Men of the Manor

Men of the Manor

Ewen Murray brings you his essential guide to the 24 men competing in this weekend's Ryder Cup.

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Lee Tilbs says...

Why is Luke Donald playing on own????????? Where is his partner Paul Casey?????? Massive error!! Please please please prove me wrong Paddy! Well done Celtic Manor the course looks magnificent!!!

Posted 10:20 2nd October 2010

Fraser Matheson says...

I was watching the Ryder Cup Preview Show, and would echo Mark Rowe''s comments regards Rory McIlroy'', he is an absolute credit to golf, my son approached him at the Dunhill Links on the Sunday at Kingsbarnes for an autogrpah during his round and he was so polite and friendly, Not only an immense talen, Tiger and many others should take notice of this and Rory''s personality.

Posted 20:02 29th September 2010

Dave B says...

Fife - as much as I like your confidence and I would love you to be right but I''m not so sure. I think it is going to be tight & could go either way. Both teams have Ryder Cup inexperience running through them & pressure does unusual things to sportsmen. As for Harrington, he''s in the team, lets support him; his Cup record isnt great (but neither is Tiger''s) but he will play his best for the team. Looking forward to a weekend of excellent & tense golf.

Posted 10:33 29th September 2010

Fife Wood says...

Ive never been so confident in my life. The proverbial ''mortgage'' bet jumps out at ya. This will be one of the most one-sided Ryder Cups in recent times. Bringing an ''unrecognisable'' Tiger in screams of desperation on the Yanks part and i''m looking at a 5-6 point winning margin. If ya can afford a decent punt, believe me, its like buying money!! The Yankee boys will go home with their tails well and truly between their legs. GET ON!!!!!!!!

Posted 08:01 29th September 2010

Mark Dobbins says...

Harrington deserves his pick he is a proven major winner, it seems that you add to the controversy Ewan by ending every column you write, as with Poulter 2 years ago, by implying they dont deserve their places. The team is Monty''s choice not Ewan Murray''s 12 best mate golfers. I think Europe have a great balanced team well capable of thrashing the Yanks in the land of daffodils.

Posted 23:15 28th September 2010

John Hill says...

The Harrington/Casey/Rose debate will all be forgotten about come next Monday morning. The discussion will be about what the players did to win the cup or lose the cup. Time to get behind the team as it stands. I can''t wait. Go Europe!

Posted 03:13 28th September 2010

John Kinsella says...

I have to say that IMO Padraig Harrington is very fortunate to have gotten a wildcard pick. Its 2 years since he won his 2nd and 3rd major. Since then his form has been very patchy and far inferior to Paul Casey or Justin Rose.

Posted 23:01 27th September 2010

Noel O''keeffe says...

Its just nonsense to suggest that harrington was lucky to get a wildcard. 3 majors and 14 years of tour experience. 5 ryder cups. I think monty, clarke, mcginley and bjorn know more about winning ryder cups than lee and ross mcfarland. They never even played in the competition or got close to ryder cup selection. so who cares what they think. It would be great if rose and casey were on the team but thats life. Im sure many americans think Nick Watney should be on their team. After his 64 yesterday at the vivendi harry looks to be showing form at the right time.

Posted 19:51 27th September 2010

Mac M says...

I say well done Monty. You made the right pick in Harrington. I am an American living in Europe and the fact Sky Sports pundits have taken it upon themselves to witch hunt Monty''s decision because their men haven''t been picked is a joke. Before the team was announced I would have agreed had Paddy been left out because he hasn''t performed this year but given the amount of emotive and unbalanced arguments I have listened to and read since I agree with the decision to pick Paddy over Casey/Rose. Sky Sports should focus more time on the positive attributes of the team rather than focusing on the flaws of a captain''s pick. Now for my final and emotive comment - I pray that Paddy picks up 3/4 points and make these so called pundits eat their words but since I''m American - overall US victory.

Posted 11:41 27th September 2010

Kevin Brennan says...

Well said James H, I too have noticed an undercurrent of cynicism regarding Harrington''s pick. You can pick holes in all 12 players attributes and games, and likewise you can praise each and every one to the max, however, Monty has made his decision and everyone should accept it and move on. Harry shot a 64 yesterday in Paris, and watching his iron play was like watching Woods when he was playing at his very best. I have full trust in Harrington to step up to the plate and it wouldn''t surprise me if he was Europe''s star player, ala Poulter 2 years ago.........Europe to win 16.5 to 11.5, Harrington to score 3.5 from 4 !!!

Posted 09:11 27th September 2010

Adriaan Louw says...

Cool Column Ewen. Who do you think are the possible players (on both teams) to feature in 5 (all) matches over the weekend...?

Posted 07:49 27th September 2010

James H says...

Ewen - what is Sky Sports issue with Padraig Harrington? Rob Lee and Ross McFarlane have been both very vocal in their opposition to Padraig''s selection as a wildcard. They could well be right that Paul Casey or Justin Rose deserved a pick over Harrington but their arguments were over emotive and not balanced. Now in your sypnosis of each player you spend as much time discussing Paul Casey''s merits for a pick when "supposedly" describing Harrington''s attributes etc...... Paul Casey is not playing in the Ryder Cup 2010, rightly or wrongly, so please can the Sky Sports commentary team focus on the players that are and not the players who are not. Europe has a Ryder Cup to win and let''s focus on the match in hand.

Posted 00:25 27th September 2010

Jeremy Morgan says...

Tiger Woods will undoubtedly deliver the crushing blow to the European Team and will go down in history for doing so. As for Harrington, he has the best short game the sport has seen, bar none. the performance he put in at Killarney this year was nothing short of mystical. He is crazy good at scrambling and will add a competitive edge to the European side.

Posted 18:19 26th September 2010

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