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Making his mark

Making his mark

Real Madrid are starting to play like, sound like and win like Jose Mourinho players, says Guillem Balague.

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Patrick Machale (Barcelona fan) says...

hello Guillem, i am just wondering why barcelona dont look to buy world class defenders the likes of Vidic etc instead of paying massive money for midfielders and strikers. Do they feel as a team that they can defend i know they are the most attacking and entertaining team in the world but does anyone in the club not realise that they cant defend. I know its there philosophy to attack but surely against a well organised and physical team who are not better footballers but are well organised and strong at set pieces barcelona can be beaten. Barca Fan

Posted 00:11 26th April 2011

Mike Jones (Chelsea fan) says...

I htink Jose has done an excellent job since he came to Madrid. I can only expect him to make his squad even stronger in the summer. Therefore I'm not surprised to hear that Real Madrid are interested in snapping up Samir Nasri of Arsenal at the end of the season. Close friends of mind at the Emirates tell me Nasri can't wait to pack his bags.

Posted 06:44 25th April 2011

Jack Bagley (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hi Guillem, Im a huge Tottenham fan and it is certain that we need a top class striker in the next window. I know that we tried to sign the likes of Llorente,Rossi,Negredo and Aguero so I was just wondering will we go back in the market for one of them to lead our line next season? Personally I think that Llorente would be the best option and I have also heard how Man Utd and possibly Real Madrid are interested in him. So who may Spurs be looking at come the summer transfer window? Jack Bagley, Gravesend,

Posted 00:26 25th April 2011

Daniel Ikemba (Real Madrid fan) says...

@ Sid Sidwell the Barcelona fan. How many yellow cards did Dani Alves get on Wednesday, and how many Yellow cards was he supposed to get. Honest answer please.

Posted 22:45 24th April 2011

Matt Loyley (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

People are all talking about the next gk for man utd, de gea WILL be a world class gk but man utd, real and barcas of this world to soon in my opinion. Best suited option both coming out of the bundesliga being rene adler of leverkusen and neuer of schalke!! What u think guillem and general public?

Posted 19:55 24th April 2011

Festim Hajrizi (Real Madrid fan) says...

Real madrid is the best team in the world I belive that they win just continju.........forrever with you.,.... festi

Posted 16:37 24th April 2011

Anthony Parish (Real Madrid fan) says...

jose, has done it again! hes awinner get used to it!

Posted 10:48 24th April 2011

Andrew Andrew (Manchester United fan) says...

About your answer to do with st george cross, you dont think that two english men were founding members of barcelona that the st george cross appears as part of their crest?

Posted 10:31 24th April 2011

Chris M (Celtic fan) says...

Hola Guillem, great blog once again. Is there any news Guillem that Barca will go for Cesc early summer and look for a quick answer and if no, will look at Juan Mata to help provide some more depth up top??. Also, Emilio Izaguirre at my club Celtic has been sensational this season and his been linked with Man Utd for next season, are any clubs in Spain been looking at him??

Posted 21:39 23rd April 2011

Ross Maclean (Barcelona fan) says...

Mourinho will always play football that way as it's the only way he knows how to win, like Walter Smith does in Europe for Rangers up here. Teams that win trophies are usually remembered for how they won it as well. Real were a better team last year, but if they're happy to trade a decent coach who played good football for a boring defensive minded tactician/moaner who only won a Spanish Cup (then broke it) then that is a sad that Real Madrid have to stoop so low. I remember their fans timidly shouting "Viva Espana" even though that team had 8 Ctalans in it. Where would Espana have been without them?

Posted 21:00 23rd April 2011

Steven Phillips (Shrewsbury Town fan) says...

Hi Guillem. I was wondering if you knew the situation with Valencia's finances this season. Much was made of how bad it had become last season, resulting in their top players being sold. Will they need to do the same this year? Apart from maybe Mata and Banega they don't have players who will command significant transfer revenue. I do feel however that Unai Emery has done a fantastic job with the players hes brought in and although they may not be as attractive to watch as last year, they are much more solid and remind me more of the championship winning days. Will he get a contract or do the management still not have faith in him?

Posted 17:28 23rd April 2011

Sam Duffin (Real Madrid fan) says...

Hi Guillem, do you think Real Madrid will actually sign Daniele De Rossi this summer because they are linked with him every year?

Posted 14:29 23rd April 2011

Chris White (Arsenal) (Arsenal fan) says...

Hola Guillem!! I live in Madrid and due to my girlfriend and her families afiliation I am a part time "Real fan" For me If Mourinho wins the champions league with Real it will be a magnificent achievement!! I was at the spurs match and was amazed at how passionate , yet negative the fans were even leading 4-0 against 10 men!! The press are ruthless here..much more so than In England..where Fergie can do practically what he wants..Mourinho has been fighting a battle to convince many people of his methods..yet I feel after the Copa del Rey he has galvanised the team..and I don

Posted 12:09 23rd April 2011

Daniel Beamand (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem, on Revista De La Liga this week you and Mark were arguing the case that the only way to play Barcelona is to play anti-football against them which i agree with you but how long do you think they can keep up this domination of Europe? a lot of their first team are very young Messi, Pedro, Pique and others so surely these types of players could keep up this type of football and domination till they retire which is a very scary thought, whats your view?

Posted 21:12 22nd April 2011

Adam Smith (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Hi Guillem, interesting blog as usual. You mentioned that the opportunity to join United is too good to miss. I assume the same could be said of Chelsea and maybe Arsenal. But I was wondering, what the general view of Tottenham and Manchester City is in Spain atm, would players at clubs like Sevilla, Valencia and Atheltico Madrid consider moving to these a step up, down or sideways? I am also interested in reading in more depth a summary of La Liga and how players are performing and was wondering if anything could be recommened. Thanks.

Posted 17:14 22nd April 2011

Darren Mccann (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi Guillem. does Mourinho just hates us. i was dreading him coming to real this year and hes starting to have his effect on madrid. barcelona have their style of play and always, always, always use it, but could we be a bit more direct and give up the 70% to about 50/50. try the tottenham approach and just go for the game like mad men. No doubt barca control most games but recently we have been so poor in attack and if we just go for a more messy approach with messi, villa, pedro and let xavi and iniesta throw balls into any gap for run instead of keeping the ball until they see the perfect pass.

Posted 16:45 22nd April 2011

John Durham (Newcastle United fan) says...

Hello gullem as i am sure you read in the papers this week my left back Jose Enrique is apparently all set for a summer move to liverpool. now i was just wondering if you could clear that up for me also i have heard of him being linked to manchester utd tottenham and barcelona what i wanted to know is would he fit in at barcelona and do you think he is good enough for them?

Posted 09:13 22nd April 2011

Olajide Ezekiel (Manchester United fan) says...

David gea is a good keeper,but I think he is not the best candidate to replace van der sar. David gea is not as good as the way the hype him,he has not been impressive recently.he need to stay in madrid for 2 or 3 year before thinking of moving abroad.the best keeper to replace vander sar is the schalke keeper.he is very good.he has been impresive this season. I think man utd need to sell players like barbatov, anderson,owen, and buy good players. Barbatov have never been a very good player, his lucky goals against blackburn is the reason why he is the top scorer now.giggs has been doing fine at his age but man utd is yet to have a replacement for him.giggs is 37 but yet fergie still prefer to use him when players like nani,park is around.scholes need to retire and hagraves need to be release.smalling and harnedez have really suprise me,they have been impressive. Fergie need to buy a central midfielder that is very creative,a midfielder that understand the game of football not players like utd seems to be number 1 in premiership now.but I must confess the current squad lack creativity and flair.I remember the squad in 1999 and 2000 was my best squad, the squad was invisible.andycole could give you 20 goals, dwight york could also score a lot of goals and both sherigham and ole gunner solkjaer were scoring goals.roy keane was my favourite defensive midfielder.this current squad are not good compare to 1999 and 2000.bebe,obertan need to be loan or.sold.

Posted 09:05 22nd April 2011

Martin Francis (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Guillem, Jose Mourinho will always be in Chelsea supporters hearts and we all wish him well in whatever club he is a manager with. Ole Jose :)

Posted 08:13 22nd April 2011

Kane Daily (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem. I have a few questions regarding KAKA. Is there any chances of him staying at Madrid beyond the summer? I also would ask if theres been any hints on whether Mourinho likes him enough as a player to consider dropping any of his current starting 11 in order for KAKA to work his way back in to the first team? If not, would there be any possibility of Real even deciding on cashing in on him this summer whilst his value doesnt decline due to age?

Posted 06:45 22nd April 2011

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