State of play

State of play

Ewen Murray gives his views on the state of the game and what he would like to see happen in 2011.

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James English says...

Hi Ewen, thanks for your comments, hopefully the game can keep improving in 2011. Happy New Year.

Posted 08:56 4th January 2011

John Preece says...

I agree with Gary Milliner's comment re technology. I am 77 and still walking 18 holes and the larger head has made my game more enjoyable. I would remind all commentators what Nick Faldo said in an interview some years ago. There would be no professionals without the amatures

Posted 16:34 3rd January 2011

Les Calderwood says...

On a lighter note and on a passing glimpse of a few recent high earning footballers taking penalties, they could do with a caddy lining them up! On second thoughts I'll take them.. Peter Odemwingie and Wayne Rooney couldn't hit a barn door from 2 feet!!! . I agree with this lining up carry-on And yes the game at pro level takes far too long. More often that not over-running it's TV slot which makes for poor viewing. A few minor tweaks required ,but overall a wonderful game and still has the etiquette that a lot of other sports have lost! Happy New Year from South Africa!

Posted 09:56 2nd January 2011

Michael Forth says...

another great blog ! A great year for European golf and being biased - for northern ireland golf- t think its safe to say we have punched above our wieight! Delighted thatbgma has received the mbe - what a year! With Rory winning at quail hollow and close finishes in majors and Darren clarke getting engaged - just all good news coming from the province . Fingers crossed it's a major year for our golfers in 2011. Just wanted to say thanks to sky for their unrivalled golf coverage - the commentary is just terrific - ryder cup was outstanding - dream team in Ewan and butch harmon! I could listen to you guys all day ! Happy new year and a prosperous 2011 Best wishes

Posted 01:16 31st December 2010

Gary Milliner says...

I totally disagree with ewan that the improvements in technology should be stopped. As a teaching pro myself every golfer wants to hit the ball further and 99% of all golfers are not pros.When the fun aspect is taken away from our sport we're in trouble. Most people play golf not because they like putting but because they love bashing the ball as far as they can.

Posted 19:27 30th December 2010

Gerry Kelly says...

When will the powers that be in golf, wake up and ban the caddy from lining up the players. It looks absolutely ridiculous. It drives me nuts. I can't watch any player that does this. How did this practice even begin to creep into the game? It would be like Alex Ferguson running onto the pitch to line up the wall before the opposition takes a free kick from outside the 18 yard box. It just wouldn't happen. Oh, and another thing, Ladies when you finish your round of golf, just shake hands, that huggy kissy thing you do, it's so false, stop it, just don't do it. Apart from these two 'huge' issues, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming season!!

Posted 14:01 30th December 2010

Brian O'sullivan says...

HiEwen, Is'nt it shocking (maybe not) how narrow minded the American comentators opnions on the US tour are. They have questioned McIlroys (and others) decision not to take up full time membership of their tour. Do they not realise that there is a world outside of the US where golf is thriving. The European tour, while some of the early part of the season can be lacking in star quality while the big names are away, does now boast the world number 1 along with 5 or 6 others from the World top 10. Maybe the US players need to get out more! Keep up the good work. Brian

Posted 13:50 30th December 2010

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