Getting a round

Getting a round

As Ewen Murray returns to his day job, a round at Liphook reminds him why he loves the game of golf.

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Scott Beaumont says...

Ewen, I hear Tiger is reported to be getting $2m for playing this week. What are your thoughts on this kind of money being thrown about to attract players? Surely it should be other way round ! I know Tiger has had his up's and down's the past 2 years but surely he should be asking them if he can play not the hosts asking him!? funny old world. I wonder what the likes of Donald, Mcilroy get paid ? I look forward to your blogs throughout the year.

Posted 13:57 25th January 2012

Bob Smith says...

ewan I love your commentary but why have we fallen into the American old habit of only showing the first page of the leader board. I wagged the last 90minutes of the fan court and had to check my iPad after the play off to see how the other players had finished. Please follow the USA and give us the 'also ran scores" such as eg Monty Regards bob smith

Posted 20:52 23rd January 2012

John Douglass says...

Ewen, Thank you for your letter and your kind words on your webpage. We look forward to seeing you all again in the Spring, when the greens are usually outstanding!! Yours, John Douglass

Posted 13:37 18th January 2012

James Walmsley says...

Great article as per usual Ewen. Nice to see some people can still get a round in amdist this cold breeze in the North. Could you recommend a few of your favourite golf courses which are upto a high standard for a group of 12 to play in the Manchester region?

Posted 13:11 18th January 2012

Iain Taylor says...

Hey Ewan, as an aberdonian and paul lawrie being in the field for the champions do you think paul is good enough to qualify for the ryder cup this year with how good the standard is in the European Tour ? and what do you think of him as a complete player? p.s i think your the best golf commentator there has ever been your knowledge of the golf swing is second to none

Posted 16:24 17th January 2012

Harvey Woods says...

Paul Casey - Should a serious professional sportsman really be snow boarding? Snow boarding & skiing should really be off limits as the potential for breakages and general damage are simply too great. Yes they may be fun but this is one of the sacrifices that pro sportsmen have to make. I am pretty sure footballers have this restriction in their contracts. He seems to have lost his way recently and that is a great shame as he is a wonderful golfer on his day. Maybe he needs a Chubby Chandler figure on his shoulder to advise him a little more wisely.

Posted 12:11 17th January 2012

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