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Is Spanish stronger?

Is Spanish stronger?

Is La Liga more competitive than the Premier League? Guillem Balague has his say on the topic...

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Barry Davies (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

anthony says its trophys not quality that matters. tell that to birmingham city.

Posted 13:03 21st September 2011

Jono Ennals (Torquay United fan) says...

I Agree with Guillem About Torres he is still a really fantastic player getting back to his best.. when rooney was not in form people were not saying the same stuff about him that people are saying about torres. Against Man U and Leverkusen Torres showed glimpses of his quality.. he will be back to his best by christmas for sure :)

Posted 12:54 21st September 2011

Yohana Samwel (Barcelona fan) says...

Any way the argument of which League is best btn La liga & EPL will never end up other wise someone has to set special points to identify the best league, if not then it will depend on what u are interested and what kind of playing style. La liga passing style or EPL fast kicking the ball model. my self i get embarassed even to watch Man U Vs Liverpool match, at least Arsenal versus the other english club. just try to recall the game of Totternham Vs Liverpool, it was a matter of who is faster than the other and it ended to liverpool who failed the race. guys like modric is a fantastic and deserve to play at Barca simply because he knows to pass the ball.

Posted 12:39 21st September 2011

Mark Sharp (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Although Guillem is bias towards the Spanish league he is correct. If you compared a La Liga 11 vs Premiership 11 on paper the La Lige team would easily win. Simply because they have arguably the 4 best players in the world in Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta and Xavi. The only player we have that comes anywhere near to competing with these four is Rooney. Also look at the national teams, Spain is miles in front of England. Unfortunately we have to face the fact we are no longer the best league in the world.

Posted 12:33 21st September 2011

John Edwards (Arsenal fan) says...

La Liga is starting to resemble the Scottish league IMO, Barca and Real finish 20-30 points plus on the rest, Valencia are ¿400m in the red and will diminish year on year, Atletico are always the bridesmaides, the only team going forward who have the muscle to break the duopoloy are Malaga. Otherwise it is a Mickey Mouse league.

Posted 12:19 21st September 2011

Hugh Mannering (Brighton and Hove Albion fan) says...

Hi Guillem, hope all's well. My question is picked up from the point your collegue, Graham Hunter, made on the latest Revista. He suggested that Mourinho's actions during the Super Copa influenced his player's actions in the loss against Levante. My question is, does the Spanish press question Mourinho enough on this subject as clearly it is as Xabi put it - 'incorrect', or is it not talked about? And is there any more news on the ban he is supposedly to receive? And lastly, Enzo Zidane? There on sentiment, or the real deal? Thanks, Hugh.

Posted 12:16 21st September 2011

John Cooke (Liverpool fan) says...

I support Liverpool & Valencia and have done for many years. I always do my best to watch them every weekend. But this 'my league is better' nonsense is quite sad. Why cant you's just watch the leagues for what they are, great competitions! I accept Real & Barca are miles ahead of the rest but this is due to money. You will see Malaga get better with their rich new investers like Man City & Chelsea have done in England. Most teams in Spain are broke which explains why they are so far behind. Teams in england have more money to spend, thus attracting more players. But I love watching both leagues and the Champions League were you see top quality football week in, week out...THANK GOD FOR SKY SPORTS!

Posted 10:46 21st September 2011

Sizwe Sindane (Barcelona fan) says...

to Johnny can you comment on something you know absolutely nothing about. EPL has three more teams? really. check your facts otherwise you end up looking like a muppet.

Posted 06:53 21st September 2011

Donald Hamilton (Chelsea fan) says...

Personally i believe that the EPL is far tougher than La Liga and you only have to look at the huge difference in points at the end of each season between each winner and say 4th place. Also it is well established in La Liga that Barca v Madrid wil be the highlight of each season and that it is very unlikely that a matchup between these top 2 and a team from the bottom will see an upset. That therefore means that Barca & Real can hardly depend on teams from the bottom to assist either of them in their campaign to win the title. On the other hand, in th EPL all the top teams have to grind out results on most weekends and more often than not you will see a team such as Wolves, for example, beating top teams like Chelsea and Manu (i believe they did just that last season). La Liga for me is a two team league with too much of a wide difference between these 2 and the rest.

Posted 21:33 20th September 2011

Fillipe Vasquez (Manchester United fan) says...

Some really silly arguments, Guillem. 1) Look at the points gap between the champions of England and the 6th-placed team. Do the same for Spain. Then go do the same thing for the last decade and see if a pattern emerges... 2) Your points as to the Champions League are flawed for so many reasons. Firstly, it¿s not La Liga that has done well as the English teams; it¿s Barcelona. In fact, it¿s ONLY Barcelona. Real Madrid have not reached a Champions League Final for nearly a decade, and only reached their first semi-final since 2002 last season. Villareal were in the semis in 2006, but other than that, it¿s only been Barcelona for years and years and years. Compare that to the Premier League, which has had an English finalist for all but one season since 2004 (Liverpool, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester United, Manchester United). During that time, there has been an all-English final (2008) and a string of all-English semi-finals (2005, 2007, 2009). In the same period, there have been no all-Spanish finals and only one all-Spanish semi-final (2011). 3) Lastly, as to the number of World Cup-winning players: they virtually all play for Real Madrid or Barcelona. Even the ones playing for other top 6 Spanish clubs end-up leaving for the big two (David Villa, Raul Albiol) or else have to go abroad to stand a chance of winning anything (Mata, Reina Torres). The likes of Valencia just cannot realistically compete.

Posted 20:57 20th September 2011

Carlos Hidalgo (Real Betis fan) says...

Hi Gillem, I think and I hope to see a better season for the current campaign in Spain. Málaga should appear soon at the top, as it's cousin Man City., and there are rumors of another petro-turban family member interested on Getafe. Valencia are doing fantastic after loosing so many good players and wishing them all the luck to the end, I hope they keep Madrid and Barça trailing. Atlético de Madrid and Villareal will fight hard to get Europe places, and also Sevilla will like to get there too, specially extra motivated by the rivalry from the other side of the River Guadalquivir. Real Betis have appear like a very exciting team to watch, with probably the best partnership of strikers since the SS of Blackburn Rovers with Molina y Castro. Add the likes of Iriney, Beñat, Pereira, Montero and the last to join Santa Cruz to play make and it's very interesting to see if they have found a formula to remain high at the top. After all they are winners of Liga Adelante and Pepe Mel looks very confident and happy. Espanyol should come through soon after a bad start, like Everton. The big upset for this year it could be Athletic Bilbao if Marcello Bielsa remains onboard. I think La Liga could be a thriller if the Refs start applying the rules and the Competition Comite punishing anti-football . The likes of Pepe o Ramos sould be sent off as soon as they pass the line, Mourinho punished for 20 games for provocation and the disgusting actions against Guardiola's right hand man. That would help to be more competitive at the top when the very well known ( "Así gana el Madrid" ) "Like this is how Madrid wins" stops for good because favoritism deserts them. Only time will tell if the Premier or la Liga are stronger, but for sure both are the best on the planet. Best regards

Posted 19:41 20th September 2011

John Sharp (Arsenal fan) says...

Johnny Edwards (Manchester United fan) said at 14:11: "The average difference in points between 5 and bottom; Premier League - 36 La Liga - 27.33 this could be because the premier league has 3 more teams meaning that more points can be lost as well as gained". What is he talking about. The Premier League 3 more teams? With that, Mr Edwards you have made a fool of yourself. If Man Utd and Chelsea played in the Spanish League, they would probably be third and fourth and 3-4 points behind them we would have Valencia, sevilla, etc. Maybe analysing what happens in the Europa League could give you a better view on this issue.

Posted 19:14 20th September 2011

Fiesta Adams (Real Madrid fan) says...

the epl has always been a 2 horse race before these tycoons appeared.where was chelsea before arbromovich they were on the verge of administration before a saviour appeared imagine if didnt come along.manchester city have qualified for the champions league for the first time thanks to the for laliga theiz always a surprise team in the champions league every year.laliga teams do with their own resourses unlike epl teams who depend on espania.

Posted 19:13 20th September 2011

Hassan Noor (Arsenal fan) says...

Using the champions league to look at whether the prem or la liga is stronger is only taking into account the tops teams make their respective leagues stronger. A competitive league is one where all teams have the ability to win against eachother and take points. The fact that la liga is openly biased to the top two in la liga clearly shows la liga is a less competitive league because they dont all play on the same basic playing level. I am not suggesting that teams in England have stronger financial postions than others, but la liga openly accepts barca and real madrid must be at the top. Also the rest of la liga believe that it is not a competitve league anymore and you cannot just single recent results in spain to prove your point that spains other teams can attack the big two. Also you cannot compare the results between english and spanish oppostion in the champions league as real and barca are backed financially by la liga. Without such a backing there squads wouldn't be as strong and it could lead to more english wins. Also only barca until last year were the sole spanish representative in the last 8 of the champions league for the last 6-7 years, whereas the prem always had at least 2 if not 3 it the last 4 for the last 6-7 years.whilst playing more football in a shorter period of time.

Posted 17:37 20th September 2011

Kenji Mcculley (Leeds United fan) says...

Finally, the fact that managers in the Spanish League say that La Liga is not competitive and needs to change is perhaps the best indicator of the lack of competitiveness.

Posted 17:30 20th September 2011

Kenji Mcculley (Leeds United fan) says...

Yeah, I really respect you Guillem, and look forward to reading your columns, but this is nonsense. First of all, how is examining the results of direct encounters between Spanish and English sides in the Champions League a better way of determining how good each league is? Champions League knockout ties are two legs, whereas a season is 38 matches. I'd suggest that the latter offers a better, more complete view of how competitive the leagues are. In any event, the fact that besides Barcelona and Real Madrid last year against Spurs, Spanish teams routinely lose to English teams doesn't really support your claim. Secondly, this idea that English viewers will never accept La Liga as better because they are used to a different style of play is ridiculous. There is this myth that Spain is attractive, possession oriented and England is hoof and chase. This is simply false. I'd argue that Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenahm all play more attractive football than all La Liga sides besides Barcelona and Real Madrid (sometimes). Just because Stoke play in England, doesn't mean that all teams play like them. In fact, Stoke play a style that is unique to them. Thirdly, because most of a group of 23 players that won the World Cup play in La Liga, the league is the strongest? That is a weak argument at best, and laughable logic in truth. It's not as if each team in La Liga is made up of players of that quality. In fact, most of them are from two teams, which illustrates the gulf between the top two and the rest. In the end, it's 20 or so players out of hundreds so it's not a poor indicator of the overall quality. Also, the Premier League had the most World Cup players out of any league. How does that figure into your argument? Fourthly, bringing up two bad results for the top two does not prove there is parity. What about Barca 6-0 over a top five team? Or Barca and Real combining for 6 losses +188GD?

Posted 17:28 20th September 2011

Ismail Maxpayn (Manchester United fan) says...

if ur question was which league has the strongest team in europe i'd say la ligua , but i think u can't say la ligua is stronger only because they won more CL than england , because its only barca that won not spain , imagine that big money spending team from russia buy all best players in the world then win CL twice for the 3 next years , will u say russia league is better ?

Posted 16:31 20th September 2011

Dean Morosoli (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Although an interesting debate ,I find it a bit pointless because just like the teams play different styles ! the supporters expect different styles of play , the spanish skill the english pace and in Germany the german patience , It's rather like a habit that you've had all your life you're unlikely to change . There are pros & cons for the three major european leagues , but they are all well supported and the fans love their own teams , and I bet they all watch a bit of foreign football for a change when the chance arises.

Posted 16:14 20th September 2011

Derek Treggalles (Manchester United fan) says...

I think it is pointless to argue which league is stronger. Both sides have strong arguments. I think that the EPL is a far more watchable league than La Liga but thats because I find English style more to my liking.

Posted 15:37 20th September 2011

Antonis Tarantu (Manchester United fan) says...

Take away Barca and real and the spanish league is definitely more competitive, having those two sides in the league just makes it a two horse race from the beginning. Im sure you would bet your life on madrid or barca winning the league, but im not quite so sure you would do the same with the 2 manchester clubs.... In spain you look forward to 2 games ( barca v real) in a season and usually those two are the title deciders. In england you look forward to 10 games.

Posted 14:33 20th September 2011

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