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Title takes a turn

Title takes a turn

Are Real Madrid feeling the pressure? Do Chelsea have any chance against Barca? Guillem answers.

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Vik Deen (Manchester United fan) says...

couldn't agree with you more guillem, chelsea have very little chance if any. its a poor chelsea team even their fans will admit that. they were fortunate to get past benfica wo in truth well outpassed them (but for mata). with the ever tempremental luiz is the centre of defense there isn't even a solid enoug base to fall back on. over too legs i see barca winning by a margin of atleast 3 goals. as for Real again spot on all the pressure is on them and they have more difficult of the champions league draws. bayern munich outside of the spanish top to are probably the next best team in europe (prem league including). ribery, schweinsteiger, gomez, robben they have some of best players in the world and wud test most. if real lose the el classico thats a 1 point gap. i think madrid are capable, messi maybe the greatest, but what cristiano ronaldo is doing is incredible. they almost deserve to win the league based on his performances alone.

Posted 23:47 12th April 2012

Davinder Chagar (Aston Villa fan) says...

With the champions league semi final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich do you think Real Madrid will win and progress to the final in munich?

Posted 20:51 12th April 2012

Sachin Patel (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Guillem, Do you think that Jose Mourihno will look to sign a new right back as Sergio Ramos has now been converted to a central defender and Arbeloa is the only natural right back.

Posted 13:01 12th April 2012

Tom Fletcher (Liverpool fan) says...

hi guillem interesting article as usual.....i just wondered what your thoughts on comolli leaving liverpool are, to me it appears as though he has been blamed for alot of daglish's decisions. i believe the bad results have come from his tactics or decision making during games, for example using the straight 4-4-2 at home has enabled teams like norwich, swansea and wigan to come to anfiled and have more possession than us and for me not playing suarez up top with gerrard in the hole behind as used successfully with torres is a cardinal sin especially just to accomidate carroll and 2 old fashioned wingers in average downing and henderson. I was always told if it ain't broke don't fix it and in the 2nd half of last season we were fantastic utilising the 4-2-3-1 with the 3 attacking midfield interchanging and playing between the lines so i just wondered why he would change the system and players IE dropping maxi, kuyt and miereles (at home to sunderland) and cast aside aquilani who has been fantastic the past 2 seasons for juve and ac to accomidate british players?

Posted 12:12 12th April 2012

Solo Man (Chelsea fan) says...

Hi guillem, do you think torres will ever find his feet with chelsea??? can chelsea be able to finish their season on a high?

Posted 08:12 12th April 2012

Aspi Bilia (Arsenal fan) says...

hi Guillem, nice column. How would the Spanish league look without messi & Rolando? also if you took out their contribution this season, would the table change? My guess is it would..... Aspi

Posted 05:48 12th April 2012

Tavengwa Mutandara (Leicester City fan) says...

Hi Guillem, Do you think the FIFA fair play rules are a good idea? I watch a lot of world football but I hate to say this, it is only a few rich teams who win everything. Its not fair. In Spain Barcelona and Real Madrid fight for 1st and 2nd place and everyone else fights for third and fourth place; In Itally its Inter and AC; in England its ManU, now City,Chelsea and Arsenal. We need fair competition in football as is the case in business.

Posted 18:16 11th April 2012

Karl Rudd (Liverpool fan) says...

hi guillem why has nt it worked out for fernando torres at chealsea do you think he is feeling the same pressure as andy carroll at liverpool

Posted 17:31 11th April 2012

Tenzin Dukdrak (Chelsea fan) says...

actually Chelsea is one of my favorite team from EPL [ English prime league ] and Barcelona is team that maximum people can say champions team but in football no one knows what is going to happen so these , why i want to say that there is equal chance of wining semifinal match

Posted 13:44 11th April 2012

Andreas de brito Jonassen (Chelsea fan) says...

Guillem, what do you think about Thibaut Courtois? Does he have the skills to replace Petr Cech at Chelsea when the time comes? Should Chelsea loan Courtois out next season as well for him to get playing time or try to rotate between him and Cech?

Posted 12:07 11th April 2012

Sam Kwamanga (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Guillem, I like your comments on Liverpool and wish that the club may actually make some footballing decisions for once, but it seems unlikely now that Kenny is a real legend at the club and adored by many fans. Anyway to my question, which team do you think will win in the champions league semifinals between Bayern and Madrid? Thanks.

Posted 12:03 11th April 2012

Daniel Davies (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi Guillem, I think this summer will be very intresting with the Euros and with the transfer window. What do you think the big transfers will be in La Liga this summer? I know you said Neymar is going to Barcelona which is obviously a massive transfer. Do you see any premier league players going to to Madrid or Barca?

Posted 11:47 11th April 2012

Ansah Daniel (Chelsea fan) says...

Pls sir, has micheal essien of chelsea fallen oup of place to mikel or, and is there a posibility that hn will be leaving chelsea

Posted 09:02 11th April 2012

Ybrah Desta (Chelsea fan) says...

@guillem, i now barcelona is the best team in the world and chelsea is the same as barca, but barcelona will no win to chelsea in the champions league b/c barcelona is more safer to win to chelsea in there before and so chelsea will win to barcelona~!

Posted 07:08 11th April 2012

629 629 (Real Madrid fan) says...

Guilleme, as usual, is correct. Barcelona are peaking and Real are looking very shaky recently. To be honest, if you can't win with a 10 point lead then you dont deserve to be champions! As for Chelsea in the CL beating Barca? No chance at all. Won't happen. And I do think that Jose has got it right in this respect... Look back dispassionately and see that when Barca are playing well they are left to play well and they look great. But when they are playing ordinary just look how many times they have a bit of luck when an opposition player sent off! Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid... The list goes on and on. Lastly, and I hate to say it, but the only difference between Real Madrid and Barca is Messi. I think until he has run his course we will just have to accept that Barca will win everything! And is anyone else sick of the MESSIah complex that all commentators seem to have? Even games that have no Barca connection are hijacked by it. Theres no escape! But it'll end when Pep leaves Barca... I think they make each other look good and he wouldn't be anywhere near as sucessful at any other club. Prove me wrong Pep - win with another club like Mourinho has. Until then, like Alex Ferguson winning the league continuously in a one horse league, you will always be a Barca legend only. And what were Barca before Pep? Not much I'm afraid... Congratulations on the Liga and Champions League titles again my Catalan friends.

Posted 00:19 11th April 2012

Zachariah Mulicheti (Barcelona fan) says...

Barcelona as my favourite team no other team can display a such magical game in the world of soccer

Posted 00:13 11th April 2012

Albert Popoola (Chelsea fan) says...

I am die hard Chelsea fan who believes something vital is missing in the club and players. Do you think the Special One could go back to coach the blues? And will Torres raise the bar next season?

Posted 23:15 10th April 2012

Craig Walker (Manchester United fan) says...

do you think anyone can break the BARCA REAL dominace of the title.or will the league end up like the Scottish league.

Posted 19:46 10th April 2012

Adam Norman (Liverpool fan) says...

Do you think Liverpool youngster Suso, can make his way into the Spain team in the near future? Will he make career for himself at Liverpool or will he suit the Spanish league more?

Posted 17:44 10th April 2012

Jim Grayson (Liverpool fan) says...

Hi,guillem,big fan of your column and revista.After watching athletic bilbao in la liga and the europa league,they are an extremely talented team,i was wondering what you make of players ander herrera and oscar de marcos,they seem to me be of the same caliber as muniain and martinez but dont seem to get the same amount of attention for some reason.

Posted 17:39 10th April 2012

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