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Running out of time?

Running out of time?

Guillem Balague assesses the futures of Manuel Pellegrini, Manolo Jimenez and Thierry Henry.

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Aaron Pierce (Real Madrid fan) says...

Hello Guillem, Real Madrid recently secured the signing of the young Racing Santander Starlet Sergio Canales. I was wondering if you think he truly has the potential to be a future superstar and do you think he will have a place in the team next season? Also, do you think the youngsters form this season could possibly warrant a call up to Del Bosque's Spain squad for the World Cup? Best wishes!

Posted 03:37 1st March 2010

Michael Kelly (Aston Villa fan) says...

Hi Guillem, love the column. My question is, are Real Madrid looking to sign any defenders in the summer transfer window. They have great players offensively but against top sides their defence can be exposed by counter attacking football. Maybe Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole or a John Terry are the type of players they need to try sign instead of more attacking players like Franck Ribery, David Silva and David Villa.

Posted 21:46 28th February 2010

Shane Farrington (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem, Really enjoying Sky's fantastic coverage of La Liga this season! What I wanted to know was Manchester continue to be linked with Valencia's two David's - Silva and Villa, do you think their is a realistic chance that either or both of them may move to Old Trafford in the summer? I remember reading a piece on your website a while back that Silva's representatives had received two offers for the player, with Valencia believing one of those was from United. Firstly does the offer still stand and has their been any developments? Also do think Villa's will get to put in practise his recently taken English lessons next season? Thanks again in advance. Shane Farrington. Tadworth.

Posted 21:06 28th February 2010

Vikas Shashidhar (Real Madrid fan) says...

Hello Guillem!!! A big fan of you. Do you think Ronaldo will stay at Real Madrid for the whole of his career? Because, he said that he had ambitions to become the best player in history. So, he is possibly at the right place. Or will he want to try his luck and play in Italy for different challenges? Thank you!

Posted 11:26 27th February 2010

Tom Pottle (Middlesbrough fan) says...

Hi Guillem, another great column as usual, can't wait to see how the Spanish season unfolds. I was just wondering, with the whole John Yerry/Wayne Bridge situation that is ongoing, which has ultimately seen Bridge make himself unavailable for the World Cup, is there/has there ever been such a situation with the Spanish National Team? Thanks a lot, Tom Pottle, Ipswich

Posted 13:33 26th February 2010

David Fullam (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi guillem All the talk is about real madrid sacking their manager. I think it would be a crazy move because he is a great manager and he is building a good team. If they sacked him what manager would want the job. I know perez is a big fan of wenger but he would never come to madrid. I heard you saying in revista that perez dosent want mourinho. Do you think ancelotti would move to madrid? Thanks David

Posted 10:03 26th February 2010

Thomas M (Manchester United fan) says...

What type of restrictions did Ronaldo have at Manchester United? Considering he had a free role where he could roam all over the pitch. Slightly more importantly, how many houses does Fernando Torres have in Manchester ?

Posted 08:19 26th February 2010

C Tunde (Real Madrid fan) says...

Dear Guillem, what are the chances of seeing Villa, Ribery and De Rossi playing for Los Merengues? What are the chances of seeing them next season?

Posted 00:07 26th February 2010

John Chapman (Arsenal fan) says...

Hola Guillem! Would love to see Banega or Yaya at Arsenal but dont think they fit in with Wenger's mantra of saving money and concentrating on youth. As an Arsenal fan I was wondering if there are currently any central midfielders in La Liga who would fit into the Arsenal team without compromising the attractive football we play but would add strength and steel to the midfield? Also, do you think there is any chance of Henry returning?

Posted 20:50 25th February 2010

Shane Goggin (Manchester United fan) says...

Villa Situation!! Hey, What is happening with David Villa!All we heard last summer was Villa going to Madrid,then to Celsea and then to Man.United. Nobody can take anything away from him as he is an exceptional talent but with Valencia's on going financial crisis, where will he go?He was quoted as saying that he would join United over Chelsea, but are Liverpool totally out of the question? Where will he go??

Posted 20:06 25th February 2010

Paul Hunter (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Guillem, i am a big Liverpool fan and i was wondering if you had any news or gossip regarding liverpool and the spaniards including of course Benitez and their futures? Have we been linked with anyone? Thanks

Posted 19:08 25th February 2010

William Scholl-hansen (Liverpool fan) says...

You mention Ever Banega. I previously read that Everton had an eye on him before the season. As a Liverpool supporter, how do you see him in this side? Thanks William

Posted 18:53 25th February 2010

Dan Tank (Chelsea fan) says...

Is it true that Chelsea want to sign Sergio Aguero in the summer rather than in the last transfer window. also could Ribery be on the move to Chelsea how highly are you rated these players to move to Chelsea? Dan Tank

Posted 16:52 25th February 2010

Duncan Geraldes (Liverpool fan) says...

Hello Guillem, I know you know Rafa Benitez, so I was wondering if you could tell us any more on the links with Javi Martinez and Liverpool? We were suposed to have been bidding for either him or Steven Defour after Xabi Alonso's sale to Real Madrid last summer, and although Aquilani has featured he has not been prefered in that position in the big games which would signal a lack of trust from Rafa for his new recruit. Javi is supposed to be a similar type of player to Alonso, so firstly - can you tell me please if there is any activity on this front, and secondly - would you reccomend signing Javi as a better replacement for Alonso? who has left a massive gap in the once world class Liverpool midfield. I look forward to your response! Thanks and Regards, Duncan.

Posted 16:12 25th February 2010

Shaun Thorpe (Rangers fan) says...

Hello Guillem, I'm a massive fan. My question is about something very basic Goalkicks. I noticed when watching spanish football that they often just pass it to the defenders unlike British football where they punt it upfield. Do you think this is just because spanish defenders are better technically than British defenders? Obviously this allows the team to keep possession and build from the back, i just cant see why teams like Man United and chelsea dont do this when they have such good defenders. Do you still think Sevilla have a chance to win the champions league? Negredo is looking better now that he seems settled and not feeling the pressure of his price tag. I see him as the 3rd striker behind Villa and Torres for the Spain team

Posted 16:05 25th February 2010

Joe Kelly (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi, I was just wondering about your views on Sergio Aguero. If he was to leave Athletico Madrid then where would be his likely destination? Also what are the chances of Benzema leaving Real Madrid in the summer?

Posted 15:34 25th February 2010

Red Devil (Manchester United fan) says...

Guillem i have just one question for you. Is villa coming to united or will he stay in spain??

Posted 15:25 25th February 2010

Scott Mcclymont (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem, With regards to Ronaldo coming back to United, I think this could happen after his contract has finished at RM. He's making all the right noises and isn't dismissing the idea of a return '1 day'. Remember, every player has a price and if he wants to come back to his home then, he'll come. The best league in the world is in England, he's even mentioned that himself, technically Spain is better but, for fans,atmosphere, banter and passion....the premiership is where it's at.

Posted 14:33 25th February 2010

John Behan (Manchester United fan) says...

Hello Guillem. I am a huge fan of La Liga, from the concept of how the way football should be played, to the drama that surrounds it off the field. The spanish national team at the moment is the best on the planet and the strength in depth within the squad is unbeleavble, This Summer could be a Big one for Manchester United in terms of transfers with a Creative midfielder Needed, I think personally a Spanish international would fit in Perfectly, just wondering is there any inclination as to a spanish international moving to old trafford this summer? And Also Why is Ronaldo all of a sudden talking about manchester a lot?

Posted 13:45 25th February 2010

Tommy Nolan (Manchester United fan) says...

Pellegrini will not be there for much longer,especially if they get knocked out by Lyon but that's unlikely & I wouldn't like to see them knocked too early,I want MAN UTD to knock them out..he is a proper manager which I think will be his downfall.Decisions are being made over his head and recent history proves that doesn't work & madrid are fickle which doesn't help matters.Madrid & Barca to win at the weekend.

Posted 13:23 25th February 2010

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