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Foreign policy's fine

Foreign policy's fine

Jeff Stelling's not concerned if England's next manager is foreign, as long as he's the right man.

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Chris H (Torquay United fan) says...

Let's put it this way - the best candidate who happens to be foreign or the best English candidate who is about 10th best - no contest really.

Posted 11:13 7th October 2011

Jack Rogerson (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Hang on a minute, i'm sorry to go off topic but I have to ask "Steve Kean at Blackburn is a classic example"? Is Jeff Stelling seriously suggesting that when the Blackburn fans are allegedly throwing their hands up in horror, this is not justified and understandable? I completely agree with his stance on Alan Pardew and the terrific job he's doing at Newcastle... he shouldn't be getting the stick he does for doing such a fine job at the toon but that's geordie fans for you. However, When your club is sitting 19th and your manager is saying how well you played after a 4-0 defeat something's gotta give Jeff. British or not Mr Kean should be long gone and I feel so sorry for the Blackburn fans as their wonderful little club (no offence intended but let's face it, it is a small town lol) is being ruined before their very eyes and the majority of the national media persistently berates them for heckling Kean when I feel they are truly justified in doing so (whether he's British or not)!

Posted 00:26 7th October 2011

Joseph Grace (Manchester United fan) says...

we have had players not born in england playing for the national team for donkeys years.nobody said a word,but moan about a foreign manager.can't make it out!

Posted 17:40 6th October 2011

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