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The Cesc Factor

The Cesc Factor

Does Cesc Fabregas fit in at Barcelona? Which La Liga star is linked with Man City? Guillem reveals all...

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Shane Farrington (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem, After a stuttering start Athletic Bilbao have started to show real signs of improvement under Marcelo Bielsa. They have core of hugely talented players such as Javi Martinez, IKer Munian and Fernando Llorente, and look capable of building on last season's achievments. Do you think they have what it takes to secure a Champions League spot this season? Thanks in advance.

Posted 11:04 21st November 2011

Ebrahim Hassan (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem, thanks for replying to me and as always great column. do you think there is any chance of cristiano Ronaldo coming back to united after his contract at madrid has run out. and i would like to know if there is any players in La Liga that have been linked with man united, and is there a chance of moving to united. thanks guillem.

Posted 14:38 20th November 2011

Eoghan O' sullivan (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi Guillem. I've e-mailed you before (last year about Thiago Alcantara - you responded Thanks) and I'm wondering who¿ll be the next big player to come out of Barcelona¿s Academy. Is Rafina going to make it in the next two years and who's he similar too, and why does Guardiola not give Fontas any minutes. I'm happy to see Cuenca getting minutes, he's doing well. But ultimately - who from the youths will have a first team contract next year.?.

Posted 13:42 20th November 2011

Thomas Nelson (Rangers fan) says...

hi guilleme i would just like to know(its a good thing),,i watched spanish football for 20 years and one thing that strikes me is all the teams are willing to play football.this facinated me because the ball goes from keeper to defender then on,,why do all the english and most other leaugues say they want to emulate barca then play long ball,,in spain this fear of losing doesnt exist,,obviously no one wants to get relegated but why is there no it training,upbringing,,i dont know ,,its fantastic to watch ,,best league in the world by a very long way...also do you think the foreign money will change the game there and make it more rigid and fearfull like england etc

Posted 22:08 18th November 2011

Mark Stimpson (Liverpool fan) says...

richard cotter are you even on the same plant as everyone else??? enrique the best left back in the prem, coming from a liverpool fan, baines at the bitters is the highest scoring defender on the planet par dani alves over the past three seasons, hes set up more than dani alves in that period, and only nani set up more than him in any position last season, really need to wobble your head, baines, cole, are both better and possibly kolorov, enrique is a good player yes but no where near a capdevilla in his prime, and jordi alba is better devensivley and going foward than him, and pfffftttt get a grip david villa to us, we have a policy of young future stars at liverpool now, not 30 year old players that have said no to the premier league for two years running because they dont want to leave spain, llorente now thats a target we should look at maybe, but cmon dont overhype our players so much you think mediocre players are world class

Posted 19:47 18th November 2011

Paul Collins (Arsenal fan) says...

haha at the liverpool fan saying jsoe enrique is the best left back in the premier league. i despise utd,chelsea and spurs but their left backs are better than enrique easily.

Posted 13:18 17th November 2011

Sean Gilbertson (Everton fan) says...

@Richard Cotter, can I have some of the drugs your on mate? Jose Enrique the best LB in the Premiership? Better than Cole, Evra or Baines? Have a word with yourself pal!

Posted 10:52 17th November 2011

Rod Massie (Aberdeen fan) says...

Hola Guillem, Keep up the good work on this site and Revista, the best football show on TV. A question regarding the Spanish national team. I know they move their games around the country but when was the last time the they played a game in Barcelona or Bilbao? Also I'm a Barca fan and I was wondering if the defence will be the main area that the club are looking to strengthen next summer, I've noticed Jordi Alba being linked but what about the cenre-back position.

Posted 08:09 17th November 2011

Cem Bilenler (Barcelona fan) says...

Hi Guillem, very exciting and informative article like allways. I just wanted to ask about the situation with Villa and Messi, as you must be aware, there is some media sources claiming that they have had a considerable arguement. Hence the reason for not starting against Ath.Bilbao. How worrying is this speculation for Barcelona fans around the world. Finally it would be much appreciated if you can comment on Barcelona flirting with Gareth Bale. I mean it would be amazing but how and where would he play? Please get back to me. Keep up the good work.

Posted 14:18 16th November 2011

Zak Degale (Arsenal fan) says...

Hello Guillem, I know you're a Spanish football expert and just wanted know what you think of Ignasi Miquel, Jon Toral and Hector Bellerin all at Arsenal? Jon Toral and Hector Bellerin both joined Arsenal in the summer from Barcelona and are going for Arenal U18s team. And Ignasi Miquel who was in the Spanish U19s squad which won the U19s Euros in the summer, is captain for Arsenal reserves. Thanks

Posted 13:04 16th November 2011

Richard Cotter (Liverpool fan) says...

guillem i disagree with you when you say that capdvilla is better defensivly then enrique u obviously have not being watching liverpool enrique is the best left back in the premier league i have 2 questions for you why do you think cesc hasnt found a position at barca and is there any chance david villa is coming to liverpool over his arguement with lionel messi ?

Posted 12:53 16th November 2011

Vinit Shah (Barcelona fan) says...

HI Guillem,I am a huge fan of your blogs.I follow La Liga and EPL. There is one thing I cannot understand:why does the EPL clubs dont produce outstanding technical players.Even teams like Manchester United and Arsenal where the managers have been at their respective clubs for more than14 years,who it seems are in control of most of the things.

Posted 12:33 16th November 2011

Christopher Jack (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Guillem, Love the blog and also follow you and many other great football writers on Twitter. What I wanted to ask you was what are Bareclona's and even Real Madrid's take on Gareth Bale? It was confirmed by the spanish media that Albert Valentin had been at Craven Cottage to check out Gareth Bale, is there a genuine interest in him? Everyone knew what he was capable of in last seasons Champions League but Barca opted to buy Cesc and Sanchez instead.

Posted 11:24 16th November 2011

Kurtis Robinson (Newcastle United fan) says...

Hi Guillem ive been watching spanish football for most of my life im now 18 and for me the past few seasons having been as good but this season im glad that im seeing teams like bilbao , levante etc not lying down when playing madrid or barca which makes for more exciting games do you think this is because these teams have realised players such as pepe , marcelo , adriano , abidal can be got at or do you just think the so called 'lesser sides' are better defensively to stand up and not crumble under pressure? and also do you think Madrid and Barca have what it takes defensively to win the Champions League this season? im very dissapointed with Villareal this season who seem to have lost all the usual spirit.

Posted 09:03 16th November 2011

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