A strong deterrent

A strong deterrent

Nasser Hussian says the 'spot-fixing' verdicts send out a very firm message to potential cricket cheats.

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Ben Ward says...

Why cant we restrict what bookmakers can allow people to.bet on in the UK? This is one of the easiest forms if spotfixing aa it only requires one player out of 11 to be corrupted to happen. Its more likely a cricket player to be persuaded by big amounts of.money than most sports as they earn alot less. i cant see it ever stopping until restrictions are made on what can be bet on...ie.no balls wides otherwise how will it ever stop?

Posted 13:55 3rd November 2011

Mathew Leonard says...

I think best decision would be if they go to jail. They should be punished for what they did. The upcoming youngsters will not even think of doing that.

Posted 10:13 3rd November 2011

Mike Singer says...

Throw the book at them.However Pakistan have been involved for years and nothing was done about it..To South Africas shame,Hanse Cronje fell victim,but there were others involved and some cricket boards turn a blind eye when it comes to there own players.I question results even from the last World Cup. Right now South Africa has a crooked board,which is trying to whitewash itself.Unfortunately the IPL,with all its money,is too much of a temptation for some players and who knows what is going on with bribes there. Cricket needs a thorough investigation and this cancer of corruption must be removed.

Posted 03:57 3rd November 2011

Suresh Raina says...

Definitly needed to be punished, fair enough. But Hishan said something?? Suresh Raina was pointed out by some one. Oh hang on, it has to be from Pakistan.

Posted 22:24 2nd November 2011

Ahsan Zafar says...

I think this issue needs to be responded to in the fiercest possible way.Not only do hard working individuals pay to see these cricketers play but they also get conned and hoodwinked in the process.It is disgusting how greedy, callous , and selfish the individuals are. Ad to this the shame they bring to the name of their country!

Posted 17:52 1st November 2011

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