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Title takes a turn

Title takes a turn

Are Real Madrid feeling the pressure? Do Chelsea have any chance against Barca? Guillem answers.

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Sylvester Ayayee (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Guillem, Do you think Llorente would be a good buy for Arsenal in the premier league?Personally I don't think Chelsea has a chance against Barca because against average EPL sides they can't keep ball how much more Barca.Are there any other Spanish players who will do well in the premier.If Arsenal was a Spanish side,would they be challenging for the title?thanks Guillem

Posted 15:45 10th April 2012

Godfrey Isolio (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Gullem, great column indeed and your professionalism is beyond measure. I kindly wanted to know what are the chances that Mikel Arteta will make the squad that Spain will take to the European Championships? I feel he has been brilliant to say the least in an Arsenal midfield that has been depleted in midfield following the injury to Jack Wilshere all season. Do you think he deserves to be a part of a golden midfield that is second to none in the world? Thanks, Godfrey (Arsenal Fan)

Posted 15:25 10th April 2012

Stanley Grant (Rangers fan) says...

why o why would pep ever want to leave barca this man could become the greatest manager ever the only other club to go to would be rangers but that is a dream as i would like to see rangers playing the style that barca play and i cant understand why other teams dont copy them, their system is easy and i could teach a team that system.

Posted 15:13 10th April 2012

Sam Wright (Manchester United fan) says...

Hi Guillem, just a question about David DeGea. Made a few mistakes at the begining of the season and the press kind of jumped on him for that but since the new year he has been outstanding probably manchester uniteds best player, just wondered what has been made of him back in spain and also when do you feel he will progress pass Riena, Valdes and Casillas and be spains No.1?

Posted 14:17 10th April 2012

Keith Nickisson (Liverpool fan) says...

Do you think That Pepe is just shifting focus quietly to CL by his comments? Do you think a Bayern M vs Barca will malke a good final? Lastly what sort of odds do you Rafa has of returuning to Liverpool in the short term?

Posted 12:30 10th April 2012

Blake Phillips (Barcelona fan) says...

Are Madrid emulating Man City and showing a lack of experience in getting over the finish line?

Posted 11:18 10th April 2012

Fortune Musasiwa (Manchester United fan) says...

Is Manchester united looking at a Spanish mid fielder?

Posted 09:24 10th April 2012

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