Tiger's all-time low

Tiger's all-time low

Ewen Murray explains how Tiger Woods' behaviour all weekend in Dubai left a bitter taste in the mouth...

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Derek Roberts says...

I, like others here, want to loudly applaud your comments on Woods behaviour. Whilst his golf over the years has been truly mesmerising he has far to go to be recognised as a true ambassador for the game. It amazes me that some of his corporate sponsors still see such value in him to promote their own products. His abject failure to demonstrate a greater respect for the game and improve his on course demeanour, following his statement last year, I see as a far worse afront to the game than his other antics. away from golf.

Posted 16:22 15th February 2011

Ian Watson says...

Well said Ewen, I totally agree with your opinions on Tiger. He has changed from being a genuine sporting icon who commanded respect worldwide, to a bit of an embarrassment to the game. I hope Tiger takes time to read your views before the Masters, and modifies his behaviour. What would the Committee at Augusta think should any unwelcome fluid land on one of their hallowed putting surfaces. It doesn't bear thinking about.

Posted 15:52 15th February 2011

Albert Cook says...

albert cook ewen after reading some of your emails on tiger . I have come to the concluson that these golfersdo not know the edicate of the game. Surley no one can justdefy what he has done or any player in other sport spiting.Did you ever see Jack Nicklaus or Bobby Moore spiting NO

Posted 15:52 15th February 2011

Howard Mitchell says...

A big 'well done' to Ewan Murray for his criticism of Tiger Woods' spitting and failure to sign a few autographs. Woods has done a massive amount for the professional game but, should he go on to exceed Niklaus' majors haul, he will never be held in the same public affection as Niklaus, Palmer, Player et al.

Posted 15:29 15th February 2011

Ken Mills says...

I think its about time you mentioned the bad manners displayed by Tiger Woods. For too many years you have said nothing I Began to think you were his agent ,Golf can well do without Woods and the sooner this happens the better.

Posted 15:26 15th February 2011

Iain Swan says...

If Tiger really feels the need to spit he can do this on his way from the green to the tee. Tiger gets every move scrutinised: people will always remember when he didn't sign an autograph or slam a club. When you demand $1,2 or 3 million just to turn up, you cannot shy away from these criticisms and need to step up to the mark.

Posted 14:49 15th February 2011

Vi Leslie says...

Always thought Tiger to be arrogant. This shows he thinks he is GOD. Horrendous behaviour!

Posted 14:27 15th February 2011

Jeremy Hall says...

I was watching the TV and like most probably didn't even register when Woods spat.. but when Ewen made his comment.... (backed up right away by Doogie Donnelly don't forget) ...I immediately thought .. you are absolutely right and good for you for finally saying something on air... I honestly believe if it had not been mentioned ... everyone else like me would probably have looked right through it ... no way would any US announcer have made that call ... the opportunity was there as the world was watching ... and you were the guy we were listening to .. and now as a result of your truthfulness the subject is on the table and it will surely be looked at going forward... Congratulations Ewen you are really good for the game and thank you.

Posted 14:03 15th February 2011

Clive Burrell says...

What Tiger did was well out of order but he's not the only one who spits and swears, infact I remember a tournament last year when Lee Westwood sworn after a bad shot and Ewen you apologies for it and nothing else was said, again I repeat Tiger was out of order but it just seems like its just any old excuse to have a go at him, and Sergio is no saint on the course either, you should be having a go at all bad behaviour on a golf course not just when its Tiger,,,

Posted 13:43 15th February 2011

Simon Rourke says...

@ John Murphy, Deering Roberts, Sam Lewis and Michael Cleary. Chaps - let me know when and where you're next playing and I'll join the group in front and make sure I leave a few nice few phelgm spots on the green for you guys to putt through seeing as you don't have an issue with it. Some of the people defending Tiger on here need to wake up and smell the coffee, what he did was disgusting and done with the full knowledge it would have been filmed, the guy is just a spoilt brat who needs to grow up - thank god the sport has guys like Phil Mickelson around who can 'balance the books' in terms of behaviour. Before anyone has a go at me I totally recognise what Tiger has done for the game of golf, no doubt ALOT of people have become very wealthy because of Tiger and there are thousands of people playing golf because of him, BUT there is a line and he hasn't just crossed, he's camped a few miles past it. Ps, great job Alvaro on winning the tournament, Ryder Cup for you next year son!

Posted 13:34 15th February 2011

Adam Demaine says...

Whilst the spitting isn't nice and certainly shouldn't be done on the green, I see plenty of other golfers do it without comment. Tiger gets so much more coverage than everyone else, that he inevitably gets the brunt of the criticism. In terms of signing autographs, he's in a no win situation - when do you stop? How many kids are deemed acceptable to disappoint by not signing their cap? He also has more demand for his time than any other golfer, not to mention any possible "terms" that might be written into his Upper Deck contract. When I pay my fee to follow him at the Open, being in his presence and watching him play is what I'm there for. It's an electrifying and an amazing experience and thats what he gives. Ewan loves to praise Woods for his determination, pure will to win, his heart, his resolve and his "street-fighting" qualities......such attributes are those of someone living right on the edge when competing, 100% focus before and during the round. This might bring swearing and the odd club throw etc. but it also brings moments like the 08 US Open, 2000 USPGA, Masters chip in, 18th green putts at Bay Hill and many others. He might not wave when walking down the fairway but these moments are more exciting and memorable than a million Mickleson crowd gestures. They also bring more majors as well.....is Tiger that much more talented than Mickleson? Probably not, yet its 14 - 4 to Woods and he¿s got 5 years on him. Spitting aside, the rest of his behaviour is just part of the beast, like it or lump it.

Posted 13:33 15th February 2011

Jamie Wardle says...

I would like to draw your attention to the comment made by sam lewis and robin allen. although spitting it is against the rules of the ET i would like to point out that TIGER was not the only player to spit on the course during the OMEGA DUBAI DESERT CLASSIC. If sky would like to troll through their footage you will see another player who spitts whilst clearly on camera. The details of the player escape my memory however i am very sure that this player has not been made a scape goat and is just as responsilbe as WOODS for maintaining the rules and image of the ET. Where is the even field guys you are so quick to jump on the backs of legends simply because it gives you more publicity and a greater talking point because it is TIGER. Ewen, Mark ROE lets see comments made regarding this other player. Regards.

Posted 13:17 15th February 2011

Ross Hardie says...

Tiger's true persona is not a new issue, he has always been despicable, even as a teenage amateur. At the 1995 Scottish Open at Carnoustie Tiger, then a 19 year old amateur, had finished his round and recorded his score. Recognising him as the "next big thing" in golf me and brother (17 and 15 at the time) politely asked for his autograph. We were the only 2 people anywhere near Tiger at that moment. Tiger did not even look at us far less acknowledge us in any way, not even a "no" as he literally barged us out of the way, followed by his caddie. He then boarded a buggy and reversed right at us, requiring us to dive out of the way. From that day on I have had no respect for Tiger. Indeed I have nothing but contempt for the man. He is a despicable human being partnered up with an equally despicable caddie in Steve Williams. Tiger's fall from grace is particularly pleasant in this part of Sunny Dunbar.

Posted 13:03 15th February 2011

Peter Morrison says...

Dear Ewan. I agree entirely with your comments about Tiger Woods but I am afraid the fine does not fit the crime. If we are to eliminate this kind of behaviour it will not be done by hitting them in the pocketbut it might raise some consideration if they were penalised points on their card at the appropriate time of the offence.

Posted 12:20 15th February 2011

Jonathan Lynch says...

To those who say that Tiger has done so much for the game, that is true. But only from the point of view of corporations, TV broadcasters and fellow professionals through the bottom line....Money. Like many here I took up the game based on my father's love and passion for it. The likes of Seve, Jack, Faldo, Watson and Norman became role models for me when I was young. We will all continue our love for the game and it's traditions in a Tiger-less professional game. I certainly do not need Woods to enjoy hitting a ball flush and appreciating the comraderie that Golf brings.

Posted 12:16 15th February 2011

Sean Omalley says...

I have never written on a blog before, but having watched the incident only this morning felt compelled to do so. I have been an avid fan of Tiger for many years, always feeling he was one of the few sports persons you could look upto. What happend in his personal life was tragic, all to often did the media want to focus on this rather than leave him alone and rebuild his life. That is the past however. We have heard much of Tiger wishing to rebuild old fashion values,i have yet to see much evidence of this. His recent displays are a disgrace, fining is not the answer, this would be pocket change compared to what Tiger is worth. Only when supporters stop watching him and sponsors withdraw supporting him may we see a change. A CRYING SHAME, someone who could have become a true legend

Posted 12:15 15th February 2011

Jack Hooper says...

Tiger woods spitting on the green is what i feel total disrespect, you have workers who prepare the greens and keep them in a high quality of standar and they have to sit and witnees a highly ranked and populated golf player spit on the green, although fustration is a big deal spitting unfortunately is not the solution.

Posted 12:12 15th February 2011

Johnny Lawrence says...

Ewan,Years ago Tiger Woods was deemed to be bigger than the Game of Golf. Nobody would dare to criticise him. Yet again his management team have advised him badly.Fancy sending an apology on TWITTER. People should speak out and criticise him and not be afraid of retrebution. I now thought after his divorce we would see a changed man,but alas it seems we see the same old arrogant Tiger. Ewan,one thing,when you go to the hallowed turf of Augusta National,only sing it's praises.The powers that be are very tempramental,as your pal Gary McCord found out by saying the greens look like they had been BIKINI WAXED!!!

Posted 11:41 15th February 2011

Paul J says...

I think finally everyone has seen what Tiger truly is, a guy with incredible talent but no respect or manners. Spitting anywhere let alone on a golf course is disgusting, why do it? And on the green of all places. All of you who have commented on people being tiger haters well you are deluded, they guy is showing his true colours. he cant even stop to sign autographs for kids, his interviews and press conferences are a joke. yes he's done a lot for golf but golfs done a lot for him, now I dont even think golf needs him anymore. Not if he behaves like a petulant kid.

Posted 11:22 15th February 2011

David White says...

At our local club we are in the process of passing an addition to local rules by which a one shot penalty is incurred for club throwing and other serious breaches of sporting behavior. I emailed the R & A to suggest that a similar rule be at least considered by them and they basically ignored my request stating that rules 33-7 could cover this by disqualification. I think that if anything and addition of strokes would be more relevant at tour level since there is absolutely no point in fining these guys, and realistically they are not going to be disqualified. This surely is the best deterrent. In addition until something is done young players at club level all around the world will and do copy behaviour of the top players good and bad. I would like to think the R & A would revisit in light of Mr Woods recent behaviour.

Posted 11:18 15th February 2011

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