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Legends in the making

Legends in the making

Andy Gray said the Class of '08 are a win away from becoming Fergie's greatest - and they did it in Moscow.

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Johhny Davies (Manchester United fan) says...

CHRIS BIRCH AND ALL LIVERPOO FANS....I just find it really funny and a little sad that a liverpoo fan are more worried about results for Chelski rather then their own results. Going back to the game between Manchester United and Liverpoo, if Torres felt picked on, surely he should have confronted the ref himself, rather then Mascherano running half the length of the field to have a pop. i just feel if Liverpoo fans worry about their own results and not the tittle contenders', it would make (maybe, but unlikely) every see them in a diifferent light. Also 18 League tittles and 5 CL tittles, were getting close boys, so dont start hating because reality hurts. Finally....why do Liverpoo fans feel the need to comment on stories that have nothing to do with them. United!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 17:55 6th June 2008

Paul Williams (Manchester United fan) says...

i personaly think that it will be a very entertaing game. it will be a game of 2 halves, united dominating the first half and chelsea dominating the second half. i just hope the referee doesnt spoil it as i def see sum1 getting sent off maybe drogba. if i was 2 bet on the match i would go for a 1 all draw then united to nick it on penaltys.

Posted 05:13 6th June 2008

Dennis C. (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I would like to hear what Mr Andy Gray has to say about next season, what teams like Spurs have to do to catch the top four clubs and whether or not he thinks it is possible to bridge gap created by the top four teams. Thank you.

Posted 20:21 26th May 2008

Andrew Mccabe (Manchester United fan) says...

Yea well done Andy Grey good call UNITED ARE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE AND ENGLAND and we,r gona do it all over again. I dont see why Andy Grey has to be so biased against united iv heard it in his cimmentry dis year and in his team of the year selection when clearly players of united well outperformed players he picked like Vidic.

Posted 14:16 24th May 2008

Richard Cooper (Manchester United fan) says...

chris birch u seem to have selected memory of referees in the premiership too, ok man utd had some decisions go there way, but what about the penalty we should of had against chelsea at stanford bridge? forget that one? over the course of the season decisions level themselves out, dirk kuyts flying kick for example in the merseyside derby should of been a straight red but he only got a yellow card, these things happen in football. Also i heard a poll of who got more decisions out of bennett over the season united or chelsea and suprise suprise chelsea got more decisions.... anyway united won the game in moscow fair and square no refereeing decisions went our way and we won and we deserved it too as we should of been 3-0 up by half time, only a really fluke goal which took 2 deflections beat van der saar that night he had no other saves to make.

Posted 21:03 23rd May 2008

Stefan Rossi (Manchester United fan) says...

chelsea are jelous 100 mil for robinho n kaka whats rong with there youth team never seen chelsea play there youngsters always there 1st team they 3 teams 1st team 2nd team 3rd team 12 defenders 9 midfielders and bout 6 strikers then ya youth united dont go and buy there way into winning trophies we build a squad up we was succesfull with our youth giggs scholse keane neville and more. CHELSEA NEED TO GIVE THERE YOUTH A CHANCE IT AINT FAIR ON THEM BET THERE OVER 25 N STUFF LIKE THAT BUSTIN A GUT TRYIN 2 GET INTO THE 1ST TEAM

Posted 10:59 23rd May 2008

Chris Birch (Liverpool fan) says...

I think Chelsea will be highly motivated to win this games and to get some revenge for losing the premiereship to Ref Steve Bennett, He sent off Liverpools Javier Mascherano for moaning to him about the treatment Fernando Torres was getting from Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand leaving Man Utd with an easy job of beating a team of 10 and gaining 3 points, He then against Wigan missed the Rio Ferdinand hand ball for a penalty (selective Vision) and also let Paul Scholes of with a red card for a very late tackle which would have been his second yellow card and again gave Man Utd the three points they needed to win the premiership. At least Chelsea gave Man Utd a run for their money, it makes you wonder what would have happened if Chelsea had the refs on their side for most of the season. I feel the FA need to investigate Steve Bennett performance as they did with the match fixing allocations a few years ago. All us supporters want is a fair game and consistent decission from the refs. If you book a player from say Wigan for an offence one week and the next week a player from one of the big 4 does the same thing book them to .

Posted 18:58 21st May 2008

Mick Dunton (Manchester United fan) says...

Cant agree with Andy, it will be close but utd will be too strong going forward,Rooney,Tevez & Ronaldo, what an array of attacking talent ! Back that up with Scholes & Carricks sublime passing, with Hargreaves holding, then behind that you have the best defence in England, as the last line of defence a goalkeeper who has been there and done it all before. Add to this a quality subs bench and of course Sir Alex. Plus the fact that utd were crowned Prem Champs 10 days ago. Can chels recover from failing to beat Bolton on the final day,losing to Spurs in the worthington cup, Lets just pray BOTH teams go for glory, and good football wins the day.

Posted 15:52 21st May 2008

Barry Lee (Manchester United fan) says...

The ref has to be strong. Chelsea will try and be physical with United's skill players and the ref must punish some of the more unsavoury tactics of the likes of Essien, Cole and Terry. If he protects the United players, they will win. If he allows Chelsea to kick them off the park they will lose.

Posted 15:48 21st May 2008

Soul of the Reds (Manchester United fan) says...

Its a very tough call.but Man Utd i have a gut feeling will nick it in extra time and give the chleski players the blues...Its a highly charged and emotional fitting to the Bubsy Babes memories and not to mention soem of the players who have survived will be there attending......!! 2-0 scoreline prediction to the Reds .with the ghost of old Georgie Best to come and inspire Ronnie to a rousing performance.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glory Glory Man Utd!

Posted 15:02 21st May 2008

Kumail Saifee (Arsenal fan) says...

I think Andy has got it right doubt it will be a mind boggling 90 minutes or even extra time.I really do feel these two teams have arguebly been the top of the lot,both in europe and england.However,i got this feeling of United winning it tonight..they hav been great to watch this season with all due respect to chelsea.But what i think will win it for either team is the DEFENCE..both the teams have arguebly the BEST two centre backs on the planet at the very moment..anyways being an obvious neutral i hope its a cracker.Even though i wudve wished an Arsenal-Barca re-match;)but frankly speaking. a MANU-CHELS CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL IS NO LESS.

Posted 14:20 21st May 2008

Joe Bannister (Manchester United fan) says...

Yes i do agree with Andy and i do think it will be a tight game throughout the 90 mins, but i am sure it will be better than the FA Cup Final last year, as both teams have more to play for this season. For instance, Chelsea have to win so they dont end the season empty handed while Uniteds ' Busby Babe' year i think may be the deceiding factor between the two teams.

Posted 12:57 21st May 2008

Ben Clarke (Chelsea fan) says...

Pitch could be decisive if it starts to cut up then Chelsea have the option(horiblle though it is) of chucking it up to Drogba with Lampard or Ballack to get the knock downs. For me Essien should be playing in midfield he is the best box to box midfield player on the planet and if Grant trusted Ferrara then for me Essien would start in front of Lampard or Ballack. Manchester utd do not often tear the top sides apart unless (like Arsenal in cup) the opposition have poor motivation or like Liverpool they get man sent off. Against Barcalona they were lucky. Cech has made a few errors recently but Van der sar's best years are behind him. Hopefully we will win and then Grant can go back to the desk job with everyone's respect and we get in a manager who can take us to the next level in terms of Style.

Posted 11:47 21st May 2008

Nanda Kumar (Manchester United fan) says...

Man Utd 2 - 0 Chelsea. I am banking for United win. Its going to be a tough game, but I do believe that United has the charisma in their team. Tevez and Rooney are go-getters, and they will be the inspiration of the team with Ronaldo drawing from their talents on the fronline is gonna be thrilling final. With the experience of Giggs and Scholes is gonna be a booster and Chesea will have difficulty handling them. I anticipate a red card to be flashed to a Chelsea player, cause both teams have the caliber to fight it out and with the enmity that is hanging in the air between the two teams, whoever referee's the game has a handful. Sir Alex Ferguson has done tremendously well in grooming the present squad he has. Credit must be given to Fergie.

Posted 05:09 21st May 2008

James Jobbins (Birmingham City fan) says...

I agree with andy totally i believe chelsea will win 3-1 as they need to win a trophy and will give 110% meanwhile man utd wil give 109%. hope chelsea win 4 avram grant, cmon u blueboys!!

Posted 22:11 20th May 2008

Martin Hough (Manchester United fan) says...

The facts are Kevin, United are in the Final, have won the League 10 ten times of late and Liverpool are not what they were. Has a young United fan, I was proud of Liverpool in the 70s especially being a "Northern Team" give United the respect they are now due, like we did when you "WERE" good.We will like have a tough game like Andy says, but we will come out the Winners 3-1. Chelsea will score just before half time, this will make us play and when it comes to the quick 2 touch we will murder them in the second half. C'MON YOU REDS

Posted 21:39 20th May 2008

Robbie Kelly (Manchester United fan) says...

For once in my life i agree with an arsenal fan...chelsea wont have what it takes tomorrow night...grant inherited mourinho's squad and doesnt know what to do with it....tight game i reckon..united to edge it 2-1 vidic and rooney to score for united.....come on red men

Posted 21:28 20th May 2008

Charlie Bob (Manchester United fan) says...

Chelsea havent seen utd go at them with full strength. Forget the recent league encounter..where was ronaldo..tevez..scholes? both teams r likley to cancel each other out..but in terms of n vidic are stronger then terry n carvalho..right backs are similar and evra will push forward..another advantage to utd. makalele lampard n ballack in the doubt very strong..but lack the innovativity..scholes carrick and all over the pitch..track back..and have the ability to pick out that killer pass. on the flanks we'l probably see the quality of joe cole and kalou..very talented and utd shudn't forget them..ronaldo and probably nani are just as good..tevez may start and his work ethic as well as rooney's may decide the good as drogba can be..his work ethic is poor compared to tevez and rooney and his fake dives may spoil his evening. both teams are very strong..chelsea have the edge cos tjheir players are much more experienced..but utd have that quality..that extra strength..the extra push..and if they keep that going thru the match..pushing chelsea away and playing football the way utd play..they're bound to get chances and im sure theyve trained hard enough to take the chances!

Posted 20:32 20th May 2008

Julquife Ahmed (Manchester United fan) says...

i think it all depends the way united play tomorow.if united play defensive it would suit chelsea more and they will win it.united are a better team when they play attacking free fllowing football and they will win it that way.cmon united

Posted 20:06 20th May 2008

Sean Looney (Manchester United fan) says...

trust all the liverpool fans to come out of the woodwork and have a go. i needn't remind you that your team hasn't won the league in 18 years! a couple of lucky runs in the champions league over the last 3 years doesn't cover up the fact that you are an average team! i'm pensive about this game. i believe in my heart of hearts that united over a season are better than chelsea. man for man i believe they are better too. but chelsea have the experience, and the players to turn the screw in a big match. i just feel that there is something in this game for chelsea. however, if united defend like they have all season and get at their fullbacks then i think we have a good chance of lifting the trophy. at the end of the day we can assume and debate all we want, at the end of the day we'll just have to sit through 90 minutes of football and see what happens.

Posted 20:04 20th May 2008

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