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Playmaker problems

Playmaker problems

Higuain may be in top form but Cristiano Ronaldo's influence could see him sold, says Guillem Balague.

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Robert Powell (Manchester United fan) says...

RE: Usman Bonga saeed. You must be trolling! The quality around him at Madrid has failed consistently in the Champions League, and often in La Liga, in the past 5 years. The quality around him at United got to two Champions League finals and won 4 Premier League titles. Ronaldo may have made the right decision in moving on to Madrid, but to suggest he is surrounded by quality at Madrid and then qualify that by saying the only quality alongside him at United was Rooney is preposterous.

Posted 20:17 17th March 2010

James Saxton (Liverpool fan) says...

Guillem do you think Bojan will stay at Barcelona much longer? There was talk of him leaving last seaon and it never happened, however, with Pedro now ahead of him will he be likely to leave? He is certainly very talented! Also, can Liverpool expect any signings from La Liga this summer? We usually do!

Posted 19:17 17th March 2010

Adam Wawrzyniak (Coventry City fan) says...

The Spanish national team look a good bet to win the World Cup. They have quality strength in depth throughout the team. Do you think Spain have any position where they are slighter weaker behind the starting player? Who do you think would be hardest to replace if they were injured? Personally i think they are slightly weaker in the striking positions with no obvious top quality replacement for Villa or Torres.

Posted 18:42 17th March 2010

Adam Wawrzyniak (Coventry City fan) says...

I agree with what a lot of people are saying about Ibrahimovic not suiting Barca. He is a talented player but lacks the intensity and speed of play that Eto'o provided. Eto'o would not let defenders rest and allowed Barca to press the ball high up the pitch so they kept possession for most of the match. I see why Pep signed Zlatan to give the attack a different option, but it's not as if it wasn't working with Eto'o. If he wanted a big man as an option he should have signed a cheaper target man to bring on if it was needed but kept Eto'o or a similr striker as the main forward.

Posted 18:37 17th March 2010

Stuart Oxlade (Real Madrid fan) says...

Guillem, I'm astounded by your comments about Higuain - didn't Ronaldo assist him at the weekend? How can Ronaldo have the audacity to criticise Gonzalo for being too greedy when all he wants is the Pachichi for himself? As for the Valdano's comments about Higuain's future, obviously he has to say those things to reassure the fans that equilibrium is maintained, despite the fact that Perez will always have final say on everything involving who stays and who goes. My question revolves around Schuster's comments from midweek - Would Madrid ever change their hierarchy by losing the Valdano's of the club and letting the manager feed directly into Perez? Thus having more creative control and a bigger say in what will happen on gamedays? It's clear that the hurt we suffer from ther CL every year comes from repeating these same mistakes, and the likes of Benitez/Mourinho/Wenger simply would not want the job at Madrid because of the set-up there and I wouldn't blame them. I have some faith in this new project that Perez is creating, but if both Pellegrini and Higuain are released in the summer, I would honestly have to reconsider my values as a Real Madrid supporter as change is never going to be imminent if the cycles of failure continue to be generated. On the Ribery situation - is he really the player that we need? What happened to bringing in young Spanish talent? A la Jesus Navas or David Silva? Either of those two would be a greater and more proven signing than bringing in another inexperienced Frenchman into La Liga. Target number one has to be a left-back, pure and simple. Thanks for your time Guillem.

Posted 17:17 17th March 2010

Fred Locks (West Ham United fan) says...

With all the prblems RM have every year, none least having to find a new manager, does it not show some naievity in the clubs set-up, that some one like Higuan having a great season, and an excellent (home grown) talent, needs to work twice as hard because he's not a "Galactico", it shows the stupidity of the clubs organisation when they consider the players name, over a players ability. So much for the Galacticos, out of CL, and second favs for la liga

Posted 15:59 17th March 2010

Abdi Arten (Arsenal fan) says...

i think arsne wenger if far the best manager look at how many young talents he has single handedly created he deserves more respect i wouldnt blame him if he went to real madrid

Posted 14:59 17th March 2010

Jason Mackie (Celtic fan) says...

Ola Guillem, first time I have noticed this before! I was jus wondering about the David villa situation. Are both barca and real still interested in him and where would his preferred destination be??

Posted 14:40 17th March 2010

Sakhile Khanyile (Manchester United fan) says...

Is Man Utd still interested in David Silva or any of Spanish players?

Posted 14:22 17th March 2010

Sam Chalmers-stevens (Manchester United fan) says...

Just like to comment on Usman Bonga saeed ridiculous comment! You have to put into perspective how superior Manchester United are to real madrid in footballing terms. If ronaldo is "surrounded" by all this quality then why was they eliminated in the champions league by a team who finished second in Ligue 1? Granted Ronaldo's scoring alot and playing well but apart from Kaka and Xabi Alonso what other quality is he playing with? And being an Arsenal fan id keep well quiet considering they havent won a trophy in 5 years and dont look like ending that any time soon!

Posted 13:56 17th March 2010

Carlo Coetzee (Real Madrid fan) says...

Madrid. Dear Guilllem ive watched revista for a long time and i have to say that the comments on that show aswell as the supposed observations from everyone on the panel is extremely anti madrid, and i dont know why im suprised as u and mr hunter support both the catalan teams. I use to value your opinion but quite frankly i think u need some new neutral panelists.With regards to Higuain if Perez ever sold him the Bernabaue would crucify Perez and Valdano and the white hankies would come out Higuain is Madrid through and through the players that should leave as was proven by marca's poll results are Raul,Guti,drenthe,dudek,gago,metzelder and M.Diara not Higuain so please because of ur biased opiniion and fickle football fans that believe ur opinion to be fact my beloved club's name is being dragged through the mud.It seems that we are the only club not allowed to loose a game or to build a project. As Valdano said it is time for institutional intergrity, if they do sell him i assure i will burn my shirt that day.

Posted 13:46 17th March 2010

Callum Hollywood (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Guillem as a liverpool supporter i was just wondering if there is still any interest in juan mata from liverpool as there seemed to be a connection last summer and also is there any other transfer roumers concerning spanish players joining liverpool in the fourth coming summer transfer window

Posted 11:05 17th March 2010

Toyin Akino (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Guillem, quick question, now that Real Madrid has been kicked out of the champions league has there been any team that has at least played in a champions league/european cup final on their home turf?

Posted 09:36 17th March 2010

Rav Dulay (Liverpool fan) says...

Hey Guillem...Benezema doesn't seem to be playing very consistantly for Madrid since his 30 Million pound move last summer....and Higuian seems to be playing ahead of you think there is any chance that Benzema would be sold instead of Higuain? Also..there has been news that Steven Gerrard has been identified as Real Madrids next transfer heard any rumours on that? do you think he would suit their style of play?

Posted 01:15 17th March 2010

Mindaugas Nekrasius (Manchester United fan) says...

Thanks god finally someone, mentioned that fan ownership based running of FC is pure nonsense. Are people really so naive and think fans of Barca or Real runing their clubs??? How you think exactly they do that, 90000 fans going to meeting at Camp Nou every week and deciding about whatever? Look that happening with "fans owned" club Real Madrid - everything is decided by president. Of course its sounds better than bloodsucking Glazers, but unfortunately its a myth.

Posted 19:48 16th March 2010

Garrett Redmond (Everton fan) says...

Real Fan, What happened to Higuain against Lyon? Bag of nerves, done nothing , missed a shocker, kaka was terrible, a shadow of his former self, When Higuain can do the business in Europe or against Barca ill rate em, Ronaldo is by far the best player in Real Madrid. They could do with Cesc as the other midfielders are only very average.Digusted Real got knocked out of Europe.

Posted 18:49 16th March 2010

Nazakat Ali (Real Madrid fan) says...

Hi Guillem, i really like you as good person and this my first comment to you and i really am happy and my first question is to you that were will be franck riberys career most likly to be next season and cesc fabregas career, and i really want to know that if manuel pellegrini gets sacked by florentino perez who is the likely to get the real madrid job. I really want it to be Arsène Wenger even tho he has had plenty of criticism at arsenal for not wining cups and if not Arsène Wenger then my second choice jose mourinho. My second question is that real madrid have been kicked out of champions league by lyon and i have herd that Cristiano ronaldo might be returning to old trafford and i have herd that kaka said something to manuel pellegrini on the twitter and is that true. My third question is that who will sign for real madrid in summar is it going to be david villa, wayne rooney or torres. I am real madrid and spains fan in football and i really think that real madrid can win the la liga and i think that spain are 100% to win the world cup,and i watch revista de la liga and i have sighned up for that xabi alonso spain top i wish i really win it Thank you guillem.

Posted 18:30 16th March 2010

Me Here (Real Madrid fan) says...

Hola Guillem! Love reading your columns and this is my first ever comment on here believe or not. I want to remain anonymous so I didnt give away a name. What I want to know is you have mentioned that Higuain may end up out of the "clubs back door" if thats one way I can put it. I find these comments conflicting heavily with Jorge Valdano's comments earlier this week when he said that "We don't just to renew his [Higuain] contract but we also want him to end his career as a Madridista]" I find it hard to believe that we could end up losing Higuain at this early stage in his career because if you look at all of the strikers under 23 in the world then you can't find one better than him. Also if you wouldn't mind making Pelligrini's situation more clear to me, what I want to know is why did you say that he will definately not be at the Bernabeu next season on Revista De La Liga. What makes you so sure Mr Ballague and also who is the most likely replacement? If it's Mourinho or Benitez then that is the end of my support for Real Madrid after 11 year. Better yet, if Real Madrid sack Pelligrini who for me is one of the best available then I will stop supporting the team anyway.I am sick of the embarrassment I feel because we change more coaches compared to the number of players Alex Ferguson has signed since 2000! iHala Madrid!

Posted 17:14 16th March 2010

Usman Bonga saeed (Arsenal fan) says...

i think ronaldo took the right decision by going to real madrid he has quality all round him in madrid but when he was at united only rooney was the quality there he couldnt play at united like he is now he can play with quality around him and i really think he did the right decision he is on form and i think he is not actually performing better than messi. messi is world class for me!

Posted 17:08 16th March 2010

Jide Fawunmi (Arsenal fan) says...

I think that is good for Pep Guardiola. You get what you want. Why on earth did he sell Samuel Eto'o? Was he not performing? He felt otherwise, took the wrong decision. It could be that his successes entered so much into his brain. I felt even a league one coach could have achieved those successes too because of the qualilty of players in his team. Now on Fabregas, if he says he is not leaving, would BARCA and their sports writers come down to London and force him to Spain. Arsenal fans need not worry about them, my only concern is that their stories constitute nothing but distractions to the player. Are they trying to unsettle him? Anyway, I will wait and see whether they will forcefully take him out of Arsenal.

Posted 16:38 16th March 2010

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