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Playmaker problems

Playmaker problems

Higuain may be in top form but Cristiano Ronaldo's influence could see him sold, says Guillem Balague.

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Rob Kocur (Livorno) (Livorno fan) says...

Dear Guillem, How do you always get the biggest scoops?? Will Rodallega go to Benfica?

Posted 15:44 16th March 2010

Will Brunel (Arsenal fan) says...

If I remember correctly a few weeks ago Graham Hunter stated on Revista de la Liga that there was around an 80 per cent chance that Cesc Fabregas would leave in the summer. I was wondering how exactly he could be so confident considering the player hasn't himself said he would like to move this summer and Arsenal's finances don't demand that they need to sell. Most of the reports of deals and such come out of the football press which is notoriously unreliable and often harbours vested interests. Would it be possible for you to give a quick run down as to why Graham Hunter may be correct or why you might think differently? Thanks for all of your insights.

Posted 15:25 16th March 2010

Justin Wheeler (Real Madrid fan) says...

How can you say that ronaldo and higuain have a fractious relationship? The problem for me is kaka. He is playing to close to either ronaldo or higuain when he should be creating a little more space for them to run onto passes. They also need width, not to sell higuain. Im pretty sure RM wants him there for a long time. If they can bring more width to their tactics, then they will succeed against top european teams. Selling higuain isnt gonna do it.

Posted 15:21 16th March 2010

Kevin Docherty (Barcelona fan) says...

Ola Senor Balague, could not agree with Nicolas more in respect of Busquets, gives the ball away far too much and commits too many needless fouls as witnessed in El Clasico when he was sent off! Was wondering if you could provide us with details of the front runners in the elections this coming summer for Bara and prospective targets. Keep up the good work Guillem

Posted 15:04 16th March 2010

Chris Mcguinness (Arsenal) (Arsenal) (Arsenal fan) says...

David, that's because they're all arrogant, who assume that these players couldn'rt resist the pull of their legue. How many year has fabregas supposedly been leaving arsenal now?

Posted 15:00 16th March 2010

Padraic Connell (Arsenal fan) says...

Thank you very much David Bollands. Well said. Guillem. If Higuain does leave, do you think he could end up at Arsenal? There were rumours earlier in the season but i just dismissed that as the usual inventions of an over-imaginative media machine. Its a known fact that Arsene admires the player but with the possible imminent arrival of Chamack or Loic Remy, is this unlikely? Hopefully not as i highly rate higuain and would consider him a much better player than the other two.

Posted 14:57 16th March 2010

Nicolas Kyriacou (West Ham United fan) says...

It's painful to watch someone like Ibrahimovic leading the line for Barcelona. He lacks pace, movement and reaction. He is slow and ponderous on the ball and slows the tempo of their play down completely. I think Barcelona may have to cut their losses and sell him on or change their formation with 2 strikers because he cannot adapt to this position on his own. I feel sorry for Iniesta, Xavi and most of all Messi having to play in the same team as this guy. Also, do not rate Sergio Busquets at all... Yaya Toure is far better in the same position.

Posted 14:38 16th March 2010

David Bollands (Peterborough United fan) says...

Hi Guillem. Why are the Spanish media so arrogant in their pursuit of players? Cesc Fabregas and Nemanja Vidic have both stated they are happy and want to remain at their retrospective clubs, yet you and your colleagues still talk about them as being Barcelona/Real Madrid players! I can understand the Ribery situation as he has remained quiet, but Cesc seems to say every week he doesn't want to leave!

Posted 13:36 16th March 2010

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