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Ref and ready

Ref and ready

Kammy looks at ways to help refs, Steve Kean's tough task and why Mario Balotelli is good for football.

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Stephen Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

Balotelli good for the Premier League?? Not so sure about that, his antics on and off the field have been suspect to say the least. How many times has he been sent off in the short space of time he's been here?! How many times has he been in the news for setting fore to things, throwing darts at players etc?? I thought you want footballers to set a good example?? Rooney gets lambasted by the media for far less, albeit sometimes deservedly so, but he is hung drawn and quartered by the media nonetheless and labelled a disgrace....... You should make up your mind whether you want footballers to play football or be clowns. Opinions seem to differ depending on who you play for..... I like a wide range of charachters to play in the league, it makes it interesting I agree, but Balotelli needs to grow up first before he becomes useful to anyone other than himself.

Posted 14:57 5th December 2011

Whistleblower ref Ref (Newcastle United fan) says...

Let get the fact correct Premier league Referees as well as Assistants are professionals referees they all Ref at different levels. Premier refs are paid £56000 a year as plus expenses. Referees like S Atwell have got on to the select list not because of their ability, I should Know as he lined to me in his younger years he got there by false in put by people in powerful place that have put false marks forward that have promoted him. As to why referees get things wrong this is due to them being to big headed and are not willing to admit they might be wrong and change their mind. A further point is assistants should not be given instructions by referees with regards giving Penalties or fouls because some referees instruct there assistants only to give balls in and out of play and goal kicks

Posted 14:52 5th December 2011

J P (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

I'm firstly delighted that wolves won yesterday especially after that crazy dive by SL for the penalty. But i would like to say I'm also happy to see our players get on with the decision instead of surrounding the ref and chasing him half way down the pitch putting pressure on him like 90% of the other clubs..... could you imagine the reaction from the Man Utd players if that had of been given at Old Trafford?? Fair play to MM for installing this in his players!

Posted 14:49 5th December 2011

Billy No mates (Liverpool fan) says...

There is only one way to staop the diving, simply put a panel together to watch the games, and if they review suspected dives. This panel who have to be made up of respected Ex-players, both attackers and defenders, someone form the league and the refs group. If a team is thought to have benefitted from a dive, free kick or pen, that team has points removed from their tally and awarded to the oppos. If the outcome of the game is changed be this dive, all three point go to the other team. Also there should be no apeal to the ruling, diving would stop in a month. As for cup games same thing the team that dived are ejected and in in the final, cup handed over and not allowed to enter the comp the follow year (Or next qualified for). Yes very harsh, but diving would go. If grass roots saw these punishment branded around, the diving bug would also be eliminated at the lower levels.

Posted 14:25 5th December 2011

J K (Chelsea fan) says...

Strange how no one has mentioned that Demba Ba was actually offside when the incident happened, so if any thing a free kick to Chelsea and no card at all should of been the outcome.

Posted 12:24 5th December 2011

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