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A Pep up for Wenger

A Pep up for Wenger

Guillem Balague explains why he can see Pep Guardiola managing in England, possibly at Arsenal.

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Kevin Docherty (Barcelona fan) says...

Ola Guillem, another fascintating insight into the Primera Division from yourself. I am always very interested to hear what you have to say and unlike other journalists more often than not your predictions are correct! With regards to Pep Guardiola moving to England, if he does eventually leave Barca for pastures new, who do you think the new Barca President would install as the new manager? Also do you think with Johan Cruyff being installed as the new Honorary President that he would have an input into this decision also?

Posted 18:01 2nd April 2010

Callum Bracey (Cardiff City fan) says...

i think that with the likes of messi ,pedro ,ibrahimovic,pique and dani alves i reckon barcelona will get a least two goals away at arsenal and i think they will win 1 0r 2 nil at home.but arsenal and barcelona are both 2 good footballing sides with different apperances to the game so i think it will be a great game and good luck to both teams even though arsenal are looking for revenge after the champions league finale in 2006

Posted 16:27 2nd April 2010

Owen Pocock (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Guillem, with Chelsea's stale squad in need of refreshing, could they potentially buy either Aguero, Benzema or Higuain this summer? Aguero will obviously end up at a big club, and Real look as though they could do with letting a few players leave, especially if the likes of Ribery or Villa arrive in the summer.

Posted 15:47 2nd April 2010

Jonathan Doeman (Barcelona) (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi Guillem can you please explain why barca did not sign Felipe. i hear it was only £8m, and for a 21 year old this is good price as he can attack like dani alves and is a good tackler. However maxwell is a waste of time a 28-year old and all he can do is pass the ball back to the midfielder. why did barca ignore felipe when they spent £15m on Kerrison and £21m on Chygrynski. Also do barca look at english league for players, because joe cole is free and there is also ashley young, steven gerrard, nani.

Posted 14:59 2nd April 2010

Bryn Sturgeon (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem, love the show and the article- just wondering after your peice about Sergio Canales what you think about players signing transfers months before they move? Surely they would have a conflict of interest, maybe not so much in this case but if the match was going to have a say in, for example, whether their new club would get into a European competition? Does that not leave all parties open to all sorts of allegations?!

Posted 12:13 2nd April 2010

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