The big bliss

The big bliss

Nothing is bigger than the Masters, says Ewen Murray, not least a book that betrays Tiger Woods' trust.

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George Goodwin says...

Couldn't agree more ! Ewen is right on the mark with this article. It is bad enough that this fantastic icon of my sport has had his career derailed by over zealous reporting by the media - but to now be betrayed by someone who was obviously a very close confidante during his troubled times is absolutely shameful. Haney has taken full advantage of his situation to feed off Tiger - he should be ashamed of himself. I just hope the world's golfing media are as quick to condemn Haney as they were to condemn Tiger. I really hope he prevails at the Masters next week - cant wait !!!

Posted 13:32 29th March 2012

Sam Mendoza says...

Completly disagree with your comments about Hank and until you have read the book, i dont think it is fair to pass judgement. EVERYONE wants to know about Tiger and i feel a man that was sacked by Tiger for no real reason has every right to write a book. Hank regularly states that Tiger is the best Athlete he has ever seen and from what i have heard, Tiger is depicted in a very good light. The Bottom line is, most coaches (Yourself included) make money and get famous because of what their players have done. I love your blogs, but feel this is unfair to hank.

Posted 12:51 29th March 2012

Michael Gallagher says...

Very well written Ewen as always. Hank had his moment in the sun and now its time for Tiger to get back on the major trail and hunt down Jack's record.

Posted 12:21 29th March 2012

John Hogg says...

Ewen if you can go to your grave and say you haven't read the Big Miss, I will be mightily surprised. As for you saying the book comes out on the eve of the masters, this is plain wrong. I've already bought it and read it on Kindle. The book is insightful and well written/edited. I think it rehumanises Tiger. He has become a person again and someone we can all relate to. He certainly wasn't that when he was #1 and moved further away during his scandal. Tiger should thank Hank for showing him in a good light. P.S. I agree with you on one thing about Haney. He is an amazing self promoter who comes over as a bit of a know it all. He thinks Tiger would have been even better if he had listened to him more. A little bit arrogant but Sean Foley is surely worse.

Posted 11:42 29th March 2012

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