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Those fine lines

Those fine lines

Kammy hails the game that reignited the title race and bemoans the lack of goal-line technology.

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Steve Lovatt (Stoke City fan) says...

The "goal" at Stamford Bridge may have big ramifications but despite Harry's protestations these decisions do even themselves out over a season - indeed spurs themselves clearly benefited in their away win a Stoke in August when Walters last ditch header was clearly over the line but it was not given by the myopic officials on duty that day Yes technology should be used Chris but it should only be for goal-line incidents and only when requested by officials - the moment it is extended to offsides or tackles etc using an appeal system such as in the cricket world cup then the moment football will turn into a sad US-style "entertainment" and not the sport it is today. Disputed calls actually add something to football - taking away talking points for the pub or even comments/bloggers - to remove all chance of incorrect decisions will sterilize the sport. Be careful what you wish for...

Posted 07:59 3rd May 2011

Homzie D (Manchester United fan) says...

Kammy, interesting choices...I feel the gripe should've been the decisions at Stamford've mentioned about the goal-line technology but I'm surprised that nobody mentioned that Kalou was 3 yards offside when he scored the injury time winner at the weekend...However, I don't think we deserved anything from our game at the Emirates...we got what we deserved....nothing! the title race is back on...we have to beat Chelsea at the is a MASSIVE week with 2 home games...I don't think none of us (Man Utd, Chelsea or Arsenal) have easy fixtures on paper, so, it promises to be a very exciting end to the season!

Posted 03:38 3rd May 2011

Andy Mann (Middlesbrough fan) says...

The reason why goal-line technology has not been introduced is quite simple. It's the officials who make the decisions and provided they continue to remain impartial, I do not see the reason to change things. Despite what Chris says, I think that goal-line technology would definately just be the thin end of the wedge. Technology is o.k in some sports I agree, but refereeing is all part of the entertainment and nobody expects error-free officiating. Over the course of the season, every team will benefit and suffer from wrong refereeing decisions but so what ? If there was someway of ensuring that every incident in every match was refereed accurately, would it benefit any team more than another ? No. Would it detract from the entertainment value and disrupt the flow of the game ? Yes. That's why it hasn't been introduced and is unlikely to be introduced in the forseeable future.

Posted 01:31 3rd May 2011

Peter Kamau (Arsenal fan) says...

Well done ramsey and be positive always

Posted 23:53 2nd May 2011

Tony Shaer (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

The decision was an embarrasment to football. This isn't about if the referee or linesman wrong or's about the correct decision. This blunder could cost any team ( in this case it's spurs) millions of pounds in revenue and for waht an extra 10 seconds to chack a monitor. What if that game was for the league title??? Therer has to be goal line technology.......bring soccer into the 21st century before there is major mistake.

Posted 21:21 2nd May 2011

David Pick (Newcastle United fan) says...

The technology thing - here's a much cheaper/effective way to solve this. Use the cricket method. 3 challenges per team per game - if you use a successful one, you don't lose any. If you lose one, you drop a challenge. Only to be used for decisions in or around the box/goalline. Put the 4th official in the sky/bbc editing suite so he has all 16 (?) camera angles live + zooms and gives the decision. You don't need goal line technology when the HD cameras being used at nearly every game in the top 2 divisions do this already. It might take 10-30 seconds depending on the decision so add on injury time the same as a substitiution does. If this isn't simply I don't know what is. Rugby do something seperate, but Tennis and Cricket have proven this type of method works.

Posted 17:06 2nd May 2011

Sid Sewell (Barcelona fan) says...

Another naive view that by introducing technology we can solve the issue over incidents such as the one we saw at Stamford bridge on Saturday. What pundits and supporters of letting the referee have access to a monitor and view replays of the incident is that it will stop the game for more than 5 / 10 seconds, Alan Shearer even said it would take 2 seconds - laughable !!! Even Alan Smith ( co commentator ) only 'THOUGHT' the ball had crossed the line when he viewed it after several showings and various angles. The point is that even after all the television replays it remains inconclusive in many incidents and debates last for minutes rather than seconds as pundits suggest. There are so few incidents like this that I do not consider it a priority. Instead I would like to see referees assistants become more involved and take on greater responsibilty for decisions they are yards from. They are reluctant to become involved even though they have the better view of a particular incident. By rectifying this it would improve and is far more fundamental to the game we all love than the odd decision that happens 5 maybe 6 times a season if that. On many of the 'was it was'nt it a goal ' incidents it is impossible to judge 100% that the ball has crossed the line, even after countless replays and assorted angles.

Posted 16:24 2nd May 2011

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