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Total poppycock

Total poppycock

Kammy says England are right to pick John Terry, but feels Fifa's poppy stance is a disgrace.

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John Mcphee (Blackpool fan) says...

England should turn out against Spain on saturday with the poppy embroidered on their shirts as planned. The FA must ignore FIFA, who the hell do they think they are? We all have a right to show respect for and remember our heroes in whatever manner we see fit, it's our right. All those lives given in a war against tyrany, what must they think of us now when we can't even stand up against 1 bitter little man with a grudge against England? This is disgusting! We must wear the poopy come saturday and if they try to take action against us afterwars then we'll see them in court!

Posted 13:13 9th November 2011

John Wall (Leicester City fan) says...

Am I missing something? when has a poppy been religious, political or even racist? I live in Spain and will be wearing my poppy while watching the match in a predominently Spanish bar

Posted 10:14 9th November 2011

Karan Kapoor (Manchester United fan) says...

The poppies issue is a total disgrace, i dont see what say FIFA should have on the matter, it is our national day not the rest of the worlds'. Therefore the matter shouldnt even be discussed, we've worn them in the past and we should continue wearing them. It is not a political statement about winning a war, it is purely giving thanks to those who served our country. Once the FA gives in about wearing poppies whats next? holding a 3 min silence? black arm bands?

Posted 06:55 9th November 2011

Mark Harvey (Plymouth Argyle fan) says...

Under no circumstances whatsoever should we allow FIFA ( probably the most corrupt corporate body ever known to man ) to prohibit our national team from wearing a Poppy on Saturday. There are issues more important than football and this is one. Looking to the future - please lobby the FA to open talks with Germany to establish a new governing body for the honest and law abiding football associations and exit this shambolic organistaion as quickly as possible. PLEASE GOD LET US SHOW SOME BACKBONE !

Posted 18:27 8th November 2011

Ben Kelly (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I am in full agreement with Fifa,an d their laws against political 'showboating' during football games etc. Why not wear Nazi or KluKlux Klan (similar icons of oppresion, to millions around the globe). Perhaps Britain should respect the feelings of other nations and understand that, for many, a Poppy can cause as much offence as does the Facist emblems of the 1940's. Grow up and smell the roses, in 2011 Europe!

Posted 15:43 8th November 2011

Bob Richardson (Liverpool fan) says...

Why are we listening to FIFA, this is a friendly, let people remember the dead and missing how they want, surely FIFA are infringing somebodies human rights and we could threaten them with that, lol. Ignore and wear the POPPY with pride

Posted 15:18 8th November 2011

Michael Sutcliffe (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Wearing a poppy is neither political, religious, or of any commercial interest to England, or any other footballing nation for that matter, so that argument is pure "Poppycock" The F.A should stand up to FIFA, & stand up for ALL of Europes fallen heroes, I'm pretty sure that no true football fan would be offended by the wearing of a poppy, Show some spine F.A & stick 2 fingers up to FIFA, PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Posted 14:18 8th November 2011

Paul Allen (Arsenal fan) says...

What a bunch of numpties FIFA are!! FIFA have told the FA no to poppies on shirts etc so will FIFA also have told the FA that they cannot hold a minutes silence at the start of the match? If anything this is as much a political statement as wearing a poppy. I think the players should make the choice to wear poppies and t-shirts with giant poppies on the front. Stick one in the eye of the little Hitlers at FIFA the same way we did during the war! They don't like it up 'em!!!

Posted 14:15 8th November 2011

Brendan Cosgrave (Aston Villa fan) says...

First of all I'd like to second what Derek Brttian had to say! FIFA DISGUST ME! On your thoughts about Agbonlahor his exactly what you said he is but Villa play him out of position.If the insist on playing him as a winger they should play him on the right, I know he likes to cut in on the left but after half time that ship is sold!

Posted 11:35 8th November 2011

David Williams (Aston Villa fan) says...

sometimes i just think FIFA doesnt like us. its disgraceful and i doubt they would have prevented another country respecting people that lost their lives to protect their country. can someone tell me the point of FIFA? i cant really understand what they actually do, apart from annoy everyone and do the exact opposite of what everyone in football actually wants. i.e. qatar, technology, corruption and now this.

Posted 11:13 8th November 2011

Dave Wright (Liverpool fan) says...

I for one will turn this match off if i do not see the England team wearing poppies. Enough said.

Posted 08:20 8th November 2011

Gareth Payne (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Football was founded in England. Why can't the pride of the nation be warn on the arms or chest in the form of poppies? This is absolutely barmy. Once again europe rules over a british thing

Posted 05:39 8th November 2011

Danny Burke (Manchester United fan) says...

The FA should back down against FIFA right now, if they do maybe they will ease up on Rooney! But in all seriousness people have to understand the political nature of celebrating and commemorating those who lost their lives in a war with another nation. If we played Germany on their day of rememberance and they came in doing the same thing I know every Englishman would not be happy, I wouldnt for starters. All the crowd at the game need to wear them, perform respectfully in the moments silence and get behind our country like the people did in war time. Not sit here and whine because of the bigger boys.

Posted 19:25 7th November 2011

Jim Hartnell (Newcastle United fan) says...

This Fifa rule with regard to poppies surely does not apply as it is neither polical, religious or commercial.

Posted 16:50 7th November 2011

Mike Allen (Manchester United fan) says...

I totally agree with the comments regarding the wearing of poppies. It is not a political statement, it is a statement of remembrance, just as a minutes silence or a minutes applause is. FIFA need to look very carefully at themselves, the corruption within the corridors of power is there for all to see and for FIFA to even contemplate let alone instigate such a draconian rule is the height of hypocrisy. The FA needs to grow a backbone and just let the players wear the poppy, it is not just about the brave men and women who lost their lives in WWI and WWII but those who have served so bravely in the current conflicts around the world, who are fighting for everybody¿s freedom. As an ex-serviceman I know what it is like to know that you will be remembered should anything happen. Shame on FIFA and if the FA does not show some spirit as our servicemen and women have done double shame on the FA!!!!

Posted 16:47 7th November 2011

Alan Lucas (Chelsea fan) says...

How is repecting the dead a political statement - it is not judging the wars they fought in but respecting the sacrifice of all sides. More fool the FA for even asking. The FA should show what the fallenhad - more courage. Who would look sillyer - FA for wearing the poppy or FIFA for taking post match fine!

Posted 13:18 7th November 2011

John Smith (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Finally some intelligent comments regarding John Terry. Who would have thought Kammy to be the voice of reason within the entire English media?

Posted 13:15 7th November 2011

David Smith (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

This is what i cannot understand Cammy blaming Stokes involvement in Europe has the excuse for a tired performance. If this is true then why did Fulham outrun Spurs in the second half when they should be tired not full of tempo .They had 57 percent of the play very strange unless you know what going on in the changing rooms at Half time.when teams are coming out full of boosted energy levels. Wigan Blackburn Newcastle OPR Fulham all where behindon the score board all came back with early goals and all of them left Spurs hanging on right till the whistle this is strange in any sport .

Posted 12:48 7th November 2011

Andy Penman (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Re Stephen Hunt. I have read a number of newspaper reports 'praising' Hunt for being honest. But it cost Wolves a clear cut penalty and possibly playing for 80-odd minutes against 10 men. Given the ref was no more than 10 yards away and had a clear view (plus the fact Hunt appealed for the foul whilst still on his feet) then not only was Hunt in the wrong but the ref in this instance is effectively telling players that they have to go down in these situations. As I said, I've seen plenty of praise for Hunt but not once have I seen any condemnation of the ref for not giving it despite his clear view.

Posted 11:51 7th November 2011

Derek Brittain (Aston Villa fan) says...

if the FA bow down to this issue because FIFA have said so then sack every one at the FA we have a right to show respect to all that lost their lives in all war's not just the first and second world war's. it's our god given right and no one and i mean no one should tell us what to do on this point. rest in peace and god bless you all.

Posted 11:41 7th November 2011

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