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Marching on together

Marching on together

Kammy says Leeds' amazing start to the season can continue - and the sky's the limit for Jermaine Beckford.

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Charles Mitchell (Sheffield Wednesday fan) says...

I have to congratulate Leeds on their fine start to the season and hope that it continues, However I must moan about some of the Leeds Fans who were shouting for Bates Wise and Poyet heads (the chelsea crew) not so long ago how fickle some people can be.

Posted 12:28 29th October 2007

Scott Jones (Leeds United fan) says...

Leyton Orient... well yes you would be in the same position only worse if you had a 15 point deduction! Leeds are a quality side that are going to go all the way back to the top where they belong! Dennis Wise is the man for the job.. C'mon Leeds!!

Posted 20:00 2nd October 2007

Leeds Fan (Leeds United fan) says...

You wont be there for long, even with a 15 point start. Mark my words.

Posted 19:32 2nd October 2007

Peter Fullman (Leyton Orient fan) says...

Leeds , Leeds, Leeds, thats all i keep on hearing about this year. Just remind me who are top of the league. Yes little Leyton Orient, whatever Dennis Wise has achieved, Martin Ling has done the same on crowds a fifth the size of Leeds. And without having resorted to cheating. How about some deserved recognition for the League One leaders.....

Posted 15:30 1st October 2007

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