but a red card was a disgrace. No way can you send off a player when there was no intent. Ended probably the only team that can challenge Lenister this season. Accidental no matter the injury never a red what is your take on it. I am livid as is anyone I have spoken to about the game. The ref has ruined the game.

Posted 06:16 6th April 2014

Mick Collyer says...

Stuart,I note your comment about the Saints " If they fail again the old questions about the tactical acumen or otherwise of the management will be brought up." Yet again the Saints have not only lost, but have not turned up, in a major contest, Leinster at home, Exeter in the LV final, Tigers at home etc. 10 games now without a win against the Tigers. There clearly seems to be problems with the management with the tactics and/or mindset at major games. The Saints have resources and facilities better than most but consistently fail, if yet again the Saints come away at the end of the season empty handed then changes should be made. What would Baxter do with the squad and resources?

Posted 12:10 1st April 2014

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