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Playmaker problems

Playmaker problems

Higuain may be in top form but Cristiano Ronaldo's influence could see him sold, says Guillem Balague.

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Baimaro Sesay (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem. My first question is do you think David Silva and David Villa will leave Valencia this Summer because problem my second question is do you think David Villa march the price tag of 30,000,000 millions pounds when you look at the age in to consideration

Posted 11:04 23rd March 2010

Kamran Abbasov (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Guillem please answer this question what do you think the result will be of arsenel v barca at the emraites and of the overall tie please dont just say its hard can you please give me a score prediction. thank you

Posted 22:25 22nd March 2010

Dan Wayman (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hi Guillem. Was wonderiing what you think the chances are of Didier Drogba joining Barcelona. It seems as if he would fit in fantasticly. His hold up play is second to none and think whilst he might not score as many goals, he would give Messi far many more goals. Thanks

Posted 18:38 22nd March 2010

Craig Howard (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Guillem, I was just wondering what you think about Kaka's first season at Real Madrid. For me it seems he is not happy at Madrid and yes he has been playing "ok" but no-where near his best. Do you think there is a chance that Madrid will let him go if Man City or Chelsea come knocking again with a huge amount of money? Or maybe even a deal that would bring him back to Milan maybe with Pato going the other way to Madrid. Kaka is a great player but i dont think its working for him in Madrid.

Posted 17:15 22nd March 2010

Chris Munro (Barcelona fan) says...

Hola Guillem. After watching Barcelona in the last week, i have noticed a big improvement in their attitudes in terms of the basic of last year's success, such as quick wing play and intense closing down. Do you think that Pep will continue if they win the liga/champs league double?. And do you think that maybe Barcelona will break Villa's heart again by opting to chase Torres if Liverpool don't finish top 4 to replace Henry in the summer?

Posted 13:06 22nd March 2010

John Ray (Barcelona fan) says...

Jide Fawunmi are you for real??? I wont even respond to your league one manager comment as its so ridiculous. Also why are you blaming Barca over the Fabregas press stories. Thats how football works. The press love these stories and some come from the clubs and others from the player/agent. Lol Barca are not going to make Fabregas move so dont be such a drama queen.........remember where you nicked Fabregas from before you start criticising our transfer policy you hypocrite......... I like Arsenal and Wenger and hope Arsenal win the league ........ I just had to respond to your ridiculous points.

Posted 12:43 22nd March 2010

Patrick Mutua (Arsenal fan) says...

Higuain is the perfect replacement for raul.

Posted 05:46 22nd March 2010

Sean Robinson (Manchester United fan) says...

Hey Guillem hope your well. I was just looking at stats here on skysports and was shocked by how many goals are scored in the Premiership compared to the Spanish league. With the large amount of goals scored and at least 3 teams competiting for top spot each season not to mention the attendence per year at our games I cant see how the Spanish league can be considered the best. Of course stats dont tell the full story but English teams have dominated the semi finals of the champions league in the last few seasons. I wonder how things would go if the top 4 from both leagues played a mini league. I'd predict Barca to be in the top three but the rest would be all English. PS Real Madrid are an embaressment on and off the pitch these days.

Posted 21:48 21st March 2010

Dex Sinclair (Barcelona fan) says...

Guillem, your comments regarding the fan ownership of FC Barcelona and Madrid seem to be a bit misguided. Yes it is true that the members can vote in the elections for the President, but when you vote, you also vote for who you believe will be placed in the board. Secondly, you need to remember that the President and the Board are accountable to the Socios, so that if the fans are unhappy a recall election can take place (as was seen in 2008, with Giralt at Barca). Also, 1000 members are randomly invited to the annual meeting where they can vote on issues, such as changes to the clubs statutes. To say that it is fantasy that the clubs (and in particular, FCB) is not run by the members is ridiculous, as you need to remember where ultimatley the power lies.

Posted 18:35 21st March 2010

Shane Farrington (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem, Great to see your team Espanyol get a great win at the weekend - albeit against a flagging Sevilla. I wanted to know whether you think either Ruben de la Red or Sergio Sanchez will return to play for their respective teams again anytime soon. Both would have surely been in contention for Spain's squad for this summer's World Cup. I heard Sanchez is set to undergo an opreation and de la Red had been turned down in his appeal to gain disabilty status - is this a step in the right direction. It would be great to see them playing again, particularly de la Red who I think is a top-class player. Thanks in advance, Shane Farrington, Tadworth.

Posted 16:56 21st March 2010

Mohamed Abdulrahman (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Guillem My first question is do you think Espanoyl will survive because it really suprise me couple of years ago they were in UEFA cup final and now they fighting relagation even tho they are 15th on the table. My 2nd question is how good is pablo osvaldo and could he be the man to safe Espanoyl from relagation

Posted 21:59 20th March 2010

Albie Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

HI Guillem two things really you say ibahimovic is in bad form recently which i agree with but i think that given time he will settle into their style. He is a very versatile player that in time i think will complement the style and pace of barcelona even though he himself may lack pace. Also do you think there is any truth in the speculation of david silva/david villa moving to england in the summer?

Posted 18:14 20th March 2010

Kevin Powell (Portsmouth fan) says...

Hi Guillem, I just wanted to know what has happened to Vicente the Spanish left winger. He was a class act at Valencia and has seemed to have disappeared although he hasn't aged. At one stage he was one of Europes most feared players.

Posted 14:05 19th March 2010

Andy E (Arsenal fan) says...

HI Guillem, Is there any news on Juan Carlos Valeron? I remember watching him in 2001 and thinking that his taent was on par with Zidane. Surely on his best days he would've have gotten into the current Spanish side. Are his injury troubles over and will he be appearing much for Depor (or anywhere) this season?

Posted 10:37 19th March 2010

Bill Singh (Barcelona fan) says...

@ Jide Fawunmi (On Guardiola: "I felt even a league one coach could have achieved those successes too because of the qualilty of players in his team"..... Are you for real?? I already know that you don't watch La Liga regularly enough to know that Barcelona's playing style was not as fluid pre-Guardiola. To suggest a league 1 coach could come to Barcelona and win 6 trophies in a year is DAFT!!! There is a reason why league one managers can't perform in the championship, let alone the premier league and La Liga! Such a silly boy you are!

Posted 21:29 18th March 2010

Chris Hussein (Manchester United fan) says...

Guillem, you touched upon Mallorca's plight at the moment and how players and staff alike will have to leave so the club can refinance. Could you give any more details on this? What players are we likely to see leave/join and do you believe that Alemany would be unwilling to keep Manzano on despite what he's achieved because he's a higher earner?

Posted 17:39 18th March 2010

Mark Simpson (Dundee United fan) says...

"Hi Guillem, quick question, now that Real Madrid has been kicked out of the champions league has there been any team that has at least played in a champions league/european cup final on their home turf?" Roma played the 1984 European cup final in their home stadium against Liverpool and lost on Penalties. They got to the final by cheating their way past Dundee United in the semi final.

Posted 15:38 18th March 2010

Vignesh Jayabalan (Valencia fan) says...

is there is any possiblity for valencia to challenge again for the title as in 2004 and 2002. what they have to do to improve in your personnel opinion. very boring to see a two horse race

Posted 10:07 18th March 2010

Cazador Silva (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi Guillem. As always, you do a great job and are one of the main reasons for my interest in Spanish football. I think Barcelona made a huge mistake by purchasing/swapping Ibrahimovic and Eto'o. Eto'o seemed more versatile, capable of playing with his back to goal and from wide areas, in Barca's free-flowing system. Do you believe they should have retained Eto'o or maybe bought a more fluid attacker such as David Villa or Kun Aguero? Am I being unjustifiably impatient with the big Swede? Muchas gracias!

Posted 06:05 18th March 2010

Sam Dow (Valencia fan) says...

If Silva was to leave valencia i think he should go to real madrid as he is a team player where as if they were to buy ribery instead of him as ribery is a more direct player where as silva looks to find a pass i think real need because guti seems to be played less this season as he gives madrid lots of inspiration. People have been critisized about being to direct what do you think

Posted 22:55 17th March 2010

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