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Legends in the making

Legends in the making

Andy Gray said the Class of '08 are a win away from becoming Fergie's greatest - and they did it in Moscow.

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Lilmo 4life (Chelsea fan) says...

I think this will be one of the best champions league finals ever. Andy Gray is right it will be a tough match but I think that Chelsea have what it takes to clinch the title. C'MON BLUES

Posted 20:03 20th May 2008

Graham(levo) Levins (Manchester United fan) says...

I think if Utd can keep Drogba quiet which will be hard to do as when He is on his game is nearly unplayable, but with Rio and Mana on top form this year we have a good chance. Hopefully we can do it for the 2 legends, Scholesy, and Giggsy. Will be 759 n.o Come on the Devils!!!!!!

Posted 20:01 20th May 2008

Jozie Zahra (Manchester United fan) says...

im really confused about who will win the final.I think if united try to match chelseas midfield there gonna have a problem, i think united have to play there own attacking game and they must take there chances, i have great respect for chelsea but i think man utd will win the final 1-0 however i can easily see chelsea do a smash and grab and win it themselves. come on UNITED

Posted 19:08 20th May 2008

Nick Royce (Chelsea fan) says...

As a Chelsea fan I think Makalele has just ruined our chances. If Ashley Cole is injured now, it will free up Ronaldo just that little bit more. Like in the Semi final when Hyppia came on, his lack of quality told, like in the final without Cole marking Ron out the game, I feel this match has turned in United's favour big time. This is a big worry.

Posted 19:04 20th May 2008

Shahnawaz Khan (Chelsea fan) says...

well out of all of you i think it is going down to in football always the opposite happens..and this time chelsea luckily will win a penalty shoot-out for once...ive got 5K on the match and i am really desperate for them to win they have to ..imean the champions league is overdue for chelsea now ..we have been amazing in europe for the last couple of seasons

Posted 18:40 20th May 2008

Simon Li (Manchester United fan) says...

I agree with Andy Gray that midfield is the key - which means United must play Anderson, not Scholes. Anderson's buzzing, pressing game will harass the Chelsea midfield and backline and deprive them of the time and possession to keep going forward. United have done poorly when they play a different game - a labouring midfield trying for a telling pass into the opponent's third instead of a high-tempo quick-passing attack that is their forte, with Tevez forward, Rooney breaking in from the left and Ronaldo drifting all over. Win or lose, it's all in the hands of Sir Alex about his midfield.

Posted 18:13 20th May 2008

Kevin Murphy (Manchester United fan) says...

I just think that everybody seems to be going for a Chelsea win, are people forgetting that United are actually the Premiership Champions and on the whole have been better than Chelsea this season! Dont get me wrong Chelsea are a very good side and are capable of winning this game but i know that if United play their game and the players rise to the occasion then we will lift the European Cup for a third time. I think the midfield will decide the game but not only that, when you have Ronaldo, Tevez and Rooney in your team then goals will come. I just hope the best player England have had in a long time (Rooney that is) shines in this game as he is a big game player more so than Ronaldo in my opinion. The stage is set for him to show the world how good a player he really is! 2-1 to United!

Posted 17:54 20th May 2008

Jeevan Jayenthiran (Manchester United fan) says...

I definitely agree that the match will be a tightly marked affair that the purists will enjoy. It wont be a free-flowing match, at least not for the first 25mins or so. Manu have the players to snatch the trophy but it will not be easy as Chelsea are desperate to claim some silverware for this campaign. Unfortunately, I'm fearing that Chelsea will nick the trophy towards the end of the contest. I hope it doesn't happen, but I feel that Ballack will have an important role in the match and once that could be a decisive impact in the final outcome.

Posted 17:52 20th May 2008

Steven Parker (Chelsea fan) says...

Chelsea will hopefully kill off Manchester United the lads and Avram have proved they can really do anything without Mourinho and they have been unlucky to win everything so far so come on you blues

Posted 16:39 20th May 2008

Luke Etienne-fry (Manchester United fan) says...

There's no question that it's a very even contest. However, i disagree with Andy Gray and believe United's superior goal scoring threat, demonstrated in the league all season, gives them the edge. I think United will just nick it!

Posted 16:32 20th May 2008

Hemant Padhye (Manchester United fan) says...

It will be a very difficult to pick the winner in this match as there is such a massive prize on the line,so both the teams will hate to loose which means we could be in for a repeat of BORING FA Cup Final these 2 teams played last season.This season also the situation is similar,Man Utd go into this final as champions of England while Chelsea are still trophyless(just like last season). But I hope it's not going to be a repeat of a match like that,because I am sure that Sir Alex has learnt from that match and I hope he comes up with positive formation(i.e. 4-4-2) rather than a 4-5-1 formation which Man Utd played last 2 times when they lost to Chelsea(FA Cup final and BPL match 3 weeks ago). So come on Sir Alex be positive in your approach and win the Champions League and Premier League double!!

Posted 16:18 20th May 2008

Lucca Toni (Arsenal fan) says...

Manchester will win. Chelsea are blown, they drew at home to bolton. No chance!

Posted 15:56 20th May 2008

Jason Tippen (Chelsea fan) says...

I think that as finals go, there will not be anything quite as exciting as this final between the best two teams in the country at the moment. Chelsea's main strength will be the midfield and defensive organisation, which we know already. I think the game will only be decided by 1 goal and if its chelsea, will come from an unlikely source like kalou or mikel. Ronaldo and rooney will obviously bring some attacking flair along with best british winger ever-Ryan Giggs who has shown every young player what it means to be 100% dedicated and loyal to club and the sport. a brilliant ambassador for football. I expect a tight and tense game with plenty of chances for both sides and I think with both teams desperate to prove their worth in footballing legend history the game will be classic. whatever the result, congratulations to manchester united and chelsea for providing football fans with a great domestic season and with the icing on the cake of an all english final.

Posted 15:38 20th May 2008

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