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Bale and hearty

Bale and hearty

Are Spurs genuine title contenders? On current form you have to say so, says Jeff Stelling.

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Bert Me (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Disagree with you Robert. lennon is a better player than you realise and has put goals on a plate for players who have missed them. He gives us the pace which is a vital part of our game on both flanks. We certainly do not want Bale wasted in the Modric role as it would mean him being too far from goal to often and unable to do what he does best run at people. Modric plays a far deeper role than you realise i think. Rose isn't good enough yet so no he shouldn't be played as a winger. Parker and Sandro have shown they can play together. Adebayor is the striker we need as he contributes a lot to the team apart from his goals. Huddlestone played in nearly all the games that got us into the Premier League and transformed us when he came on against Young Boys after we were 3-0 down and going out. He was then good enough to play in the Champions League which we did quite well in.

Posted 22:59 29th December 2011

Tom Culley (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Robert - lennon is not predictable. Can go inside or out and most full backs in the league hate playing against him - the guys a weapon - probably the best out and out winger in the premiership. All spurs need is a quick, direct, strong winger who can cover for bale/lennon when they are injured. And perhaps cover for the immense Ade leading the line - with abit of luck we'll be pushing the manchester clubs all the way.

Posted 21:49 29th December 2011

Owen Iles (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Robert I agree with alot of what u say but I can't believe you think huddlestone should be got rid of. Easily one of the best passes of the ball around. He's been injured for so long how can u fairly say he should go. Also you didn't once mention the defence far and away easily our biggest problem and has been for too long now. Defenders need to be bought in jan if we stand any chance of getting top 4. Look at our clean sheets over the last 18months. Absolutely shocking and when the goals dry up its just scary watching us play.

Posted 19:44 29th December 2011

David Smith (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Thank god the man above is not our manager Huddlestone is not suited too the premiership is mind boggling inaccurate. The lad can pass a ball quicker than it takes Modric too run 30 yards before he makes a chance. Also his thunder shots are a joy when he hits them sweet he his 6ft3 helps out in defence at corners and free kicks and he can launch Bale Lennon Defoe and Ady with a flash of both feet/ You need to go back and take a look at some of his games we scored more and won more when he played except this run we are on now he would slot in easy and we would win by a bigger margin i will bet ant money on that.

Posted 19:27 29th December 2011

Billy Fury (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Robert, I agree with you as far as Adebayor is concerned. His finishing could cost us when tighter games come along, which they inevitably will. So another striker has to be a priority as Pavs is a mid-table striker at best. However I couldn't disagree more with your analysis of Huddlestone. When he got injured for the last 12 games of last season we had relegation level form because we missed him so much. If Parker were to get injured big Tommy Hud would be indispensable to the starting line up.

Posted 18:54 29th December 2011

Darren Jones (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

think we need pace players to come in as cover hoilett would be a start krasic or elia then llorente as a target man maybe even samba to strengthen defence

Posted 17:44 29th December 2011

David Sidney (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Well, it seems Gareth Bale is a world class player. Whilst Luka, Parker and Ekotta are all stars. We could definately benefit from a striker like Amauri and i'm not really sure we want Tevez as he might upset a few people and Particularly with Van Der Vaart and Defoe already in that position. Although maybe if we got him it might turn the team into a premiership winning team, i really don't know. Questions to be asked are whether we are gonna keep Adebayour in the long term and if not we are still looking for a main striker. Dos Santos is going? even tho he seems like a player you want to keep, a bit like Taraabt was someone you wanted to keep. Both incredibly talented players. Says a lot about Bale and Lennon. Whilst if i was Corluka or Krankjaer i'd be asking to leave, you can't just stay because Modric is your best friend... So? still feel that we'd have a problem is Ekotta got injured and its about time that he did really. The boys a machine at left back every week, i don't think i've known him to get an injury. Round things up we need a replacement at left back, a quality striker and possibly a good young keeper for the future, to settle in now. Other than that if we can get a world class player like Tevez then thats certaintly worth thinking about.

Posted 17:10 29th December 2011

Robert Me (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Spurs have a large squad in numbers, but yes they do lack some quality. Lennon has some good days, but more often than not, he is predictable. When he or Bale is out, we lack width, as Rose doesn't get to play on the wing like he wants. If modric is out, Bale or VDV can both fill his position, if Parker and Sandro can play together, or for each other, and our defense has shown depth with so many injuries. We drastically need a good striker, Adebayor misses so many chances are although his strike rate looks impressive, 9/10 its because he scored a penalty, or fumbled a tap-in. But on clear 1-on-1 chances he just misses all the time, and he is so often off-side it frustrating. Spurs need to sell lots of their deadwood, including HUddlestone who is awesome technically but isn't suited to the prem league, the italian league would suit hin better. With freed funds we could buy a new winger and striker to help sure up our team with new pace and power for attacking.

Posted 15:34 29th December 2011

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