So spar, so good!

So spar, so good!

Jim Watt puts Amir Khan's 'brilliant' display against Andreas Kotelnik down to quality sparring...

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Murdoch Mackenzie says...

I allways like to hear what Jim Watt has to say, he is a brilliant commentator and Boxing analyst. I love his reviews. Anyway, Khan is moving onwards and upwards. Fantastic performance, i believe if he wanted to knock him out he could have but that wasnt his game plan. His performance was to nothch and he would have learnt a lot from that fight. Roach is the best trainer in the world and having him there is great far amir. You cant expect him to be the finished article if you think he is your crazy. Poeple who say he cant beat the other top names are right, if he was tto fight them tommorrow but i reckon he would beat prescott, witter 50/50 if he would beat hatton. I reckon make a defenct against someone in the top 10 then take on the No. 1 contendor. Mnay more great night os boxing to watch when amir is on and winning and becomeing a british boxing legend. He is on his way of that you cant deny.

Posted 14:41 22nd July 2009

Paul Cook says...

The performance against Kotelnik proved that Amir is maturing as a fighter. However, I still think he is far from the finished article but with Roach in his corner, who is undoubtedly one the best trainers the buisness has ever seen, he is going to go from strength to strength. But just like everyone I also think it's time for Hatton to hang up his glove's - he is a national hero and the last thing anyone wants to see again is him being laid out on the canvas. When I saw him the last time, lying there in Vegas with his eyes rolled back in his head, it broke my heart - as I'm sure it did for many fight fans.

Posted 13:28 22nd July 2009

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