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Awesome foursome

Awesome foursome

Pressure on Pep? Mourinho mind games? Guillem previews four Clasicos in three weeks.

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Neville Dalmedo (Barcelona fan) says...

Very good comments Guillem, the only thing I disagree with is the media aspect, how can one say Pep is feeling the hits from the catalan media when in recent weeks we have see real Madrid fans booing maurinho, pep is a national hero to catalunya and so be it. Mind games are for the scared, maurinho is a great coach but the Spanish league is out of his reach. He does not get the reaction he expects like he did when in the premier league. Best of luck to Madrid, que viva barcelona y que viva catalunia. Barcelona mes que un club

Posted 18:25 14th April 2011

P D (Real Madrid fan) says...

i think we will beat barca to reach the final of the champions league. but it will bw difficult to beat them in four matches. halla madrid

Posted 17:50 14th April 2011

Najib faragai Alee (Barcelona fan) says...

Barca & madri are very strong team in the world of football so we dont no who is goin to win till the end of 90 mint + aded mint but we pray for barca to win this four times by God gress.

Posted 17:39 14th April 2011

Alfonso Da silva (Manchester United fan) says...

Real have more time together as a team under Mou's management then when they lost 5-0 month's ago I expect a completely different match this time around. Mou's credentials and results at Porto, Chelsea, Inter and Real (this year - his first year) shows he knows the game. His team will perform for him in a close match that Real will win.

Posted 17:21 14th April 2011

Salim Ali (Manchester United fan) says...

can someone teach jose how to attack he only knows how to defence, it's look like barca 4 real 1..

Posted 17:18 14th April 2011

Christopher Kumar (Barcelona fan) says...

@ Xolani Mkhize - Barcelona B can never advance to the La Liga as all reserve teams are forbidden to play in the same league as the senior team. If by any chance Barcelona was to be demoted to the Segunda like wise the B team would be demoted to a lower league.

Posted 17:16 14th April 2011

David Pick (Newcastle United fan) says...

If Barca play their game normally (and I personally think Pique is the more influencial CB these days) - Barca will win. One off games, I know anything's possible (as Inter proved last year) - but they are rewriting the history books. It's been said time and time again, Real are a team of massively talented individuals and against lesser teams (and I include Spurs, Sevilla, Bilbao in that) they look fantastic. If they come up against a bigger and better team, they will get ripped apart because they don't work as well as a unit (ie - Man Utd have average players but I still think they'd beat Real due to their immense organisation). So put them against a team with the top 3 players in the world, the best organisational tactics in the world, the best team spirit I've ever seen, the most ambitious attacking system ever known - and on paper, there is only one winner. Again, you can talk about mind games and such and that might work against the Arsenals, AC Milans, Bayern Munichs of this world - but not against teams like Barca and Man Utd where they have the talent and front to look past it all. Inter did it last year because Mourinho had a team who bought into parking the bus....can you really see Ronaldo, Ramos, Ozil, Di Maria, Higuain, etc doing that? Last year was an incredible one off - Eto'o doing the job he did was incredible...but he had something to prove against his former employers. Real's galactico's are far too selfish to do anything remotely like that.

Posted 17:11 14th April 2011

Sam Lee (Athletic Bilbao fan) says...

Xolani- the reserve teams of top-flight clubs cannot be promoted. Barca B will not be allowed to join la Primera

Posted 16:53 14th April 2011

Nathan Kjendwo (Manchester United fan) says...

in response to Xolani Mkhize question im surprised as a spanish citizen you dont already know the answer the if the second team "win" promotion they dont come into the first league but stay in the segunda , which as a fan of english footall i see completely useless and nonsensical but nonetheless , as an avid madrid and united supporter i really want them to win against barca i think stamina and squad depth will play a huge part in the quadruple , but ive learnt never ever doubt the total-football stlye of barcelona my prediction for the matches go as follows 1st game (1-3) Barca 2nd (1-1 barca win on penalties) 3rd 2-1 madrid 4th 1-0 madrid

Posted 16:46 14th April 2011

Omad Garcia (Real Madrid fan) says...

Hi Guillem, brilliant column once again! I really do believe Real Madrid will spark a run of victories by defeating Barca this coming Saturday. Keeping in mind, two of the four matches are at the Bernabeu which has created special atmospheres this season. Every supporter has belief in the team for once unlike when Pellegrini was in charge, victories were never certain especially against the tougher opposition. The Mourinho factor really makes the difference, anything is possible with him in charge. It lifts the spirit of the whole place, evident in the confidence of the players, the board members and the fans. We did lose 5-0 at the Camp Nou yes but that's typical Madrid! The pressure to win, especially against our fiercest rivals is always high and everybody expected us to give Barca a run for their money yet we fell at the first hurdle, in dramatic fashion. Nobody thought Madrid would lose by 5 goals because of the start they made to the season (best in the history of the club.) Whether that was down to stage fright, pressure or we were just outplayed by the better team on the day, it makes little difference now, that was then and this is now. As for Barcelona, Guardiola is probably showing signs of pressure at the wrong time and it could come back to haunt him. Barca haven't been their best recently and the lack of depth in their squad could be their downfall. Their starting lineup is majestic and undeniably the best in the world. But take a key player out of that team with no replacement, Barcelona could be in trouble for the Madrid ties. As for Real, Kaka and Higuain have come back at the perfect moment, Benzema is on form and the team is full of confidence. A win on Saturday, I see Real Madrid edging the Copa final too and then over two legs, I'm hoping we can at least get a two goal cushion at the Bernabeu and then play for a draw in the return leg. A bit biased but hey, I'm a football fan! Hala Madrid!

Posted 15:52 14th April 2011

Anthony Russell (Redditch United fan) says...

in answer to Xolani Mkhize, Barcelona B cannot be promoted into the Primera Division - reserves teams are not allowed to play in the same league as their Senior Club - so even if they won the league, they wouldn't be promoted They also have their own ground next to the Nou Camp

Posted 15:50 14th April 2011

Cem Takaci (Barcelona fan) says...

As a hardcore Barcelona fan, this is the only Classico which I am afraid of. Due to the lack of concentration in front of goal which we have showed over the last few weeks. I mean the match against the Ukrainians (1st Leg) none of our strikers scored and if it wasnt a good day for our midfield I strongly feel that we would have struggled to score. However the 5-0 humilation will be there to boost the moral of our players. Villa/Messi/Pedro must be on top of their game. Furthermore i do not really care if we do not win the league game as long as we qualify for the final in the CL and with a bonus win the Copa... Come on Barca!!!

Posted 14:54 14th April 2011

Barry Charalambous (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Guillem, There has been a lot of speculation about Chelsea having a new manager next season. Is there any chance that the new Chelsea manager could be Mourinho or Guardiola? Or do you think it will be someone else?

Posted 14:08 14th April 2011

Xolani Mkhize (Barcelona fan) says...

Great column Guillem! I agree with you in some aspects but i believe the 1st el classico win is good for a psychological boost and i believe Barca will win the 1st one. What happens in the next three will be determined by what happened in the 1st one, for instance injuries, suspensions,stress and fatigue! What i noticed in the game against Almeria is that Barca took their feet off the pedal and i guess they were saving themselve for el classico. I've got one question for you Guillem, Barca B is currently 3rd on the log in the Segunda. If they get promoted what is gonna happen really, are they going to use the same name and logo,will they play each other with the 1st team, will they get separate sponsorship, is the 1st team gonna use reserve players like they are doing now and which stadium will they play in? Thanks Giullem

Posted 13:45 14th April 2011

Salim Ali (Manchester United fan) says...

i'm 100% barca to win i watch spurs vs madrid the are not good as barca....

Posted 13:31 14th April 2011

Adam Saloum (Arsenal fan) says...

Barcelona will brush them aside in every game, they are just too good for everyone else aout there today. even if real madrid win one or two of the 4 games, barcelona are still the better team.

Posted 12:54 14th April 2011

Sezi Tope (Arsenal fan) says...

I think real will win the CL semis but barca will win the league

Posted 12:21 14th April 2011

Caleb Jones (Liverpool fan) says...

After seeing the change in Guardiola over the last few seasons it is obvious to me that the Man can't handle this manager game much longer i mean the Guy looked on the verge of a breakdown last year and now with Jose playing with his head constantly i think for himself and his family Pep needs to leave to avoid any stress related illnesses long term!!

Posted 12:00 14th April 2011

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