Tiger's all-time low

Tiger's all-time low

Ewen Murray explains how Tiger Woods' behaviour all weekend in Dubai left a bitter taste in the mouth...

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Dave O connor says...

There is nothing new in Tiger's disgraceful behaviour. Spitting, club throwing, banging his clubs into the ground, profanities, the list is endless. He has been allowed get away with this behaviour by the various tours who turned a blind eye when the cash tills started ringing with the advent of the Tiger era. No one is bigger than our great game, not even Tiger. HIs petulant and disrespectful behaviour is totally unacceptable. Whilst he was rightly reprimanded in Dubai a petty fine at this stage is unlikely to alter his behaviour. Maybe the tour should consider more punitive measures - revoke his playing rights for example. Maybe that would afford Tiger time to contemplate his place in the game and help him rediscover his respect............I wonder

Posted 11:01 15th February 2011

Andrew Kenneally says...

And all those, thos descending few mind, who seem to imagine criticism of Woods' obnoxious behaviour can be dismissed as simply coming from "Tiger haters" - a shame your standards of behaviour are so low. ANd when Garcia spat in the hole - that's shocking behaviour too, even more so obviously, but people are willing to forgive and forgt. However every tournament I look at with Woods he's spitting. Go back to soccer & the like if youthink tis is fine to witness on a golf course; you're clearly in the wrong sport & don't understand it one iota.

Posted 10:48 15th February 2011

Andrew Kenneally says...

Very well done, Ewen, for having the courage to say what anyone who genuinely knows anything about the game would and should have thought when he gobbed on that final green. For those in ignorance of accepted and expected behaviour, for , say, Jack Nicklaus to behave like this is utterly unimaginable, comparable to Steve Davis spitting on a snooker table after missing a pot. In contrast to Ewen's speaking out, if in the US I imagine the commentators would have chosen meek, servile silence; that admonitory speech at the US Masters by the organiser by contrast what should be the attitude to someone so consistently flouting the spirit of the game.

Posted 10:15 15th February 2011

Gavin Elliot says...

Ewen, don't apologise for your comments. It is time someone spoke out about Wood's crass behaviour. Not that this is new of course, he has been spiting his way round the worlds fairways for years. I have the feeling though that the fine has only been imposed because A) Woods is damaged goods and B)public outcry. Would the Tour officials had the backbone to fine him say 2/3 years ago, before his fall from grace?

Posted 09:07 15th February 2011

Simon Mckenna says...

All of the comments about Ewen's article have focussed on the spitting issue which I would also not condone. However I was particularly annoyed to read Ewen's observations of Tiger ignoring the parents and children waiting by the practice ground to try to get an autograph. Tiger has brought a lot to the game of golf in terms of raising profile, enjoyment, amazement at his skills etc but he has made a damn fine living from it; a living generated from people paying good money to attend golf tournaments, buying merchandise, taking our television subscriptions etc. It is not too much to expect him to give a little back and certainly at a time when he needs to reconnect with the golfing public; great golfer he may be but he does need to take a long hard look at this actions!

Posted 09:00 15th February 2011

jeffery Klepke says...

C'mon guys! Yes not signing autographs was very disappointing But like you said Ewan he was surrounded by his manager and security. Did you ever stop to think his handler might have been at fault for rushing him toi his vehicle? Do you know anything about schedules or are you more into kicking someone when he is on the way up? Have you never in your life done anything worse than spitting? Obviously that is not as low as it gets. He was pretty down when he lost full custody of his children, paid 100 million for divorce, and now has to travel hours and hours to seee them. The press has seemed to fall into the level as Tiger because your comments were pretty much as low as it gets in SPORTS REPORTING! REPORT THE GOLF AND LEAVE HIM ALONE! Or better yet try to use a little more understanding!

Posted 08:28 15th February 2011

Martin Rowley says...

Congratulations Ewan on a quality blogg.His management are falling short of their duties.

Posted 07:58 15th February 2011

Sam Lewis says...

Did anyone moan or have a go when Sergio spat in the hole, No one did. Give Tiger a break he's been through so much that I think that you Tiger haters need to remember what he has done for our sport.

Posted 07:55 15th February 2011

James Martin says...

I've followed Tiger for years and his allergies are legendary. For an athlete that spends all his days on grass he has one of the worst allergies....Tiger has been spitting on golf courses since he was 16. Remember the big goggles he wore last year and the constant blowing of his nose when the pollen in Georgia hit record highs. Ewen, Tiger has ensured you have a place to write an article

Posted 02:57 15th February 2011

Ian Smythe says...

Ewen has convinced me that golf can be considered a game but not a sport. Clearly there is little of interest to discuss.

Posted 02:35 15th February 2011

Cameron Murray says...

ewan Tom Watson called tiger out not for his personal life but rather for his lack of respect for the game. Again he let's that side down. To support the let down factors of tiger ignoring fans,i watched him do the same thing att the 2004 open at Troon. Playing a practice round with weiskopft and o,meara at 630 am his agent said he would sign autographs at the end of the round. Four hours later, little kis adorned with swooshes were blown off as tiger walked past. how hard would it be to give out pre signed cards or something. I saw looks on kids faces that were nothing less than hearing santa doesn't exist. Tragic

Posted 01:33 15th February 2011

Graham Carrie says...

Totally agree with Ewen. Tiger woods is far too big for his boots..Fantastic golfer no doubt about that however the entourage that surrounds him is nothing but a joke...The fans pay good money to see the best golfers in the world and it isn't asking too much for a little bit of his time to sign a few autographs for the kids who idolise him, buy his computer games and want to be the next "Tiger". When he comes to Carnoustie for the Open he practices at ridiculous times, no one gets near him and he gives the fans diddly squat back. A few autographs and a bit of banter wouldn't go a miss. Tiger seems to forget about the fans. He could do well to take a look at some of the greats and his current fellow pros to see how to conduct himnself on the course and give a little bit of his time to his many young admirers......It's not too much to ask considering the vast sums of money that is paid to him to take part in the various tournaments like the one he just played.

Posted 22:40 14th February 2011

Rob Hogan says...

Tiger has remained as arrogant as ever i do wish he would come back to his best and be more humble but to do that he needs to give Butch Harmon a call and see if they can work together again, but that may take humility. Foley has already ruined one of the games greatest short games in just a few months of working with woods

Posted 22:17 14th February 2011

Michael Cleary says...

Really?? Outrage? All time low?? Scandalous?? Get a grip people!!! I'm no Tiger apologist for he has exhibited his share of reprehensible behavior, but c'mon. This goes on in every sport and happens all day at tournaments and courses around the world. I know we like to think our beloved golf is held to some higher standard but I can't help but wonder if Tiger had not put himself through the events of the past couple years we would not be talking about this.

Posted 21:18 14th February 2011

Nollaig O ceallaghan says...

well ewen you and some of your followers are finally now getting your claws in to tiger stop compering him to your so called to your so called heros.live and let live theres enough of people trying to tell us how to live our lives he made a mistake he did not kill anyone chill out ewen

Posted 21:16 14th February 2011

David Walker says...

Given that Tiger Woods has once again shown that he is incapable of basic standards of behaviour (not only his spitting but also the swearing and his overall general behaviour at the Dubai Desert Classic) it is time for all golf fans to boycott any products that he endorses and start contacting the relevant bodies; R&A, European Tour and PGA Tour as it is the only way he will ever improve his behaviour. Ewen well done on highlighting his behaviour immediately although more should be said about his swearing and overall bad behaviour.

Posted 20:54 14th February 2011

Arnold Epstein says...

Ewan is absolutely right! Tiger Woods behaviour on and off the course this week in Dubai has been disgraceful. It is to me quite extraordainry that he (apparently) still thinks he is bigger than the game. He is not. He should certainly be fined but even the maximum amount will not hurt him one jot. Therfore I believe he should be warned that if any further such or similar incidents occur he will be suspended for a certain number of months. Furthermore Woods should be reminded of his obligations to the public and not to sign autographs or not to greet his fans is just ill-mannered, rude and unaceptable. I thought I would feel sad writing such words about Woods but I do not Thed fact that I do not is just a reflection of how low he has sunk in my esteem and I suspect in the esteem of many others - who USED to be fans of Tiger Woods. Sincerely Arnold Epstein

Posted 20:48 14th February 2011

Nick Copley says...

My father once said to me,"Be careful who you step on when climbing the ladder of success, you are bound to meet them again when your on the way down". Simply Tiger believes surrounded bt his inner circle that he is bigger than the game of golf, he will never in my eyes now be ranked alongside palmer and Nicklaus true gentlemen and a credit to their sport

Posted 20:31 14th February 2011

Ray Hennessy says...

Ewen should be commended for calling out Tiger's unacceptable behaviour. It's high time someone from inside golf stood up. As great a player of the game as Tiger is (was?), his attitude to fans, his coldness towards media questions and his uncontrollable temper on the course (bad language, dropping and throwing clubs, banging the ground) - none of this should be tolerated. He is not bigger than the game, nobody else. Tiger .. And anyone else who behaves badly ... should be fined a penalty shot for each infringement, not a monetary fine as this means nothing to golf's biggest benificiary. Well done Ewen, I hope more commentators follow, especially in USA.

Posted 20:30 14th February 2011

Jack Mcloughlin says...

I don't think anyone can condone spitting on a golf course, particularly by the most famous golfer of all time during a tour event...... Yet at the same time before we all start jumping on the "Tigerbashing" wagon lets remember a couple of things. In 1996 golf was a shadow of the sport it is today, almost a minority sport, then in April 1997 everything changed. Tiger Woods hit the front and back pages and transformed the sport into a fashionable, open to all sport. Not only did Tiger get rewarded handsomely for this but so too did his fellow pro's, TV money rocketed, sponsorships, everyone involved got a piece of the pie. I am not saying I agree with Tiger's actions but it's fairly obvious he is struggling on and off the course and despite all his money the one thing it cannot buy is happiness and contentment. Maybe we'd all love the chance to be in his shoe's and think we'd do a better job. Surely people should remember the positives and not be as extreme and aggresively critical of a player who has given so much to the game. I think we are blessed to have witnessed such a truely great player.

Posted 20:21 14th February 2011

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