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Making his mark

Making his mark

Real Madrid are starting to play like, sound like and win like Jose Mourinho players, says Guillem Balague.

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Zulfiqar Ali (Arsenal fan) says...

Hey Guillem; I am a big big fan. Yousaid Barca need to replace some players, is Febregas joining them this summer. I believe yes if htey offer the right price. What do you think. What is your understanding of the their target players in the next season. We hear a lot about the academy but even with a very thin squad Guardiola has not promoted much from the youth structure. I dont see much ahead of Pedro. One more thing; football is fast becoming popular in Asian market. Premier League clubs have tapped or are starting to tap their branding potential. Barca and Real are the top 2 brands of football; their players are household names but I dont see them cashing in on it in these parts; why so?

Posted 06:20 22nd April 2011

Dee Black (Manchester United fan) says...

love the column, You mentioned mourinho signing 2 players for next season, one of them is probably adebayor, who isn't a top goal scorer, is the other player aguero. would love to see him in a real madrid shirt.

Posted 05:16 22nd April 2011

Stephen Kelly (Chelsea fan) says...

please let this question through! here it is.... with messi, pedro and villa all being played up front is there not a risk again of barca' becoming snuffed out by a chelsea of old? what i mean is that there appears to be no other striker who can bring a bit of height and help out when a team starts to dig in. a target man is needed.

Posted 02:07 22nd April 2011

Saumio Sethna (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem, Love your Q and A section. Recently all the talk has been about de Gea and rightly so. Fergie made a mistake, when Schmeichel retired, in not signing a class keeper and it took them years, before Van de Sar signed, to have stability in that position (Barthez not withstanding). Do you think de Gea has it in him to be a world class keeper mentally (I am assuming he has the necessary physical attributes and skill)? Also are Utd keeping tabs on any other La Liga player?

Posted 01:55 22nd April 2011

Xolani Mkhize (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi Guillem! 1st i wanna thank u guys for answering my question about Barca B. I want to congratulate Mou for winning the cup. As we are now halfway through el classicos Madrid has a psychological edge over Barca but champions league is a different ball game altogether. For now Mourinho's tactics are working but i believe they should have punished us in the 1st half because we were very pathetic. In the 1st leg of CL Madrid will open up a bit because the pressure is on them to score. So i think Barca will progress to the final if they lose 1-0 or get a draw@the Bernabeu. Surely Barca will score at Camp Nou and with Puyol back it will be difficult for Madrid to score at Camp Nou. I bet Guardiola will rest a lot of guys for Osasuna game and give guys like Afellay, Thiago,Keita,Milito a chance to start.

Posted 01:48 22nd April 2011

Cem Takaci (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi Guillem, all of this hype sourounding jose mourinho and the saying that the wave is swinging for real madrid right now. But once Jose leaves and it does seem that he will if not this year it is deemed to be next year, and once this happens. Would you not agree that the embeded philosophy of Barcelona will prevail once again. As we can see that the only difference between and a massive difference at that, which is jose mourinho. As we know without him real madrid will PLAY FOOTBALL like allways and barcelona will beat them continusly again. And furthermore if you have time, how do you think the ageing squad of barcelona will be affected and who can we look for in the B Team? Thank You and great article again.

Posted 01:34 22nd April 2011

Victor Femi - fred (Chelsea fan) says...

Why cant we ever acknowledge Mou, He is a credible, Intelligent & an achieving coach. Please about time we start to give him credit instead of criticism all the way all the time. the man is simply fantastic

Posted 01:30 22nd April 2011

Ninad S (Real Madrid fan) says...

u said in an answer above that mourinho is getting control over transfers and already has done two for next seasons...if its true what are these two signings?and what are his transfer targets for next seasons??

Posted 22:00 21st April 2011

Adam Young (Manchester United fan) says...

always good to read your column i am a huge man utd fan and after reading your oppinion on de gea, im interested in knowing if there are any other potential keepers in the la liga? Im also would like to know your opinion on sergio asenjo, i was to understand he was a really hot prospect before joining atletico and having a bad start to his career and a couple of injuries blighting him

Posted 21:30 21st April 2011

Arka Ds (Real Madrid fan) says...

Dear Guillem, I love watching Revista de La Liga and I think you have some of the best colleagues in Mark and Graham. Together you always provide excellent analyses and I think you're more often than not spot on with the things you say. I have a few questions and I hope you can answer all of them. My first question is about Real Madrid's transfer plans for this summer. According to you, Mourinho has already signed two players. I'm guessing one is Adebayor, but who is the other one? Sahin? Also, who do you think will leave? Pedro Leon, Gago, Garay, Dudek? I'd personally like Garay and Dudek to stay. Garay is a good reserve defender, not too good to feel bad when benched, and Dudek is apparently a positive presence in the changing rooms. I know that Mourinho is not too keen on using young players from the youth academies of the various clubs he's worked at (usually with good reason if you ask me), but with quite a few people looking to leave this summer, who do you think will be promoted to the first team? Juan Carlos, Juanfran, Morata, Sarabia, Alex, Denis, Mateos (back from loan)? Or will he instead decide to bring back ex-Castilla players such as Parejo or Callejon (as Florentino Perez suggested a while back)? Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions, but I really respect and admire the work you do and felt you're in the best position to answer these questions. You always ask the right questions in interviews and press conferences, but most importantly you work for the truth (unlike what we tend to see with tabloids), and that's what matters. Thanks a lot for the great work.

Posted 20:09 21st April 2011

Jaz Singh (Arsenal fan) says...

Guillem Great Blog again , i would like to ask you how would you deal with the threat of Barcelona? it surprises me that people criticizes Mourinho's tactics over the two El Clasicos but how eles would you deal with such a formidable team and if you do decide to go and attack them and see how they handle it and you get thrashed ive seen arsenal do it and win but at the nou camp we didnt sat back and lost how do you deal with Barcelona attack them or defend and counter

Posted 19:54 21st April 2011

Mike Powell (Liverpool fan) says...

I think, despite the defeat, barcelona will be to strong for Real madrid over a two legged encounter.

Posted 19:40 21st April 2011

Anthony Ramanouski (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem, just wanted to say La Liga is one of the best leagues in the world and right up there with the prem. My question is, do you feel Jose Mourinho is going to leave Madrid in the coming years and if so do you think Manchester United is the most likely destination? Plus who would fill his shoes at Real???

Posted 19:23 21st April 2011

Phil Brown (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem , I was wondering if theres any murmurs or worry in spain specifically from your (spanish) version of the FA about the higher level of competition at the top end of the table , both for places & the title (& recent re-emergance of other leagues ) for example the bundesliga is looking in better shape than it has for longer than i can remember financially & youth talent wise , serie A has milan , juve , roma ( possibly massively depending on new owner. ) & inter all shaking up there squads apparently in the summer to inject some long overdue youth & the EPL ofc having the "Big Four" plus ofc Spurs & City developing at an impressive rate ( although mancini isnt suited imo central midfield of yaya toure as disruptor & milner as playermaker with silva & johnson as wingers would of served them much better ANYWAY!) . That the spanish league will start to slip behind other countries ( one could argue that EPL is already and has been for a few years number 1. ) i mean ofcourse people will always tune into watch Real & Barca with there stellar casts & valencia , villerreal can entertain but it seems more & more recently that the Top 2 are getting even futher away ( Barcelona & RM have both set highest league point totals already unless im misinformed ) . ps ; Why such a incredible lack of depth in the barca squad bar afew very talented but unproven youngsters eg; thiago , Lack of foresight , funds or stubborn officials?

Posted 19:15 21st April 2011

Joe Krishnan (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Guillem, I read today in several newspapers that Chelsea are keen to sign Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid. Although I know of Morata, I've rarely seen him in action. Do you think he has what it takes to become a world-class forward, if he's that good, I doubt Mourinho would want to let him go!

Posted 18:51 21st April 2011

Sid Sewell (Barcelona fan) says...

Hola Amigos ! What a disgrace we bore witness to Wednesday night. All day today I've heard nothing but praise heaped upon Real and especially Mourinho yet I must have been watching a different game. the first half apart, the game was dominated in terms of possession, chances created and controlling the game. Had Casillas not had such an outstanding game denying Barcelona on numerous occasions then the game would have been comfortably won by the Catalans. What was not mentioned either last night or in reviews of the game today was the shocking, deplorable and questionable refereeing we were subjected to. The referee was simply terrible and in my opinion heavily swayed by Mourinho's influence, in not sending a real player off before Di Maria eventually went with the game all but over. On several occasions Real Madrid players should have been red carded - Alonso, Pepe, Aurillio, Ramos all carded yet not given a second which they merited for untimely challenges which were deserving of a red card but none came due to the weak refereeing and yet again hiis assistants not involving themselves as they should be ( a particular criticism of the modern game in my opinion ). Mourinho has been lavished with praise yet he has betrayed the philosophy of the club which runs deeper than a copa del rey success. Barcelona are the antithesis to Mourinho's strong arm and abrasive tactics, rightly referred to by some as 'anti-football'. Barcelona depsite trailing in games this season have remained loyal to their footballing philospohy. People say we only remember the winners and yes in many cases we do yet history but the level of football Barcelona show us every week will remain with us all and will go down in history as revolutionary and exponents of the beautiful game. Mourinho's brief triumph will simply be another line on his C.V. yet we will not be talking about his teams in 20/30 years time.

Posted 18:31 21st April 2011

Ahmed Ibrahim (Real Madrid fan) says...

I feel relieved now as a Madrid fan. Like always in life you need a greater strength to remain at the top and an inner most synergy of character to make you be relevant for long. I pray the destiny of this season favor us in the next two games and the rest of the season. I pray that the last trophy be ours ( madridstas or fans) Insha¿Allah. post and for Guillem, I'm a big fan of your piece always.

Posted 18:28 21st April 2011

Mark Mcgrath (Manchester United fan) says...

What's that guy Craig on about in the first question? Barcelona an ageing team...are you high? Puyol I'll give you but Iniesta...he's 26!!!!!!!!!the average age in the Barcelona starting 11 last night (CdR Final) was 26.5 and that's with Pinto on the team!!Madrid's was 26.1...

Posted 18:14 21st April 2011

Ben Wright (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi Guillem Love Your Blog. Im Big Chelsea Fan And I Was Jw If You No Any Think About Neymar. I Here Roman Abramovich Is Pushing 4 The Deal. And Do You Think Chelsea Will Look At Kun Aguero If Santos Hang On 2 Neymar ? Thanks Ben

Posted 18:13 21st April 2011

Frank Gago (Falkirk fan) says...

Jose Mourinho is the Coach one is looking for. He knows how to study nthe opponent football. In fact, he did the job. Now, every bet house is crazy and unbalanced about Barcelona - Real Madrid champion league match. Well done Jose.

Posted 17:54 21st April 2011

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