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Mark of shame

Mark of shame

Kammy says Clattenburg was wrong, Torres didn't dive and assistants need to learn the offside law!

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Pac Man (Manchester United fan) says...

Have a look at Torres face and he knew he was going to be booked. Clattenburg was right behind the incident and saw exactly what happened. If players are going to continue to "dive" then they can't be surprised when they get booked. Even if the ref was wrong, which i don't accept, players are now starting to suffer the consequences of their previous actions. If players hadn't spent years trying to con refs by diving then a compulsory booking for the offence would not need to be brought in. Don't blame the refs blame the players.

Posted 11:15 30th October 2012

Ryan Quinn (Manchester United fan) says...

See if I could I would love to submit an official complaint about Chelsea F.C. for bringing the game into disrepute, in my eyes the only reason they are complaining about Clattenburg because they are trying to save their completely damaged image and reputation over the Terry/Ferdinand affair. It is an absolute joke in my eyes, yes Clattenburg made a couple of dodgy decisions however just because Chelsea feel aggrieved they now cite him for using 'inappropriate language' which is meant to have a 'racist' edge. why would a man in Clattenburgs position dare jeopardize his standing in world football by abusing footballers, especially with all that has went on recently. Chelsea F.C. need to get back to the drawing board, back to basics and just play football. Football is becoming a bit of a farce and Chelsea are the center of it at the minute.

Posted 10:59 30th October 2012

Raido A (Chelsea fan) says...

Torres dived.Absolutley no question about it.He could have kept running but he chose to go down.The way he went down was not natural , therefor he tried to decieve the ref and was rightly sent off.

Posted 10:56 30th October 2012

Amit Kumar (Chelsea fan) says...

Should a player allow himself to be kicked before he goes down or can he anticipate the contact? -- these two lines said by kamara was explaining every thing........Referee need to understand situation and then react........sometimes it is necessary to dive to avoid any injury too.

Posted 06:16 30th October 2012

Moses Teng (Everton fan) says...

Referees are human being beings and human made mistake. The game is so fast sometimes they are expected to make a split decision. Off side goals will always happen just like players diving. Watched the Chelsea / man U game, yes there was a very slight contact, not on the sheen but on the boots and Torres could have easily carried on but he chose to go down. That how the ref interpret it. To eliminate all these fuss of wrong decision, FIFI should go towards using technology like tennis and rugby do. Otherwise that's the way the game will and move on.

Posted 04:35 30th October 2012

Thienchai Pariyapun (Everton fan) says...

Diving issue in recent month is totally pressure to EPL referees. I have some comments as following. 1. Is it a late tackle of Evan. .... Absolutely right 2. Does the tackle contact Torres or not? Many times watch a reply, he made a light contact that not to be hard to falling down his left leg in the following step. It is a light contact but heavily falling. 3. Watching carefully at Torres left leg, his left leg decided to landing when he saw Evan's tackle. I do think that Torres dives but red card is too heavy to accept. I think Mark consider that Torres lack of sportmanship.

Posted 03:32 30th October 2012

Karl Dron (Liverpool fan) says...

What's a dive? It's not tricky at all. If you go over without contact and appeal then it's a dive. If you go over and don't appeal then it's not. Any player who is about to potentially face injury is well within his rights to jump out of the way. The problem with refereeing is the FA is trying to improve it by decreasing the leeway a ref has when it's the very lack of common sense being applied that's creating the problems in the first place.

Posted 19:27 29th October 2012

Alex Kirkhouse (Swansea City fan) says...

Spot on about Berbatov! His movement for his goal should be something coached to all aspiring players! He didn't need a darting run through the middle of the defenders to get an opening, simply the ability to walk away from a crowd of ball watching defenders and pop the ball into the far corner with consumate ease. No disrespect, but amazes me how a 'bigger' team didn't snap him up.

Posted 18:30 29th October 2012

Damo Kilroy (Manchester United fan) says...

I have sympathy with refs here, but pundits are giving them a hard time. In real play, it looked like a dive. With slow-mo replays, yes there is contact, but enough to take the guy down? Have a look at Georgie Best staying on his feet after chopper Harris tries to mow him down! Did Torres dive? yes. Was there contact? yes. If referees are told to clamp down on diving, then this should be all diving! whether there is contact or not. A guy has two choices, try and stay on your feet or throw yourself to the ground. The fact that players can throw themselves to the ground and then be vindicated on replays because there was indeed 'contact' is ridiculous. The more people are booked for this diving, then the less they will do it. You can defend Torres all day with 'there was contact!' talk, but he did then take a dive. if we are to clamp down on this, then it has to be complete. It;s difficult to tell for a ref without the benefit of replays and slow-mo's, to tell if there is contact when it is so minimal, but what was easier to see is that Torres dived. As for the investigation, if he did use a racial slur, then that is despicable, but for his decision on Torres, I think it was a brave and correct decision. He took a dive, whether there is contact or not... and diving is what we want to get rid of.

Posted 18:05 29th October 2012

John Ludo (Chelsea fan) says...

torres did not deserve to be sent off.if torress wasnt sent out man u would have gone down 4-2 to chelsea

Posted 15:26 29th October 2012

Gordon Gilchrist (Newcastle United fan) says...

Agree with some of your points but not the decision to give Torres a second yellow and subsequent red, yeh, he nutmegged Johnny Evans but Rio Ferdinand was there to clear the ball away, so maybe he thought the best option was to go down, after there was minimal contact from Johnny Evans. But at the end of the day its the players themselves that have been doing the diving so they have sort of brought about the situation themselves.. As for offside decisions, as things stand the referees assistants have fractions of second to make decision, whereas Sky have multi cameras, plus technical enhancements to analysis the situation so the odds against the assistant are heavily stacked against them getting every one right. Yes Saurez's goal should have stood in injury time, but by then he should not even have been on the field after the clip on Distin, Personally I think he survived because of who he was, Andre Mariner ducked out of that in exactly the same way as he ducked out of a second yellow for Sterling and a subsequent red. These sort of decisions effect everyone, players, fans etc there does not appear to be a level playing field, just look at the referees stats per game over the last couple of seasons and the same referees are at the top in each season as far as Yellows and Reds are concerned.

Posted 14:46 29th October 2012

David Rolph (Norwich City fan) says...

Clearly there was contact between Evans and Torres. But equally clear was the sudden loss of movement afterwards in the other leg - and down he went. I agree with Alex Ferguson's comment - a confident forward would have tried to continue and score. Hitting the deck every time somebody makes contact with you and, even worse, causing the contact to happen (for example by suddenly stopping when ahead of a defender), are all symptoms of a modern day disease in the game. Commentators who support players in these acts are doing a disservice to the game that provides their livelihood and demonstrates a complete lack of moral fibre.

Posted 14:08 29th October 2012

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