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Should Cristiano Ronaldo beat Lionel Messi to Balon D'Or, asks Guillem Balague, after looking at stats?

Should Cristiano Ronaldo beat Lionel Messi to Balon D'Or, asks Guillem Balague, after looking at stats?

I asked my colleague at Revista de la Liga and the Spanish football coverage, the statistician and excellent goalkeeper James Wheeler, to put in stats a feeling I've had for few months now.

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Mick Roniart (Liverpool fan) says...

Messi is better hands down. He not only scores more goals, but he makes more assists, which makes him a better team player. He has more touches because he is more involved in the game which he also makes more passes. Messi is only 25 years old and is in my eyes, the greatest footballer this world has ever seen. He is a complete professional, great sportsman and role model staying out of the spotlight, breaking countless records individually. He's been doing supernatural stuff and if there are things that he has not yet won, it's not his fault because the World Cup for example can only be won by the best TEAM. Barca didnt win the Champions League or La Liga last season and that wasnt his fault, it was the teams fault. Does people expect him to do everything, stop goals as well as score them? It shouldnt even be thrown into question when deciding an individual award. Messi wins, Ronaldo can go cry his eyes out as usual. He makes a great 'best of the rest'.

Posted 14:59 3rd December 2012

Sean Lawlor (Barcelona fan) says...

All i hear about is should Ronaldo beat messi for the Balon D'Or ,but there's a player who i believe if Messi dosnt win it i would be hard not to give it to Iniesta.Hear's a player who has won a world cup and 2 european champion ships,his style of play is breathtaking,week in and week out.You talk of Ronaldo should win it,Why? when Barcelona are breaking all sorts of records along with Messi,for me Ronaldo dosnt come close and i hope for all football lovers all over the world its a Barca player 1st and 2nd.If Ronaldo wasnt scoring goals nobody would be talking about him,so why when Messi is breaking all goal scoring records are you saying it should go to Ronaldo,i just dont understand your thinking.When Ronaldo has a bad day he lets everybody know,when Messi and Barcelona have an off day (which is not that often) nobody moans, thats the difference.Guillem you will have to start listening more to Graham Hunter,ha ha. Keep up the good work and i look forward to Revista de la liga.

Posted 14:07 3rd December 2012

Joe Joseph (Arsenal fan) says...

I think that the last two paragraphs of your article sums it up. If Messi's performances, goals and stats in 2012 speaks for itself then why should Ronaldo win the Balon D'Or. This is an award won by merits and not consolation. People like you are worried because of the record of winning the Balon D'Or four times by Messi. I think Messi deserves the best player award it doesn't matter how many times he has won it or he is going to win it. Messi is better than Ronaldo.

Posted 12:55 3rd December 2012

Adrian Page (Charlton Athletic fan) says...

Both brilliant players, but I still think Ronaldo is that bit better. The touches of the ball also only give half the story, how many of those touches are balls to feet in the attacking third with lots of support? I'd say a higher percentage of Messi'a touches are than Ronaldo's. For example in the Real Man City game at the Etihad, Ronaldo was getting the ball on the half way line with no support at times and had to hold the ball up or go it alone and aside from a couple of blatant and unpunished fouls by Kompany he did a great job, in the attacking third with the ball at his feet Messi is slightly better, but the rest of his game he is a long way behind Ronaldo. I would live to see Messi play somewhere else just to see how well he can adapt but unfortunately I don't see it ever happening

Posted 12:11 3rd December 2012

Nnani Paul (Manchester United fan) says...

That was the whole truth, you have just spoken. I love that.

Posted 08:57 3rd December 2012

Charlie Nicholls (Liverpool fan) says...

I think the fact you have to try so hard to justify giving Ronaldo the award over Messi speaks volumes over what your article contains.

Posted 08:48 3rd December 2012

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