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The incredible sulk

The incredible sulk

Carlos Tevez, Liam Lawrence and, despite his strop, Cristiano Ronaldo earn Kammy's praise.

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Ger Cooney (Manchester United fan) says...

in regard to ronaldo and his tantrum, we all agree he is a wonderfully gifted footballer who will probably become one of the greatest ever in the game. but skill alone does not make you a great footballer, desire and passion are great qualities and he posesses those qualities, no doubt about that. if he would only add some humility to it and set a better example then these debates would cease to keep coming up. players in the past with less ability have become greats because of their overall desire and passion and leadership qualities, while ronaldo is a fantasic talent he is not a leader. perhaps as he gets older he will learn some humility and i hope he will, i am a staunch united supporter but sometimes he frustrates even me, i think that football players could do worse than take a leaf out of rugby's book as an example of how to behave. players sulking will always hit the headlines unfortunately but that's the nature of the media. ronaldo is a class footballer but he dosen't do himself any favours when he behaves like that, thankfully he has fergie as a manager because he is well equipped to deal with it.

Posted 22:28 11th May 2009

Garth Mcmurray (Manchester United fan) says...

"your words will look remarkably silly should Messi and Barcelona go on to win this year's Champions League, and Messi and Argentina go on to win World Cup 2010" As will yours if Ronaldo does the same? Or maybe we should not judge a player on winning just one match. Both players are true class and already won a lot for their age. Maybe we should just enjoy their ability rather than find reasons to fault.

Posted 21:26 11th May 2009

Mark B (Arsenal fan) says...

Arsenal have had nothing but bad luck the last couple of seasons.. Arsenal have had every player on the Team injured and some of Them have been out for months, the media is in despair when Christina Ronaldo misses one training session due to "injury" it's sickening to see the media hail that girl just because he scores a goal in a game that he has done nothing noticeable besides the goal ...

Posted 20:13 11th May 2009

Jonathan Wong (Manchester United fan) says...

@Tarun Y What has Ronaldo done for Portugal? Well, he pretty much single handedly took them to final of Euro 2004 with his performances and goals in not only the tournament but the qualifying stages. He also had a very good World Cup in 06 both in the qualifying stages and the tournament itself. And he is still only 23..

Posted 19:14 11th May 2009

Emeka Nwachi (Manchester United fan) says...

First of all Tarun or whoevea you are Ronaldo is officiallyu the best player in the world, so stop hating on him cos der aint any chelsea players who are as good as him - FACT, secondly i am pleased with the comments which kammy has made cos i have been thinking that everybody is hating on ronaldo cos of what he did. Many people need to realise that Ronaldo is an extremely fiit player who is used to playing twice or three times a week, so taking him off especially after only 15 minutes of the second half gone is something he is not used to. So most football supporters must thoroughly evaluate the situation before they want to calling him a child or whateva especially as they are not in his shoes.

Posted 18:17 11th May 2009

Josh Smith (Liverpool fan) says...

Oh come on, he's a little brat and he always has been. I'm 24 and I have more maturity than that guy, and he's a professional at what he does. His problem is, that he rates himself far too highly. People love modesty not big headed fools who think they are gods gift to football like Ronaldo. Yes the guy is good, but he should grow up and soon. I get the feeling that when he's 30 he'll still be doing the same thing.

Posted 18:16 11th May 2009

Raphael Ogheze (Chelsea fan) says...

Honestly, Cristiano Ronaldo is a player that deserve some kudos. He's good but not in the class of Pele and Maradona but as we all know he's just 24years and he got so many years ahead but if he could do all he's doing at this stage, I sometimes wonder what he could do when he arrives 26/27years? His actions shows how young he is because he should also know that Sir Alex is aware of the golden boot challange, just like Hiddink is doing with Anelka of late. I am afraid Arsen will be sacked soon because with the way he's going I have come to realised that he's out to destroy Arsenal and if he continues like that then there will be no choice but to sack him. Right from the begining of the league no one gave him a chance because of the team he has paraded and if not for Villa's problem I am sure Arsenal would not have been at the Champions next season. Arsen is a very difficult man and I bet you he's still not willing to buy any world class player yet but's willing to still sell Fab and the few lads he got available. He's come to believe in this theory of young lads because he was in Semis but he should understand Arsenal is losing fans everyday because of his action and been in Uefa and FA Semis means nothing, as you can see there are a couple ingredients missing in the Arsenal team and they need minimum of 4great players with minimum cost of 20million pounds each. I was a gunner but I had no choice but to join the winning team in London because the essence of the game is to win trophies. Now I stand with my head up high because my team has not failed me and I tell you today that they are the best in the world today regardless of poor offiacting over mid week but the truth will prevail in the next Champions League.

Posted 17:56 11th May 2009

Andreas Chrysanthou (Arsenal fan) says...

I was at the Arsenal match on Sunday, it was an absolute disgrace against Chelsea, the difference in power and height was there to see. Arsenal have gone from a tall strong team from the unbeatebles to a bunch of Children, fair enough you have to give them credit for what they have acheived as a young side considering these boys as Patrice Evra labelled them are playing against men week in week out. We should be proud of the youngsters but it is silver ware that we want, when i look back at the teams we had and the players we lost it is terrible. Patrick Viera,Flamani,Pires,Hleb and most of all Thiery Henry. These five players should never have been allowed to leave the club, they could have all been playing here right now even Viera in the heart of the midfield. Wenger has got alot right but now he is getting alot wrong, i am not judging him but he is not thinking like he was before, he puts to much faith in the youth which is fair enough but they need to be good youngsters. I look in the team and there are no leaders, Fabregas Captain, at least Gallas use to shout, they all give Gallas stick but look at our diffence without him, personally i think the players that do not have the heart in the team should just go, it is clear to see that a few of them want to leave.

Posted 16:32 11th May 2009

Danny W (Luton Town fan) says...

I watch United and Barcelona play week-in and week-out. All i can say is that Ronaldo is definately one of the best players i've seen, but from what I've seen from Messi in the past few years is something extraodinary. Let's not forget how young Messi is as well. Ronaldo might be able to score free-kick's or headers, but Messi has the physical presence that can terrify any defence in the world. If Messi had lesser Injury problems, he would be a flawless magician. Don't get me wrong, Ronaldo is probably one of the best players of the current generation, but you can't under-rate Messi, he's got potential to grow into a much better player than Ronaldo.

Posted 16:28 11th May 2009

Robbie Birchall (Manchester United fan) says...

Ronaldo will have to go some way to be remembered as the best ever player. It's easy to under value Pele's abilities, because he is before our time, but watching videos of him now and reading his sats then you realise the man was on a different level all together - thats a fact. Ronaldo may be the best in the world at the moment but there's still things missing from his game, i've never seen him score a chipped goal, he rarely places it, he's no great passer of the ball and he struggles to beat defenders at times, something Messi can do over and over plus Messi possesses all the other attributes. It will have to be at the end of his career before we can compare him to the great Pele, but at the moment I can't see how he'll even compete.

Posted 16:20 11th May 2009

Ahmed Khota (Manchester United fan) says...

Kammy, I am so glad that someone from the media is finally giving Ronaldo the credit he deserves and not berating him as all the other English media seem to enjoy doing. When Ronaldo made his debut against Bolton all those years ago, you could just see that this guy was going all the way to the very top, and now that he's done it, people will pounce on any little thing to try and bring him down, but he is a true great already, a legend.

Posted 15:35 11th May 2009

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