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Tale of three Cities

Tale of three Cities

Jeff Stelling blogs on Liverpool's priorities, Cardiff's concerns and Mario Balottelli's ban.

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Wil Ni (Wrexham fan) says...

If the ref did not see the Baloteli incident, WHY?, he should of seen it. What was he focusing on to miss such a bad tackle. For his failure to see it and act accordingly he should also be punished. Bad referee's cost the game credibility, if the FA suspended or banned refs for a few matches maybe they would buck their idea's up

Posted 14:09 30th January 2012

Tariq Odeh (Arsenal fan) says...

I cannot stress enough how right you are about the whole aspect of making the game fairer, Basketball last season introduced technology into the game, making football possibly one of the only sport not using technology to overturn decision's and make things right. There are countless false offside calls, goals, fouls, false reds that actually cause a turn for the worse in a game, in terms of fairness and a final result, FA need to do something about that ASAP if you ask me!

Posted 11:59 29th January 2012

Aaron Gudgeon (Liverpool fan) says...

I agree with Jeff - The League cup should NEVER be a priority or a barometer of success for LFC. The bare minimum we must achieve this season is top 4......anything less is shameful. The hoohar surrounding Andy Carroll is irritating as a red fan, the constant criticism is not justified and he deserves time. He needs to be judged after two full seasons. If anyone should be embarrassed and disappointed with their performances and non-value for money then its Downing. He is vastly over rated and so mediocre it makes my teeth itch with frustration. KD was lauding the fact he has made more crosses than anyone in the Premier league, but frankly who cares ? He has not scored and has not made an assist either ! Stats mean nothing (unless they are goals), as his make out like he is competent when he clearly is not. I could stand out wide and boot the ball aimlessly into the box, for far less money !! The difference between my feelings for Carroll and Downing are that Downing is an established Premiership player and international......Carroll is only young. Overall the season has been disappointing so far, but there is a long way to go. I see us sneaking 4th, but only because Arsenal and Chelsea are mediocre too. YWNWA

Posted 22:53 28th January 2012

Steve Foley (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I'm sick of Spurs being on the bad end of decisions that have directly affected the outcome in several games this season. what with disallowed goals for offsides NOT. blatant penalties not awarded to us and equally blatant no penalties given the other way. I reckon that at least 3 of our draws should have been wins which is 6 valuable point we've been robbed of by the men in black. it needs sorting. fat consolation we get a retrospect ban at City.

Posted 17:31 28th January 2012

Ken Jones (Manchester City fan) says...

Yes Lescott a red card you say. Watch most matches & you will see players flinging arms about. But you won't see players trying to gouge eyes out. But did you not see Peter Crouch? I for one did.

Posted 02:55 28th January 2012

Josh Darnbrook (Leeds United fan) says...

Jeff you are a legend, i agree that if a decision is seen by the FA and is seen as a deliberate offence then they have the right to penalise that player despite whether the referee has seen the offence or not. What annoys me is that no one is questioning the players who are committing these disgraceful acts. To mention a few Joleon lescotts deliberate elbow, Balotellis' stamp/kick. Crouch's poke in the eye. Are these players not ashamed of what they have done. Especially when it is replayed and shown in detail. Forget fining players FA needs to be more ruthless.

Posted 18:58 27th January 2012

Nigel Burton (Manchester City fan) says...

i quite agree with Jeff that when a decision is blatantly wrong it should be changed. So how does that apply to Micah Richards so called deliberate handball that Phil Dowd saw as him raising his arms to full stretch above his head when actually his right arm was lower than shoulder level and his left arm was at head height AND THE BALL WAS DEFLECTED OFF HIS LEG SO NOT DELIBERATE HANDBALL. More fuel to the arguement for in match video referees.

Posted 15:30 27th January 2012

Peter Barr (Manchester City fan) says...

What happens on and off the pitch should be dealt with fairly and consistantly.If Ballotelli was dealt with after the match(ref said he didnt see the incident ,but pictures show him looking straight at it) THEN WHY DOES THE SAME NOT APPLY TO LAMPARD (leg break tackle at Wolves)Rooney ,forearm smash at Stoke?Either these are all to be erradicated or the an ass.Which one is it?

Posted 15:27 27th January 2012

Alexis Wolfe (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Re: Mario Balotelli and Joleon Lescott Thanks for this Jeff. It is a depressing relief to get some somewhat rare, clear, sensible, morality applied to football. I dread to think of youngsters, or anybody else for that matter, watching the actions of Balotelli and Lescott and thinking that what they did was acceptable. It is a shame for the sport and a shame for both Tottenham and Manchester City.

Posted 14:53 27th January 2012

Mark Thompson (Liverpool fan) says...

Nice article - Bellamy is LFC's best signing under KD by far, RB should never have sold him in the first place!! The LFC midfield has been mis-firing all season - never thought I would be saying that we have seriously missed Lucas. Football needs a shake up - all games should be watched on video, and what the referee misses (or gets wrong) should be dealt with by the FA. The FA has been known as "F*** All" for way too long - sorry, I forgot, they do have their use when Rooney gets himself sent off being a complete pr**k - and it is about time this was changed. Ref's make mistakes that cost managers their jobs in some cases, but they are not answerable to anyone. Should a game be replayed if a penalty is wrongly given - how about Stoke v Villa was it last year - if my memory is correct a foul was 5 yards outside the box yet a penalty was given??? If we are going to televise games, scrutinise every decision and incident, and pay so called "pundits" to waffle on about them, then we have to use it to sort things out. Stop the cheating and diving and help refs - do something instead of just talking about it. Lets face it, CL and PL places are worth millions to clubs, and a ref's decision, or "lack of visibility" could affect someones livelihood. Remember, football is not just life or death, it's more important than that.......

Posted 13:35 27th January 2012

Adam Johnson (Liverpool fan) says...

steven gerrard is a true scouser we wouldnt of won the game if we never had him and all the fans behind us he has got the team spirit he never gives up and craig bellamy was a massive signing but the main thing about the final is we have suarez back and the match on saturday will be good evra will prove why he claimed suarez of being racist because he cant get to him

Posted 12:42 27th January 2012

Reno Diamonte (Manchester United fan) says...

Good write Jeff and I agree with it wholeheartedly. I suppose when a team hasn't tasted success in any competition for quite a number of years, then, winning "any" cup, will do. But as you said, it is only the Carling cup. I doubt very much if Liverpool (assuming they will beat Man United) progress any further in the FA Cup. Yes, Liverpool played well against Man City but there were quite a few spells, in the game, where their passing was questionable. And one major decision went in their favour. Liverpool fans should not expect anything more than winning the final of the Carling Cup, IF they do win it.! As for the Champions League, they've got no hope. As a Man United fan, I hope it will be a good game for both teams. If someone gave me a choice of winning this cup tie or the 3points in our next meeting with Liverpool, I will settle for the three poionts. But I do agree with you, Jeff, as for Liverpool, it is only the Carling Cup.

Posted 09:02 27th January 2012

Alex Pickup (Manchester City fan) says...

'We have to change this ridiculous ruling that a referee's decision stands if he sees an incident and reacts there and then, because when a decision is blatantly wrong it should be changed!' - By those rules then they should not have had a penalty as it was a wrong decision at Liverpool, can that be changed?

Posted 08:37 27th January 2012

Iain Young (Manchester City fan) says...

I hope your sense of retrospective fair play extends to Johnson being punished for a 2 footed challenge on Lescott. Or perhaps, Gerrard's penalty being struck off, after an unfair penalty award ? I suspect it doesn't, it is much easier to jump on the passing bandwagon and have a pop at Balotelli. He has made some poor challenges, and let his Club down, but he is a tremendous talent. Mancini's job is to nurture the good side, and dispel the demons. The chances are that the self righteous, myopic press will have convinced Mario not to bother staying in the UK.

Posted 16:51 26th January 2012

Matthew Corner (Sunderland fan) says...

Mr Stelling, I am a fan of yours, but you couldn't be more wrong about two little things. Balotelli has undoubted class, he really is a quality player, would waltz into united or chelsea's team. Secondly, "Andy Carroll will score goals", not a chance, how you can pay that much money for a lad who has had half a season of premier league action. People saying he need more time/oppurtnity - he's into double figures this season for appearances, yet his goal tally is still woeful. Recently he has been given more starts, due to Suarez and you can't help but think that the reason KK is now reluctant to start him in even the biggest games is because perhaps he has realised that this lad is second rate, and doesn't show any signs that he is going to improve?

Posted 16:22 26th January 2012

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