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Barca's Real problem

Barca's Real problem

Guillem Balague says Barca may be in the unfamiliar role of underdogs in Saturday's El Clasico.

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Femi Arans (Manchester United fan) says...

Thank God its El-Classico again, after painfully watching chance after chance drip away for my glorious Red Devils, the world----- yes the world could do with some real football. Btw predicting 2 red cards, 4 yellows and Real Madrid winning 3-1.

Posted 09:33 9th December 2011

Muwonge Vincent (Arsenal fan) says...

barcelona is not on its best form but has the abilty to dominate and win that game as their style of play makes them favouriets.

Posted 09:30 9th December 2011

Cathal Name (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Madrid have had one testing game this season. Valencia away where they should have thrawn. Barcelona are blooded and know this is a make or break game. Take all the games where Madrid destroy teams and ask yourself will Barcelona allow them to play like that... The answer is NO, Barcelona will dominate as usual forcing Real Madrid to play a completely different game. Don't believe the hype. This is Barca's to loose!

Posted 09:20 9th December 2011

Ali Ahmed (Arsenal fan) says...

listen its not hard to understand that your biased and a real madrid fan. All through out this article your rooting for madrid. Delete this article and watch what happens tomorrow barcelona should win if iniesta and messi play to their best.

Posted 07:23 9th December 2011

Promisewins Nwaonu (Barcelona fan) says...

david villa should not play a jejune game, against real madrid and also xavi and iniesta should try and feed lionel messi with passes when neccessary. Also gerard pique should and hold ronaldo and also be vibrant in the match and let there be massive defence because benzema is inform these season. Joseph guordiola should try his best formation to make sure we win that game. Seriously. Thanks.

Posted 06:25 9th December 2011

Kute Nurahmod (Barcelona fan) says...

This really is the "beautiful game". Two top teams, both on top form play each other at a critical stage in the first half of the Spanish footballing season. Both teams are capable in winning the game. There should be no shame in losing. The result will normally depend on small details. Main challenge's for Barcelons will be choosing the correct line-up, making best use of the substitutes and defending from set pieces. Main challenge's for Real Madrid will be preservng their discipline, frustrating Barca, nicking a goal or two from a counter attack or set piece. Real Madrid will overcome their biggest mental hurdle under Mourinio by beating Barca at home. Barca will have the chance to beam with new found confidence ahead of the Club World Championship by beating Real Mardid. My prediction, Real still have no answer to the Messi factor. However, im expecting Real to score first. Messi to score the winner for Barca. Final score: Real Madrid 1-2 Barcelona. I could be wrong but i dont think i will be wrong about the "beautiful game"!!! Let's all sit back and enjoy the match.

Posted 18:48 8th December 2011

Graham Levins (Manchester United fan) says...

I hope Madrid win this one, I know Mourinho and Ronaldo can be irritating at times but make no mistake, they are exceptional at their jobs. Jose will be the man to replace Alex ferguson at man u. Ronaldo is one of the most gifted players of all time but not seen in that light because he is constantly in Messi's shadow, as he is potentially the best player that ever lived. Barca have been superb these last 4 to 5 yrs, so Real have had to raise their level. Hopefully this will be a classic. Prediction: Real 2 Barca 1

Posted 17:03 8th December 2011

Vasco Elv (Arsenal fan) says...

"Against Levante, the presence of Cesc Fabregas, Alexis Sanchez and the latest talent to emerge from La Masia, Isaac Cuenca, all provided depth and penetration to a Barcelona side that has lacked some of that spark, that intensity, pace and aggression that is key to making their possession based style and high pressure successful." You are not taking account of the Iniesta effect. He was out for a month, and the team really lacked fluidity and penetration without him. Cesc, Alexis and Cuenca played in the matches before and the team still lacked in the attacking department. To a large extent the form of the team is determined by the form of the trio (Messi, Iniesta and Xavi).

Posted 17:01 8th December 2011

Khurram Dar (Real Madrid fan) says...

I really hope, Barcelona up their level of performance because that way it will be more satisfying to beat them. Bring on your best Barca

Posted 16:31 8th December 2011

Rodolfo Diaz (Real Madrid fan) says...

i completely agreed with your reasons on revista on ozil not playing in the clasico because hes not the player at the moment he is supposed to be at this stage of the season but I was suprised that another player that could play in the midfield could be coentrao where he might provide better cover for marcelo and be much better contributing offensively as well than lass would.

Posted 16:19 8th December 2011

Robert Collins (Aston Villa fan) says...

I agree with you Guillem on your point about Barcelona's over-dependance on Messi and his goals. However, I think Barca might just have too much as their players have the greater experience at playing in high pressure situations. Too many of Real Madrids players such as Ozil, Khedira and Di Maria have failed to flourish in the big games and for that reason I'm going to go for a 2-1 win for the catalan giants.

Posted 14:44 8th December 2011

Akinshola Daisi (Arsenal fan) says...

I think Real Madrid are on the up and will slightly shade it this weekend.I give the la liga to Madrid.

Posted 14:41 8th December 2011

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