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No way, Jose

No way, Jose

Guillem Balague reckons Jose Mourinho isn't off to Real and examines the problems at the Camp Nou.

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Jeevan Jayenthiran (Manchester United fan) says...

Ronaldinho has not been up to snuff this season and no one can deny that. I'm a huge supporter of him but he has been disappointing to say the least. But with a player of his quality it would be incredibly naive to sell him as he can always provide that moment of brilliance which is needed most in big matches. A dead ball, a through ball or just a simple layoff to a teammate can make the difference in the most meaningful games. You can't discard a "difference maker" just because he's not on form. Messi is on a run of form that I have never seen but am definitely enjoying. But he can't do it on his own, when Barca plays the big squads in europe they will have the personnel to shut him down. A perfect example would be Milan shutting down arguably the most explosive player in the game, C.Ronaldo and ManU couldn't attack effectively without him. Similarly, if a team were to shut down Messi via a man-marker/shadow like Makalele, Vieira, Essien, etc., Barca will struggle to find the cutting edge attack. Now with Ronnie in the game, teams must now divide their resources to shut down attacks from multiple angles. Ron is a priceless commodity in a league of overpaid under-performing "superstars". He'll get back on form and when he does, the press will forget all about his recent woes and treat him like a king once again.

Posted 00:38 31st October 2007

Ejaz Hussain (Manchester United fan) says...

Daniel, I know we are on the same fronts with United and all, but I have to disagree with you when it comes to Thierry Henry. I think he's the best individual player in the world. We all know what a brilliant and mezmerising player he was for The Gunners, he played at the spearhead aswell as amongst players like Viera, Bergkanp, Pires and Fabregas. They were all brilliant at working the ball, and passed it to Henry to fire home. With Ronaldinho obviously off form, and Henry failing, is dropping them the right choice? I don't think so anyway. I think Ronaldinho should remain in his passing role, dropping and floating into midfield more than forward in the front 3, with messi working his magic on the right and Henry being the spear-head and target for passes. Let's see the old Barca back! it'll be even more scintillating with Eto'o back, let's see who will pressurise, rise or fall...

Posted 22:58 29th October 2007

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