Jim Watt previews Prizefighter and says Audley Harrison has a good chance

Jim Watt previews Prizefighter and says Audley Harrison has a good chance

Many people would have expected Audley Harrison to hang up his gloves after his humbling first-round knockout defeat to David Price in October.

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Dee Leslie says...

I am tired of bashing Audley and his inability to live up to his potential. At the end of the day I have to admire his determination and his never give up attitude. Good luck " A Farce"

Posted 19:36 23rd February 2013

Dane Edgar says...

audley needs to face up to the fact he was never good enough to mix it with the big boys! im 53 never boxed in my life but i'd give him a good fight win or lose..he may be a nice guy but im afraid he doesnt know when to quit, he will never go anywhere now.

Posted 16:20 23rd February 2013

Danny B says...

I wouldnt give Harrison any chance of winning. Despite his "experience" over the others you just never know what is going to happen with him. He has a tendancy to capitulate early on if he is caught once or twice, and for a boxer, thats definitely a bad sign.

Posted 06:25 23rd February 2013

Paul Bevan says...

I can't see Audley beating Chad Walker, as much as I want him to. Audley seems scared of big punchers whenever he faces them, over the 3 round format I cant see his surviving against Walker will be on top of him from the first bell. I hope im wrong.

Posted 17:10 22nd February 2013

Robert mcgrane Mcg says...

After watching audley on ringside im happy for him,nice guy,but i cant see past rogan in the semi final,but its prizefighter and you never know,this is not elite boxing but entertaining all the same,good luck to him,it would be a nice send off if he won, although it would probably go straight to his head and he would end calling out wlad k ,lol,come on audley. ps we all know audley is terrible,lets not state the obvious

Posted 15:22 22nd February 2013

Danny Davis says...

The problem is, if Audley does win this, he will then be all over the media saying how he has still got it and that this win puts him back in World title contention. Please Audley, if you win this one, call it a day afterwards, consider it one of the few highs in your poor post amateur career and go and retire in the states.

Posted 14:21 22nd February 2013

Tom Williams says...

Also forget about the Gold medal in Sydney 2000, this is almost 13 years ago! Has nothing to do with what he can do now. Brilliant what he done back then but he's not the same now. Time to retire or he will be seriously hurt.

Posted 13:17 22nd February 2013

Tom Williams says...

He does talk a good fight and he looks lean and in excellent condition but he's so scared of being hit I just dont know how he's a professional boxer. If he meets Rogan he gone as Rogan will roughen him up and just go to war on him though. Think Rogan will reach final, whether he has enough energy to go all the way I dont know. Great Tournament!

Posted 13:15 22nd February 2013

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